Heather Tom Directs Episode of ‘B&B’ Airing Next Week

Heather Tom
Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc.

’s” (Katie Logan) is joining fellow daytime actresses  (ex-Sami Brady, “”),  (Robin Scorpio, “”) and even former colleague (ex-Stephanie Forrester) from in front of the camera to behind-the-scenes: The soap star directed the Tuesday, January 5 episode of the CBS daytime drama series!

“I’m directing my first full show for @boldandbeautifulcbs today- wish me luck!” wrote Tom on her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 17, which included a shot of that day’s script cover page that showed her name as director.

In an interview with CBS Soaps In Depth, on newsstands now, the actress notes how grateful she was the show had previously given her some experience with the camera by allowing her to direct occasional scenes featuring some of her co-stars before taking the helm of a full-length episode. “It was really fun, and I’m glad that the show gave me an opportunity to direct those earlier segments so that I wasn’t just thrown into the deep end,” she said to the magazine. “That said, it was also stressful! Most of the time you’re sitting there going, ‘Agghh,’and the clock is ticking away so fast. While [the producers] want the show to look really good, they also want you to get out [on time]. It’s a race against the clock.”

Featured in Tom’s debut as director were  (Ivy Forrester), (Wyatt Spencer),  (Eric Forrester),  (Quinn Fuller),  (Steffy Forrester) and  (Liam Spencer), who said the day of filming, “So psyched I’m in this episode. Congrats, !”

No matter how the episode turns out for the fans watching at home or online, Tom is proud of her accomplishment. “I vetted the show and I’m happy with it. I feel good about it for my first time at bat, and hopefully there will be more opportunities down the line,” she shared.

Tom’s episode airs Tuesday, January 5.


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