‘SNL’ Hilariously Recaps ‘Y&R’ During ‘Weekend Update’

NBC/SNL Studios

With hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who were around to promote their new movie “Sisters,” last night’s final 2015 episode of “Saturday Night Live” featured a daytime drama wrap up presented by Somebody’s Mom, Deenie (played by Kate McKinnon) during the popular “Weekend Update” segment.

Hilarity ensued as Deenie recapped 2015 on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” with such character descriptions as mustache man, big boobs, sexpot, priss pants, red head, and perfect skin, among others, as a way to describe Genoa City’s most prominent citizens.

When asked if this has been a good year for her soaps by “Update” host Colin Jost, Deenie tells him, “Oh, have they ever been getting good!” before adding, “There’s so many good characters on there this year. Like um, what’s his name, or… you know, mustache man [presumed to be Victor Newman, played by Eric Braeden].”

Deenie then explains this year’s storylines featuring mustache man as she’s asked what he did this year that was so memorable: “So mustache hired the guy who looks like red heads husband, while perfect skin was tied to the bed in the boat house. And then… so sexpot gets involved with him and now his wife, dark hair, is gonna be so pissed off she’s gonna kill mustache.”

When asked “who is mustache?” Deenie says, “Mustache is the rich one. The one who owns the fish canary with his kids, you know mustache… The kids are hottie [laughs], sexpot, and skinny minny, oh and priss pants who he had with big boobs.”

Wondering if she even knows the names of any of the characters on the show, Deenie tells Jost, “No, I kinda half watch it while I’m coloring in my adult coloring book. It’s good for your brain.”

Following a breakaway conversation where they talked about what Deenie was eating while discussing her soaps, which was baked salmon for anyone wondering, Jost then brings the conversation back to the soaps. Once back on topic Deenie tells Jost, “Get this: Big boobs was stuck in the skyscraper fire with military doctor who’s got the hots for big boobs.”

Although she couldn’t name a single character outside of their hilarious descriptions, Deenie later admits she’s watched her favorite soap “everyday for forty years.” Unfortunately, she can’t even name it when asked which one it is. “The one before the other one,” she says. “It’s got the piano music at the beginning.” With “The Young and the Restless” pointed out as the possible show she’s referring, Deenie says, “Sure!”

Watch the hilarious “SNL” clip above and tell us who you think the following characters Deenie couldn’t properly name are in the comments below:

Mustache = ?
Hottie = ?
Sexpot = ?
Skinny Minny = ?
Priss Pants = ?
Big Boobs = ?
Perfect Skin = ?
Dark Hair = ?
Red Head = ?
The Guy = ?
Military Doctor = ?