‘DAYS’ Reveals New Teen Scene: Meet Aged Theo, Ciara, Chase, Joey and Claire

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With new head writers on the horizon it was inevitable that “” would also be getting a new teen scene, especially with what executive producer says to TV Guide‘s Michael Logan of something his late mother, Betty, used to share with him: “‘You have to water the roots of the [Days of our Lives] tree with a new generation every 10 years or so’ and that’s what we’ve done,” notes Corday to Logan. “These are the children of the children of the children of the children, and they are vital to our future.”

So just what will the next generation of children taking prominence on the ‘DAYS” canvas look like? Beginning Friday, August 28, takes on the role of an aged Joey Johnson, the son of Patch () and Kayla (). Friday, October 30 marks the introductions of an aged Ciara Brady (), daughter of Bo () and Hope (), and Chase Jennings (), the son of Aiden (). A new Theo Carver, son of Abe () and the late Lexie (), comes to town on Tuesday, November 3 as played by , followed by Claire Brady (Olivia Keegan) on Wednesday, November 25. Claire is the aged daughter of Shawn and Belle Brady, played by the returning and .

“By aging these children into young adults, we’re making them more relatable to our audience and more dramatically exciting,” says Corday. “These are not ancillary characters, but young leads. None of them will be a goody two-shoes. Each is somewhat flawed.”

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