‘General Hospital’s’ Revisited History, Sex and Stunners


Steamy – Startling – Staggering – Stunners

Remember in 1998 when Carly (then played by Sarah Brown) stepped away from Michael’s stroller for the tiniest of moments which led to his kidnapping by the hands of Tony Jones, who previously was led to believe Michael was his before Carly proclaimed the child to have been fathered by Jason? Fast forward to 2015, we find Sonny (), seemingly in the Tony role, being kept away from his child by an all grown up Michael (), who tells his adopted father, “Step away from the stroller now” in this week’s promo for ABC’s “.”

While we doubt Sonny is about to go down the same route as Tony did way back when, it’s thrilling to see the parallels from then to now.

Also happening in Port Charles this week: Nikolas Cassadine () and Hayden Barnes () hit the sheets, Nathan West () tells Maxie Jones () he wants them to get back together, but with Damian Spinelli () lurking around, it’s doubtful these supposed star-crossed lovers will get their happy ending right away. Oh, Morgan Corinthos () and Kiki Jerome () are shocked at what they see at General Hospital. How boring.

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