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R.I.P. Greg Plitt — Fitness Expert and ‘DAYS’ Actor Dead at 37

R.I.P. Greg Plitt — Fitness Expert and ‘DAYS’ Actor Dead at 37

Actor, model and fitness expert Greg Plitt has died. The former “Work Out” reality star was struck by a Metrolink train in Burbank, California on Saturday, January 17 and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, Plitt, along with a group of friends, appeared to have been taking video prior to the incident. Plitt played Henderson in three episodes of NBC’s “Days of our Lives” from 2007-2008. He was just 37 years old.

“For some reason, he was on the track, and he was struck by the train,” said Sgt. Chris Canales of the Burbank Police Department to USA Today. Sgt. Scott Meadows told People that Plitt’s death “does not appear to be a suicide.” He added, “A camera was seized as evidence but it’s unclear who it belongs to – the victim or a witness. From the sound of it, he was filming something, but I can tell you that no filming permit had been issued.”

“He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand,” said Metrolink passenger Victor Crowell to KABC of what he saw prior to the fatal incident.

“This is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Greg Plitt’s family and friends at this extremely difficult time,” read a tweet from Bravo after getting word of Plitt’s death.

“We couldn’t take our eyes off Greg Plitt after we cast him on “Work Out”-was as nice as he was beautiful. Seemed invincible, like Superman,” wroteWatch What Happens Live” host and executive producer, Andy Cohen, who at the time was Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Development, Bravo, during the development of the reality series.

In addition to his appearance on the network’s “Work Out,” Plitt was also a star in its new docu-series, “Friends to Lovers,” which debuted last week. The series follows a group of friends who try to see if there is more to their relationship beyond being good friends. Plitt appeared alongside real-life friend Melanie Marden.

Plitt appeared in such films as “Terminator Salvation” and “Grudge Match.” He was the body of Dr. Manhattan in the 2009 Warner Bros. film, “Watchmen.”

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