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WATCH: Bravo’s Andy Cohen Answers The Question, ‘If Susan Lucci Showed Up Naked…’
Peter Kramer/Bravo
Peter Kramer/Bravo
Peter Kramer/Bravo

An odd question for sure, but while on his book tour promoting his newest title, “,” Bravo TV executive and “” host was recently posed the question, “If [ex-Erica Kane, ‘’] showed up at your door naked, what would you do?” For reference: He’d give her a robe!

In addition to the Lucci question, Cohen was also asked what the weirdest or funniest question someone had ever asked him was, which happens to be his being asked to let people call him daddy. Other questions posed were what is his dog Wacha’s guilty snack, which housewife would he bring on a deserted island, and whether he’d be afraid that any celebrities will reveal hidden secrets about him in their books. “I don’t think they have many secrets on me. Is it a worry? No,” Cohen responded.

For more on “The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year,” which is now a New York Times bestseller, click here.

So what about you? What would you do if Susan Lucci showed up at your door naked?

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