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Jonathan Jackson + Enation Reveals Cover Art for New Album

Loud & Proud Records
Loud & Proud Records
Loud and Proud Records
Loud and Proud Records

When he’s not appearing on ABC’s “,” former “” star (ex-Lucky Spencer) is working on music for the upcoming release of his new album with band Enation, whose members include Jackson’s real-life brother, , and . The album, “,” is set for release on Tuesday, October 14 via Loud and Proud Records. Late last week the band shared the album cover art on social media. and co-produced the album.

Songs from “Radio Cinematic” include first single “,” which the band performed on “The View” and “The Better Show” back in June, and marked the first time the band performed together in front of a national television audience, and the track “Cinematic.”

“Love has a fight in it. It’s not passive. It’s fierce,” says Jackson on the realiability of “Everything is Possible.” He adds, “There’s this proverb: Love is stronger than death. ‘Everything Is Possible’ takes that idea of rebellion and applies it to love.”

Talking about the track “Cinematic,” Jackson explains it as “new beginnings by colliding a love story with our musical journey as a band.”

You can listen to “Everything is Possible” in its entirety below:

“Everything is Possible” Lyric Video

“Everything is Possible” Audio