TWO YEARS LATER: A Look Back at ABC’s ‘One Life to Live’

One Life to Live, Erika Slezak, Victoria Lord Buchanan
ABC Photo Archives

Fast forwarding to the last year of “One Life to Live,” there were MANY memorable moments. Perhaps one of the moments that would go on to have one of the biggest effects on both the show’s past and future is the revelation that there were two Todd Mannings. In a very intricate plot by Irene Manning (Barbara Rhoades), the original Todd (Roger Howarth) was replaced years prior by an imposter: his twin brother Victor (Trevor St. John). Victor, believing he was Todd, would then go on to live Todd’s life for years. In this moment in August 2011, Irene is finally forced to explain why there are two men thinking they are the real Todd Manning. Llanview would never be the same again.