THIS WEEK: ‘GH’ Provides Viewers With Head Turning, Heart Stopping, Game Changing Shockers!


“I’m Lucas Jones. I’m your son,” says an angered Lucas () when he seemingly confronts his biological daddy this week on “.”

According to a promo released by ABC, Lucas returns from a long stay in Seattle on Friday, January 17 and almost immediately confronts Julian Jerome () with his true identity after Morgan () forcefully questions the mobster on the whereabouts of his mother, who is currently being held captive by crazy Heather Webber (). Also in the promo is Ava Jerome () being warned by daughter Kiki () about hidden secrets, and is Sabrina () pulling a Britt ()? Felix () seems to think so, and so does Liz (), who eavesdrops on their conversation.

Watch the promo below the get a glimpse at what’s happening this week on “General Hospital.”