‘DAYS’ Stars Reflect on 48 Years of Sands Through the Hourglass

Days of our Lives
"Days of our Lives"
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Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis)

“I have two: The whole marriage and courtship of Justin [Wally Kurth] and Adrienne, the first wedding and the whole courtship leading up to it, I loved that story. And then the story when Freddie [Smith, Sonny] came on. Those are my two favorites. The whole couple of years of each storyline have been wonderful. Freddie is incredibly sweet, and Wally, too. What you see onscreen is similar to what we have as people. I respect them, maybe more than most people in my life, as professionals, but as people, as well. And there’s a big trust between the three of us. We can go out there and be free on set because we know that the other two people are very professional, they’re prepared and they’ll pick you up. It’s hard to be free in every role on every show as an actor, as an artist, and working with them, I’ve had so much freedom.”