More Details Revealed on ‘Room 8: The Series’: Who’s In It and What’s It About

"The Bold and the Beautiful"
Courtesy of Bell-Phillip Television Productions
Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

“What happens when two attractive young people – an unemployed business analyst and a budding comic-book artist – unknowingly rent the same apartment, the only one that each can afford? They reluctantly decide to move in together, and that’s when the sparks fly as opposite worlds collide, in ‘Room 8,’ the new online series debuting Thursday, August 8 on,” is the opening statement from a press release promoting the evolution of a show within a show turning into an actual show.

Starring Lawrence Saint-Victor as his “B&B” character, Carter Walton, portraying Lance Moore and Karla Mosley as her “B&B” character, Maya Avant, portraying Scarlett Howard, “Room 8” is an eight episode comedy series that tells the story of two people who decide to swallow their pride and make a go of it together in the one and only unit each can afford in the big city. “This is Rafael’s [] original vision for ‘Room 8′ — the one that would have been filmed if Caroline Spencer [Linsey Godfrey] hadn’t gotten involved and started changing it up to make Rick [Jacob Young] jealous,” said Saint-Victor, who is also writing and producing the online version of “Room 8″ with Mosley, in a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine.

Earlier this summer on “B&B,” viewers saw Maya, an aspiring actress, and Carter, the recently introduced adopted brother of Marcus Walton (Texas Battle), cast as leads in “Room 8,” the web series within the show. “The proliferation of new platforms allows us to extend ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ storyline in ways never before imagined, allowing viewers to dig deeper in to the lives of our characters,” said Bradley P. Bell, executive producer and head writer of “B&B” in a statement. “We are proud to be the first in daytime television to create this extended story arc in which the works of fictional characters come to life in a separate series and we will continue to look for new ways to engage with our audience.”

“Room 8” will also star Sean Whalen as Randy the Landlord, Deborah S. Craig as Missy and Ross Kiddor as Dex.

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