Ronn Moss Back On Stage As a Rock Star!

Bell-Phillip Television Productions

Been wondering what has been up to since leaving his role as “’s” Ridge Forrester last September? Wonder no more: He and former bandmate Peter Beckett have reunited to bring — famous for their hits “Baby Come Back,” “This Time I’m In It For Love,” “It’s For You” and more — back into the spotlight. The band just released their fifth album, “Too Many Reasons,” and are hitting the stage for a special benefit concert!

On Monday, June 3, Player will perform at The Canyon Club in Agoura, CA. But they aren’t getting together for just any old reason: Moss decided to have the show in honor of his wife, former Playboy Playmate , who’s celebrating her 50th birthday! In addition, the proceeds from the show will help support DeVasquez’s favorite charity, Shelter Hope Pet Shop.

For more information on this one-night-only event, check out The Canyon Club’s official website.

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