Bold Rewind: April 2, 2013


Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

At Forrester, Rick and Eric observed some models wearing new lingerie designs. Aside from a few little details, Eric approved. Taylor, followed by Thomas arrived and Thomas hissed that the lingerie won’t do for the company what his ideas would have done. Rick disagreed. Taylor sided with her son and warned that Brooke would bring nothing but scandal. She argued that Bill being behind the launch, combined with Brooke being a press favorite, was toxic for the company. Rick welcomed tabloids and social media buzzing about Brooke and accused Taylor of being stuck in the dark ages. Taylor said it wasn’t wise to put all their eggs in one basket and that this would all amount to an invitation to disaster. Thomas of course agreed. Eric said he knew the line could bring consequences but he won’t change his mind. Rick was confident the line would be a huge hit and Eric will be lauded around the world. Taylor hoped Rick was right because if he wasn’t, not only would the company suffer, but lives will be ruined.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS
Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Brooke continued tending to Bill in her bedroom. Bill mentioned Brooke leaving her car at the crash site and she said she’d have it towed. The doorbell rang. Brooke noticed a sedan outside and said she’d take care of it. Outside, Lt. Baker was eating the last bite of his hot dog and licked his fingers. Brooke greeted him. Baker said he just came by to see if she was ok after her car accident earlier. Brooke fibbed that she and the other driver handled everything privately. Baker noted the substantial damage to her car. Brooke promised she was ok. Baker wondered if the other driver took her home and said he noticed marks leading to her garage. Brooke denied him access to the garage without a warrant. Baker was suspicious but decided to leave and go get another hot dog from a nearby hot dog shack. Brooke went back inside and filled Bill in. She’s convinced Lt. Baker is onto them and waiting to see who comes out of the house. She told Bill he had to stay the night. Bill didn’t want to stay away all night and anger Katie. Brooke said she’d call Katie but warned if she found out about the accident she would put pieces together about Bill drinking. Bill gave her his phone. He wondered what Brooke was going to tell her. Brooke didn’t know yet.

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

At Katie’s house, Katie vented to Donna about the fight she had with Bill. She complained about Brooke prancing around in her underwear again and how Bill and Brooke just expect her to be ok with it. Donna felt for Katie but warned her to be wary of how far she pushes Bill. Katie wished she knew where Bill was. She talked about how his loyalty to his family seems to be shifting. Brooke’s too. Katie got a call from Bill’s phone and answered excitedly. It was Brooke. She told Katie that Bill was going to stay with her for the night and that everything was fine. Katie demanded to speak to Bill but Brooke wouldn’t let her. Brooke hung up and told Bill he must stay the night and Katie can never find out about the accident. Later, she gave Bill some meds. Bill was happy that Brooke wasn’t lecturing him. They gazed at each other for a bit, then they said their goodnights. “Sleep well, Stallion.” she told him. She left the room. Back over at Katie’s, Katie was fuming over Bill spending the night with Brooke. Donna wondered why Brooke even called. Katie said Brooke was letting her know that she’s won. Donna urged Katie to get over there and fight for her husband. Katie sobbed that he would come home and she’d be waiting for him. “But if he doesn’t…if he spends the night with my sister, our marriage is over.”


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