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ABC on Prospect Park Lawsuit: ‘We Haven’t Seen the Complaint or Been Served’

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

As first noted on our Twitter page, when pressed for comment on the news that had filed a lawsuit against the network over an apparent breach in their licensing agreement with , ABC tells Soap Opera Network, “We haven’t seen the complaint or been served so we can’t comment.”

In a statement released to Soap Opera Network earlier this evening, Prospect Park co-founders  and  said, “Prospect Park has been and continues to be committed to creating and delivering exceptional episodes of ‘‘ and ‘.’ We have overcome each and every obstacle in an effort to make this dream become a reality. Over and over again our effort to bring these shows to audiences has faced challenges, and yet we along with the actors, the writers, producers and the directors as well as our fans, have confronted and then overcome these challenges, and we have every confidence that we will prevail again. We look forward to our April 29 launch now more than ever.”

“All My Children” and “One Life to Live” premiere Monday, April 29 on , , and in America and on for Canadian viewers.