FIRST LOOK: Behind the Scenes of the Making of a New ‘All My Children’

The OnLine Network/TOLN

“We’re not in the condo anymore,” says  (Dr. Angela Hubbard) on the new set of “.” The actress is part of a behind the scenes video recently uploaded by to .com, and also available to subscribers of Plus for HD viewing, in anticipation of The OnLine Network premiere of “AMC” and sister soap “” scheduled for Monday, April 29 via the aforementioned Hulu, and .

David M. Russell/TOLN
David M. Russell/TOLN

Set to the song “Revolution” by artist , viewers get a behind the scenes look at the return of Cortlandt Manner. “It’s so exciting for Opal to have a home again…she hasn’t had one for a long time,” says , who portrays Opal Cortlandt in the video that also gives viewers a glimpse at the behind the scenes crew working together to bring Pine Valley back to life. “In soap operas, when you have your own house, it’s a big deal!” added Larson.

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