CENTER STAGE: Meredith Scott Lynn Dishes On Taking Down ‘DAYS’’ Jennifer

Days of our Lives
"Days of our Lives"
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Days of our Lives’” Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne Milbauer) has had an impressive 25-year acting career, appearing in popular shows like “Weeds,” “American Horror Story,” and “Desperate Housewives,” as well as in the film “Legally Blonde.” But Anne is perhaps one of the most fun characters she’s ever played, simply because, as the actress puts it: “She’s such an extreme bitch!”

Yes, Anne would do pretty much anything — and we mean anything — to steal Jennifer Horton’s (Melissa Reeves) job and make the beloved blonde miserable, and that’s exactly why Lynn loves her. “Anne doesn’t give a hoot whether you like her or not: She’s got blinders on, and she’s on a one-track mission to get Jennifer’s job,” explains the actress. “If she could drag Jennifer out of town with a blindfold and leave her on the side of some road with no way of getting back, she would do it. And I love that about her! She’s crazy.”

Another thing that’s crazy, at least in Lynn’s mind, is how she was tapped to play the role in the first place. “I never thought I was the type; you watch soap operas, and they’re all very beautiful in a very particular way.  I mean, I think I’m hot — in Jerusalem!” she says with a laugh, adding that “Y&R’s” casting director, Marnie Saitta, asked her to audition after watching her performance in the play Slow Dance In Midtown. “So this was a thrill for me. But I didn’t think it was going to last. I thought it was going to be a quick three episode in and out, so this is way unexpected, and I’m way happier about this, obviously.”

Especially now that she’s admittedly hooked to the daytime drama! “You kind of can’t watch it if you want to get anything done; it’s addicting,” she says. “I watched an episode recently, and I had to go, because I had a lunch appointment, but I called them, and I said, ‘Listen, can we push it? Because honestly, I need to see what happens!’ I felt silly, but I love the show, and I’m glad I get to watch it now.”

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Funny enough, though she had never seen “DAYS” until recently joining the cast, she grew up as a peripheral part of the world. “Jennifer Aniston has been a close friend of mine for a very long time. We went to high school together, so I’ve known [her dad, John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis)] since I was 15 years old,” she says. “I finally saw him, and we had a big laugh and thought it was pretty awesome that we get to work on the same show. I don’t quite understand how Anne and Kiriakis could conceivably be together, but nothing would make me happier. That would be the ultimate for me, to be in a scene with John.”

Other than that (and a possible kissing scene with Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas), who Lynn says is “super dreamy”, the actress welcomes any storyline — except for one in which she dies! “When the scripts arrive… I look at the one that we’re going to shoot last, and if I don’t die, then I’m really excited, because then I think, ‘Oh, I’ll come back!’” she says with a laugh. “I just pray every day that they’re going to call me and hold me for more episodes. I love doing it. I hope it never ends.”