‘All My Children’ Star Alicia Minshew Reveals She’s Been Approached by Prospect Park

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Yolanda Perez/ABC
Yolanda Perez/ABC

In a posting on her Twitter page just a short time ago, former “All My Children” star Alicia Minshew  revealed that she has been approached by Prospect Park to return to the soap in the role of Kendall Hart. “I’m so happy for all of you getting your ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ shows back!” Minshew commented. “Many of you have asked me-Yes I have been approached. No news yet!”

During the first round of discussions Prospect Park had with “AMC” actors back in 2011, Minshew seemed to want to move on from the series after wrapping the ABC run. However, she appeared to have changed her mind and would have likely been interested in returning only in limited capacity. Ultimately, if she does return in some capacity, she will be joined by actors Vincent Irizarry, Lindsay Hartley, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams, who have all appeared to have signed on for the re-reboot of “AMC.”

Minshew along with several other past and present daytime soap stars are currently working together on several projects for production company Paos Revolution. One such project is entitled “On Air,” which follows life after the death of a canceled soap opera. In a teaser for the project, Minshew’s character is heard saying “I gave ten years of my life to that show. I still can’t believe we got canceled,” in reference to her time on “All My Children.”

In recent months the actress was seen filming “Desires of the Heart,” a film in which Minshew portrays Madeline, a young artist who catches the attention of a psychiatrist (Val Lauren) visiting from India. While their romance blossoms, her new love is forced to return to India in order to marry the woman chosen as his bride by his parents.