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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, October 18, 2011.


Sharon wanted to know why Adam was there to see her. He wanted answers from her about her feelings for him. Adam asked if Sharon had any intentions of coming back to him while she was hiding out in New Mexico. Sharon admitted that she had deep remorse for what she put everyone through. While she admitted that she had loved Adam, his actions showed her who he could truly be; someone cold enough to humiliate her when they were to get married in jail. Sharon pointed out that Sam never replaced him in her heart. When Adam said he thought he could fix things for her, but Sharon rebuffed him, telling Adam that she was through trusting him. She wanted him to stay away from her.

Holding the court order in his hand, Nick was furious that Victor was forcing him to bring Faith to the courthouse. He told his father that when Faith was there the last time Sharon was in court, it became upsetting for her. Although Victor claimed to understand how Nick felt, he told his son that either he bring Faith or he’d go get her himself. Nick found it hard to believe that Victor was looking out for either Faith or Sharon’s best interest.

Alone with Ricky, Avery gave instructions to have a photographer in the court room. She wanted them to take a picture of Sharon and Faith’s ‘reunion’. Sharon entered the court room and told Avery about Adam’s visit. They both believed that he was up to something. When he arrived and entered the court room, Sharon was surprised. The minute Victor spotted Adam he cornered him, asking why he was there. Adam chose to ignore him. Nick, meanwhile, returned back to the court room with Faith. The minute Sharon looked over her shoulder she became overjoyed.

Chloe went to see Kevin in his hospital room. He was getting dressed to check out. She offered to take care of him while he was recuperating from his operation, but Kevin was focused on Delia’s recovery. When Chloe thanked Kevin for being there for Delia, Kevin stressed for her to stop calling him a hero. The two shared a kiss before she left to go see on her daughter.
In his hospital room, Billy dressed in pain. Michael arrived, set to take him back to the trailer. Billy told Michael that he was tired of listening to Victor’s demands, and planned on starting a life with Victoria again. Michael commented that he wouldn’t have such a reunion, since Victoria had divorce papers drawn to be signed. Billy laughed them off, determined to win Victoria back. The lawyer asked Billy if he was sure he wanted to test Victor, especially with what Victor held over his head. Michael said that Victor would used the damaging information to destroy Billy and Victoria.

Victoria and Sam talked at her house. He was surprised that she was having new divorce papers drawn again. She admitted that she didn’t want to divorce Billy, but she needed to move on. She didn’t believe that Billy would return to her, therefore, she needed to stop dreaming that he would.

In the courtroom, Heather questioned a witness who testified that she saw Skye and Sharon exchanging heated words with one another. During the cross examination, however, Avery successfully ripped apart the witness’s testimony, when she admitted that she didn’t hear exactly what was being said between Skye and Sharon. The judge called for a brief recess. Sharon, still overcome with emotions at seeing Faith in court, reached out to touch her. The guard witnessed the loving exchange and barked that there was to be no physical contact. At that moment, upon Avery’s request, the photographer snapped a picture of Sharon and Faith. Nick was furious that the photographer took a picture of the two of them, but Avery told Nick that she requested him to take the picture. Nick didn’t like Avery’s latest stunt, but Avery pointed out that the picture could be the thing that would get the public on Sharon’s side. Meanwhile, in court, Adam continued to compliment Heather on doing a good job in court and asked her to go with him for a drink. Heather was leery but took up his offer.

Michael ran into Victoria, who was at the hospital to see Delia. As the two talked, Billy, ear hustled their conversation. He heard Victoria ask if Michael had the divorce papers drawn up. A heartbroken Billy listened as Victoria told Michael that she was ready to sign the papers. The minute he noticed both Michael and Victoria nowhere near his room, he snuck out to see Kevin. He asked for Kevin’s help in helping him see Delia, but Kevin refused. He thought it was time that Billy came clean about being the actual donor. When Victoria came to Kevin’s room, Billy was forced to hide in the bathroom. Victoria thanked Kevin for saving Delia’s life. Inside of the bathroom, Billy listened to Victoria’s harsh words about him. When she left, Kevin told Billy there was no way he would help him.

Chloe and Gloria were in Delia’s room when Victoria walked in. She told her that Delia was doing very well. Michael popped in as well glad to see the young girl resting well. They all again gave credit solely to Kevin. When they left the room, Billy made an attempt to go into Delia’s room, but Kevin stopped him. Billy asked him to help keep Chloe occupied so he could say good-bye to his daughter.

Once he saw that Chloe was distracted, and Michael nowhere in sight, Billy went into his daughter’s room. After spending a few minutes with Delia, Billy was interrupted by Kevin, who told him that he had to leave. As they were coming out of her room, Michael saw the two of them. He quickly took Billy back to the trailer where they saw Victor. Victor told him that he’d be leaving Genoa City in the next few days. He told Billy that he would make sure to know where Billy would be staying in case Delia needed him again.

Going back home, Victoria found the envelope containing the new set of divorce papers. She took a look at her wedding picture. Unsure of what to do, she stared at the documents. She was drinking tea when Sam and Keely’s arrival startled her, causing her to spill her tea all over the documents.

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