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Y&R Recap: Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, October 17, 2011

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Y&R Recap: Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, October 17, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, October 17, 2011.


Neil became the proud papa, after it was revealed that he was Moses’ father. Sofia was curious to know if he had heard anything from Malcolm, but Neil told her no. He went on to share his frustrations of Malcolm always leaving when things got rough. Sofia believed that he merely needed time to adjust. Malcolm soon arrived, followed shortly by the nurse holding the birth certificate. She questioned which man would be signing the document. It was then that an upset Malcolm walked out of the hospital room, leaving Neil and Sofia to sign the documents as the parents of Moses.

Malcolm found himself headed to Restless Style to talk to Phyllis. He shared his disappointment at not being the father of Moses, pointing out that he not only lost a relationship with Sofia, but that of Neil and now a developing one with Moses. Phyllis tried to talk him into making things work with Sofia; that all that mattered was that Moses had love. Unfortunately, Malcolm was still not in the best of spirits on what he should do. Before Phyllis could continue her conversation, Avery arrived. Malcolm quickly departed, thanking Phyllis for listening to him.

Avery irked Phyllis when she told her that she was there to look for Nick. The two exchanged words with one another. As Avery was digging through her purse to write Nick a note, a video game fell out. Spotting it, Phyllis started to question her about still playing video games. It soon came out that Nick gave her the game, which peeved Phyllis. Nick arrived and Avery told him that she wanted him to bring Faith with him to the trail. He told her it was not going to happen; but she thought otherwise. The minute she left, Phyllis wanted to know what was going on between Nick and Avery.

At Gloworm, Neil saw Victor and went over to talk to him. He wanted to know if he had seen Malcolm at all, but Victor told him that he hadn’t. Neil shared the news about Sofia having the baby and that he was the father. Victor told Neil that he would be an excellent father to the baby. Neil voiced concerns on how he would deal with matters regarding Malcolm. Victor pointed out that Neil should spend all the time in the world with his son.

After accusing Nick of ‘infidelity by video game sharing’ with Avery, Phyllis headed to Gloworm, where she approached Victor. She wanted to know why he would hire her sister to take on Sharon’s case. Victor told her when he hired Avery, he knew nothing about the two of them being related. She whined that she didn’t know why he was doing this to her. Victor stared at her in disbelief and pointed out that he was doing nothing to her. He soon gave her a warning not to use Restless Style as a way to mess with Sharon’s trial. Phyllis left the table, telling Victor that all she cares about is writing good news stories.

Nick went to see Sharon, before trial started. She wanted to badly to be reunited with her children. When she asked Nick if it were possible to bring Faith with him to the courthouse, Nick disagreed, sharing that it would only do more harm than good. A nervous Sharon admitted that she regretted not taking the plea offer when it came to her. She once again asked Nick to bring Faith, pleading that she needed to see her daughter. Nick told Sharon that at the last hearing, Faith was troubled at not being able to go to her mother and told her how she was having a problem sleeping. He promised that while Faith would not be there with him, he would be there to give his support.

Avery went to the Athletic Club to find Adam in his suite. She once again tried to get him to do the right thing where Sharon was concerned. She pointed out that at one time he had loved Sharon even so much as to try to find proof to clear her name. He scoffed at her pressing him for help, stating that she wasn’t living up to her reputation if she were coming to him for help. Despite Avery’s words, Adam continued to stare at her stone-faced. Once Avery was out of his room, however, Adam seemed to have thought on her words regarding his ex.

Neil returned to the hospital to see Sofia. He shared that he didn’t want to be an absentee father to Moses. Sofia, however, was still holding out for hope that Malcolm would come around and play an active role in the baby’s life, despite who the father was. When Malcolm showed up, he wanted to talk to Sofia alone. Once Neil was gone, Malcolm said that now that he knows who the father is of Moses, he wanted a divorce from Sofia. She pleaded with him to fight for their relationship, but Malcolm wasn’t hearing it. He planned on flying to Guam to get the divorce and move on. Sofia’s pleading turned into anger as she signed the papers and called him out for always running away from his problems. When Neil arrived, wondering what was going on, Sofia icily informed Neil how Malcolm wanted a divorce and he was on the next plane out. Malcolm, in turn, glared at Neil, huffing out without another word. The minute Sofia started to ball her eyes out Neil immediately was there to comfort her.

Adam was asleep on the couch in his suite. He soon had a dream that he was going to
ward a metal door. Pulling it open, he was startled to see Sharon strapped into an electric chair. When she looked up at her, he could see her fear. She soon was zapped with electricity, which startled Adam out of his dream. Adam immediately tried to compose himself with what he just dreamt.

Sharon received a visit from Victor. She wanted so much for the jury to find her innocent; she missed being with Faith and Noah. Victor mentioned Faith being there in court, but Sharon informed him that Nick didn’t want her to be there. The older Newman pointed out that Faith needed to be there and he would see that she was. After Victor departed, the guard returned. Sharon assumed it was time to head to the court house, but the guard was there with another visitor: Adam. Sharon was not pleased to see him, wanting to know what he was doing there.

In the courtroom, Avery once again tried to get Nick to have Faith there when Sharon’s trial began. Nick, however, pointed out that Sharon understood the reasons why he wouldn’t bring her there. A frustrated Avery lashed out, accusing Nick of doing Sharon the same way as Adam was; denying his support. Nick reminded her that Adam was withholding evidence to clear Sharon, he, however, was being a protective father of his daughter. Avery apologized for her cutting remark, but continued to work the matter about Faith. When Victor arrived, he thrust a court order into Nick’s hand. He told his son that he was now in charge in making sure that Faith was there for her mother. Nick was furious at Victor’s bullying tactics; Avery, however, was delighted that she got her way.

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