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Y&R Recap: Friday, October 21, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, October 21, 2011

Y&R Recap: Friday, October 21, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, October 21, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, October 21, 2011.


Tucker and Ashley are still discussing the text message that they received, both confused on the far away location. When Ashley became worried on what Ronan may know or have, Tucker decided to change the topic to that of their wedding renewal. He was curious to know if she had asked Traci to be her maid-of-honor, but Ashley told him that she was going to ask Abby to be in their wedding. Tucker wasn’t sure on her choice, since he knew how much Abby didn’t approve of their relationship.

Abby arrived at Gloworm and stopped over to talk to Jack and Genevieve. She wondered what they were celebrating. Jack shared the news that he had Jabot back. Abby congratulated him, but the festivities were cut short when Gloria popped by, telling Genevieve that she left a message on her phone. She hadn’t been able to go over to the house at all. At that same time, Genevieve received a phone call from someone, telling her that there was an explosion at her house. A worried Genevieve, followed by Jack and Gloria rushed off.

Outside of the home, Cane comforted Lily. He told her that there was a gas leak in the house. Lily asked if he was following her, but he told her that he was there watching the house already. He told her about the hit that Colin put out on his mother. Ronan soon appeared where he revealed to a stunned Lily about Cane working with the authorities to bring Colin down for his multiple crimes. Lily was still trying to wrap her head around the news she was hearing when Chance, along with an EMT, arrived. Lily realized that Cane was not only working with the police, but the FBI and the US Military. Ronan pointed out to Lily that Cane was a hero for what he did and that he couldn’t break protocol to tell her what was going on.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis received the text from Ronan to meet at the warehouse. Nick showed up, startling her. She asked him about the photograph of Faith being in the newspaper. She wondered why he didn’t turn to her to put the picture in Restless Style. Nick told her that he wasn’t a willing participant in that photograph. When he mentioned that Avery was the one that was responsible for getting the picture in the paper, Phyllis bristled. Nick soon received the text message from Ronan, which he shared with Phyllis. The two deduced that Ronan was trying to get the other to turn against one another with information, since their alibis didn’t match.

At The Athletic Club, Jill told Colin that she wasn’t letting him go, because she knew he was plotting something. Colin tried to talk his way out of it by telling her that the surprise could be for her, but she wasn’t buying it. She cried that she was tired of his lies and how he’s hurt her twice. She wouldn’t put up with it anymore. She called Ronan, telling him that she had Colin in his suite and that once the police arrived, they could do whatever they wanted with him.

After checking on her house, Genevieve, along with Gloria and Jack, arrived at the hospital to check on Genevieve’s maid, Myrna. Gloria told Genevieve that she was surprised that there was a gas leak to begin with, since she had the house inspected. She went on to share that she was stunned that Genevieve was putting the house back on the market. Genevieve told Gloria she never had plans in putting the house on the market. When they saw Cane and Lily, Jack asked if Lily had been released, but she said that she waiting to be looked at. Lily asked Genevieve if there was any word on her maid’s condition, but Genevieve said no. Cane wondered if she had family but his mother pointed out that she didn’t know much about her maid. Jack called Cane a hero for saving Lily from the gas leak. Genevieve and Gloria learned from Cane that the gas leak was set up by Colin. He wanted to eliminate both of them.

Abby went to see Ashley and Tucker. She told Tucker that she was surprised that he gave Jabot back to Uncle Jack. Tucker said he wanted to do right by Ashley and make her happy. Ashley wanted to know if her daughter would be her maid-of-honor when they renewed their wedding vows. Abby w as getting ready to tell her no, but Tucker cut her off. He told her that regardless, Ashley and he were already married. He knew that Abby would never like him, but he wanted to make her mother the happiest woman ever. Abby admitted that while she thought he was a jerk, she was tired of hating on him. She realized that he made Ashley happy and she was glad, because she deserved it. Abby accepted the honor of being her mother’s maid-of-honor. Their discussion soon changed from wedding talk to that of the text message Abby received from Ronan. Tucker told her that Ashley and he received the same message.

Victoria called Victor over to her house to discuss the text message that she received from Ronan. Victor wasn’t worried about it, stating that Ronan didn’t have anything on them. Victoria told him about her missing bracelet; maybe Ronan had that as evidence. The two of them realized that it was time for them to head out to the location. Meanwhile, back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Nick agreed to drive separately to the warehouse; while Jack, who was alone at the hospital, debated if he should go at all.

In Colin’s suite, Ronan and Chance arrived to arrest him. Jill was flabbergasted to see her grandson, who told her that he’d explain everything later. Ronan laid out a list of all of Colin’s crimes that were piled against him, pointing out that his recent stunt cost him big time. Colin told both Ronan and Chance that they had nothing on him, plus he had diplomatic immunity. Chance told Colin that all that changed when the person he bribed in order to get that immunity was arrested. Jill told Colin she never wanted to see him anymore. Colin told her that while she talked a tough game, he knew she still loved him. Just then, Genevieve and Gloria walked in to see the cuffs being put on Colin. Gloria stepped up to him, telling him that he didn’t do away with her, because she was a survivor. As for Genevieve, she was more heart-felt, still unable to believe that her ex would want to have her killed. She told him that he would be growing old in prison. Leaving the three women alone, they each mused at how they could have ever trust Colin. Genevieve pointed out that they were lucky, since they survived what he put them through.

Jack was the first to arrive at the warehouse. He called out to Ronan but nobody was there. He soon was met by Ashley, Tucker and Abby, who told Jack they received the same text message. Nick, Phyllis, Victor and Victoria soon arrived, all of them wondering what was going on. Tucker asked if they all received the same text, which they all said yes to. Jack soon realized that Ronan couldn’t have sent them the text message. Phyllis pointed out they were all called by Diane to meet with her at the park, the last time they all received a text message. Victor wanted to know who could have set them up to meet at the warehouse, if it wasn’t Ronan. A projector cut on showing a newspaper article of Diane Jenkin’s murder. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, in a hospital room, a bandaged figure is shown. The person in the hospital bed has a tattoo of a black cat and flowers decorated on her leg.

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