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Y&R Recap: Thursday, September 15, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Y&R Recap: Thursday, September 15, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Thursday, September 15, 2011.

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, September 15, 2011.


Chloe was the hospital, tending to Delia, who just returned back to the room from her first round of chemotherapy. Delia received a visit from Kevin, he brought her favorite stuffed animal, McGruff. When she saw the stuffed animal, she asked Chloe if her father was going to come and see her. Chloe said that Billy was away on business but loved her very much. Cane soon showed up, giving the young girl a little stuffed koala bear. He told Chloe he went to be tested but wasn’t a match for the transplant. Kevin, in the meantime, stepped out, promising to come back to see Delia. Alone together, watching a sleeping Delia, Cane asked how Chloe was doing. She vented that she was upset that Billy hadn’t made any attempts to see his daughter. Cane made the suggestion that Chloe give Lily a call, since she too was a cancer patient that beat the odds. Chloe thanked him, along with others for their kindness.

Victoria called the office to talk to Victor but was told that he wasn’t there. When Sam came in with Keely, the dog he gave to Victoria, he asked if she had any news on Delia. She shared that the young girl just had her first round of chemotherapy. He was sure that Delia would survive and pull through. As the two were talking, Jack arrived to see Victoria. Spotting Sam, he offered his hellos and asked how he was doing. Jack was curious if Victor had any luck in locating Billy, but Victoria said she tried calling her father but was told he was out of the office. Sam revealed that when he was at the ranch, he heard that Victor was out of town. She was surprised that he left town. Jack and Victoria soon started to talk about Billy and his not being there for Delia. Jack relayed how he talked to Chloe on his being there for Kyle now that he was without a mother, saying it was similar in some ways for her having to handle Delia’s illness without Billy. Jack departed, determined to find out where Billy was. Sam learned that Victoria hadn’t had much to eat and offered to cook her something. Victoria was touched by how kind Sam was being toward her.

Ronan continued to listen to Ashley’s ‘confession’ as Abby wore the wire. Abby, tried in vain to get Ashley to stop talking about the park, but was soon interrupted when Tucker arrived. He wanted to get things out in the open about her not supporting her mother’s decision of them being together. Still freaked out by what she learned and what she knows Ronan had heard, Abby tried to leave, but Tucker said that she wasn’t leaving until they all talked to one another. Abby soon rushed into their bedroom, locking the door. There, she removed the wire and threw it into her purse. When she re-emerged, and bolted out of the door. Tucker was puzzled by her behavior and wanted to go after her, but Ashley told him to let her go. She was thankful that he was being supportive in repairing their relationship

At the Athletic Club, Victor talked to someone on his cell phone to let them know he made it back in town, and that Billy was also in Genoa City. He headed over to see Victoria, who wanted to know when he was out of town. He fibbed and said it was business. He told Victoria he wasn’t able to find Billy at all. Victoria was crushed by the news. When Victor left, Sam told Victoria that while he was making something to eat for her, she should head to the hospital to check in on Delia. Meanwhile, Jack, who had Billy still on his mind, went to his trailer to see if he might have returned there. Seeing the trailer empty, Jack looked around and spotted a picture of Billy and Delia on the table. Jack silently cursed Billy for staying away when people needed him the most.

When Abby reached to police van, she begged Ronan to turn a deaf ear to what he heard Ashley say. Ronan, however told Abby that he couldn’t do that, and he had a confession. Abby told him that her mother wasn’t a murderer. Ronan told Abby that he had what he needed and that she could leave. He asked for the wire and the microphone. She gave him everything out of her purse, but he asked her where the mic was. She said she didn’t have anything else. Meanwhile, back in the bedroom together, Tucker and Ashley found the mic on their bed. Tucker believed that Abby was the one that was trying to get dirt on him. A furious Ashley said she would take care of her daughter. She called her and told her to meet her at Crimson Light immediately. In the meantime, Abby departed the police van and Ronan instantly put a ‘tail’ on her to see where she would go.

At the hospital, Chloe and Cane still talked, as Delia slept. He was grateful that she treated him a bit better than the others have been since he returned back to Genoa City. Chloe told him that she still wasn’t ready to forgive him for what he put everyone through, but she knew that he cared for Delia. Lily arrived and she too offered to be there for Chloe and Delia in anything they needed. When Delia woke up, Lily shared with the little girl a secret on how to handle the nurses and doctors.

Victor ushered a hidden Billy to come into his trailer. While inside, Billy read up the reports on the bone marrow donors. He didn’t believe he’d be a match for Delia, but Victor believed he would be. A concerned Victor wanted to move Billy from staying in the trailer but Billy didn’t want to leave. Billy was more focused on learning the condition of his daughter. Victor called Victoria and both learned that she went through her first bout of chemotherapy. When he got off of the phone, Billy talked on an experimental procedure. They continued to talk on Delia’s condition but when Billy mentioned Victoria, Victor told him that she was of no concern to him anymore, per the deal they made.

Jack arrived at the hospital to see Delia. He told Chloe he found a picture of Delia and Billy and wanted to show it to her. Chloe objected, saying it would just made it harder for her to understand why her father wasn’t there. She continued to gripe at how Billy was proving to be an uncaring father, but both Kevin and Jack defended him. Jack said if Billy knew what was going on, he’d be there for her. Victoria arrived, and Jack showed her the picture. Victoria, too, thought Delia might like to see it, but Chloe, again was against it. Victoria and Jack both tried to reason with Chloe, saying that with Billy gone, Delia had only the good memories of her father. They both encouraged her not to keep her from seeing the photo. Chloe soon agreed to give the photograph to Delia.

At the trailer with Victor, Billy questioned how they were going to hide that fact of who the donor is if he is a perfect match. Victor told him he had a plan to cover their bases. Billy wanted more information on who else was working with them. When there was a knock at the door, Victor answered it. Both Billy and Kevin were stunned to see one another. Billy was horrified to learn that Victor was going to have Kevin be the faux donor.

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