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Y&R Recap: Friday, September 16, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, September 16, 2011.

Y&R Recap: Friday, September 16, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, September 16, 2011.

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, September 16, 2011.


Lauren and Jill met up at Crimson Lights, where Jill complained at how she was once again duped by Colin. Lauren didn’t believe Jill had enough proof, but Jill insisted that if Genevieve wanted to have Colin, she could. She was done. Gloria and Jeffrey were there and stopped at their table. They said they were going down to the hospital to be tested. Jill, in the meantime, was a little taken-aback in Jeffrey openly flirted with her. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, she wasn’t interested.

Jack, Victoria and Chloe were in the hospital room with Delia. They were all talking about Billy together. Victoria excused herself to leave but promised to return. She headed home to have a home cooked meal with Sam. Jack, in the meantime, was still working on finding any leads on where Billy was. He received a phone call and learned that Billy could be in Myanmar. He stepped out of the hospital room, promising Chloe he’d keep her posted if he heard anything. He called Victoria to report the same news to her. After getting off of the phone, Jack ran into Jill, who came with Lauren. Jill wanted to know if Jack was aware that Genevieve took off with Colin on the business trip. Jack told her he wasn’t but it was none of his business. He told her that their concern should be that of Delia. She agreed, and she and Lauren went into the hospital room, where Lauren shared a home video of Fen and Kevin.

Kevin wanted to know why Billy wasn’t at the hospital to see his daughter. Victor, however, did all of the talking, telling Kevin that the two of them would be working together. He took Kevin’s phone from him, to prevent him from making any calls to alert anyone about Billy. He went on to tell Kevin that Billy would have some preliminary tests and if he matched, Kevin would be the faux donor. Kevin told both Victor and Billy that it wouldn’t work, since everyone knew that he didn’t match. Kevin wanted to know what was going on and why Billy was laying low. Victor explained that Billy got into serious trouble and couldn’t simply re-emerge to the family. Realizing that Delia needed to be saved, Kevin reluctantly agreed to help.

Victoria showed up for dinner and marveled over the smell of Sam’ chili. The two dined on chili and a game of Parcheesi. While they were playing, Sam received a phone call and had to take it, leaving Victoria by herself. Sitting there alone, her mind raced to thoughts of Billy and her playing games together. Once off of the phone, Sam and she went back to playing the board game. Victoria did a little victory dance after beating Sam in several matches. An amused Sam challenged her to playing some penny arcade games with him some time. Once again, her mind went back to Billy and the time they shared.

At the Athletic Club, Victor and Jack ran into one another. Jack told Victor about his possible lead, and Victor, said he would ‘look into it’. While he was away, Kevin wanted to know why Billy would turn to Victor for help, when he hated the man so much. Billy, however, wanted to know how Delia was. Kevin told him that Chloe was holding it together. He shared that gave Delia McGruff to her. Billy teared up when he learned that Delia was asking for her daddy. Victor showed back up with a nurse to draw Billy’s blood. He instructed Kevin to go back to the hospital and tell Chloe that the hospital called to have him re-tested. The minute the nurse and Victor were gone, Kevin departed to go back to the hospital. Billy, unable to contain being apart from Delia, also left, sneaking to the hospital to see his daughter.

Victoria decided to leave the house and head to Billy’s trailer. When she peered inside, she noticed it empty. Trying to turn the handle, she discovered it locked. As she stood there, Victor appeared, wondering why she was there. She too, was surprised to see her father there. She shared the news of Jack learning that Billy could be in Myanmar. Victor once again urged her daughter to accept the fact that her marriage to Billy was over. When she left, Victor unlocked the trailer, looking around. He wondered where Billy went off to.

Jack was with Kyle at Crimson Lights. He called Chloe to let her know that he found Billy. He shared with his son that he had to go out of town to bring Billy back home from Hong Kong. An eavesdropping Victor overheard and called someone to tell them that he was glad to see Jack heading out of Genoa City to China.
Kevin told Chloe that he had to be re-tested, which puzzled her. She shared the news that Jack was headed to China to get Billy. When they both headed back to Delia’s room, the little girl told them that she had a dream that Billy was there to visit her.

Jeffrey told Gloria that he had to leave for Las Vegas. He once again flirted with Jill, which annoyed Gloria. She soon received a call from the security company, telling her that she was put down as a person to contact if there was a problem with the security system at Genevieve’s house. Gloria glowed at the notion that Genevieve put her down as someone to keep an eye on things for her. When she arrived, she let herself in, making sure everything was in order. Meanwhile, Colin, who tripped the alarm system, prayed that someone would come. When Gloria came down to the wine cellar, she was surprised to see a drunken Colin sitting in there. Colin hollered for Gloria not to let the door close, but it was too late: Gloria locked herself, along with him, again, in the wine cellar.

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