AMC Recap: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thomas A. Montalto/
Thomas A. Montalto/

( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 13, 2011.


Restless in thoughts about the past, present and future, many of Pine Valley’s denizens are unable to sleep as one day ends and a new day dawns.

Natalia questions what’s going on when she realizes Brot is writing his resignation from the police department. Brot reveals some of his demons to a supportive Natalia. Brot releases a sigh of relief when Natalia thanks him for being there for her father after he confesses his part in the situation with Angie, Jesse and Lucy. Natalia and Brot make love.

Krystal insists to Tad that she needs to move out of his place for her own good. At Krystal’s, Liza and Krystal have a heart to heart about the current state of their lives. Later, Krystal looks longingly at a picture of Babe. Tad arrives and asserts to Krystal that they are family and she’s coming home with him.

Scott reaches out to Colby who reels over the current state of her family while packing her things. Scott and Colby have a heart to heart about family. Colby turns to Liza and allows her to comfort her.

Ryan and Jake have a heart to heart about where they’ve been in life and how that’s made them who they are. Ryan gets perspective on his desire to always rescue people. An excited Greenlee tells Kendall her new idea for Fusion. Kendall realizes something is bothering Greenlee. Greenlee confides her fears. Kendall reassures Greenlee and the women share an emotional moment. Ryan arrives and the two head home together, both with an apparent weight off their chests.

Ryan informs a disappointed Kendall that Zach is still at the police station. Later, alone, Kendall’s emotions spill over as she waits for Zach to return. 

On the Next All My Children

  • Colby asks Liza if Maya can move in with them.
  • Maya must make a decision about her baby.
  • Dixie has a dream about Babe.