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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 27, 2011.


Victoria is stunned to see Abby doing a live interview about being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Abby tells the reporter that working together will not only benefit The Naked Heiress, but be booming business for her sister, Victoria, who is in charge of the company. Victoria calls Abby to see her; she tells her that while she was stunned about her impromptu interview, based on the web hits, it has shown great success. Their mini celebration is halted, however, when Genevieve comes to visit. After introducing herself, she talked on how she saw Abby's interview. As she attempted to offer her services to help better Abby's image, Victoria grilled her on any experience she has had, while Abby continued to gobble up what she had to say. When Victoria questioned if she was trying to seek a job, Genevieve quickly told her no. She simply wanted to help. Victoria was leery.

Diane met with Leslie about a lawsuit she is filing. Leslie warns her about trying to go after Victor when she's already in the hot seat with the SEC. As they were talking, Jack approached wanting to talk. Alone, he questioned as to where Kyle was. Diane said he was in summer school. Jack was annoyed that she didn't inform him. She countered that she didn't have to pass everything by him. Jack snatched her phone and demanded she get Kyle on the phone right then and there. When she refused, he threatened that she wasn't going to pull a fast one on her again; and said, she had better have Kyle with her when he returned from Los Angeles. When he huffed off, Deacon was there to witness the scene. When she went to the bar, he continued to talk her into going forward in getting even with everyone. He told her about finding the video of Abby's confession; when he showed it to her, she quickly paid him off to get her hands on it.

Sharon was surprised to see Sam paying her a visit. She asked why he didn't head back to New Mexico. He told her after he got her message, he had to come back to help her. She filled him in on how Adam did her and it set him off. He headed out, looking for him. Meanwhile, Victor paid Adam a visit and told him he was a man without conscience. Adam didn't show a care for what Victor had to say to him When Victor left, Adam got on the phone, demanding for Diane to get things going or he'll see to it that she regretted it.

After her meeting with Victoria and Abby, Genevieve ran into Jack in the park. Flirting instantly happened and he bought them both lemonade. She shared seeing Victoria and Abby, and started spilling the beans about Beauty of Nature and The Naked Heiress. Jack deduced that Victor wasn't aware of it an would have a fit if he found out. The two continued enjoying each other's company and when it was time for her to leave, Jack quickly called to get a copy of Abby's interview.

Sam showed up at Adam's suite, pounding on the door. When Adam opened up, he smugly asked Sam what he was doing there but there were no words exchanged as he shoved Adam into his suite, closing the door. Behind the closed door, it was obvious that Sam and Adam were in a fight. When Sam departed, Adam stared down the hall, bloodied lip and all.

Victor met with a new lawyer, Avery Bailey Clark. He wants her to take on Sharon's appeal case, but she is hesitant to do so. She had other cases to work with. A persistent Victor told her he'd double her money if she focused solely on Sharon. She said she'd read the transscripts and them meet with Sharon to see if she'd take the case. They made their way to the jail to talk with Sharon. Sharon was happy that Victor was going to help her. Sam, who was there, was glad that someone else was willing to help clear Sharon's name.

Adam is still nursing his bloody lip when his cell phone rings. He tells the person on the other end that they shouldn't be calling him on his phone; whoever is on the other end requested more money but Adam told them he wasn't going to send anymore. He instructed the person to keep low because someone was bound to recognize them.

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