Updates on the Latest Returns to ‘All My Children’

Updates on the Latest Returns to 'All My Children'

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — We previously issued a report to help “All My Children” viewers keep track of the many upcoming returns to their favorite daytime drama. Since then, we have gotten official word on the return dates for fan favorites Josh Duhamel and Thorsten Kaye.

As the extent of and the details to Dr. David Hayward’s (Vincent Irizarry) murky “Orpheus Project” continues to come to light through this month and next month, coincidentally or maybe not so coincidentally, look for the returns to the canvas to start coming at a lightning fast pace beginning with the return of Eva La Rue (Dr. Maria Santos) on Tuesday, July 19. Along with the previously reported list of returns, Duhamel returns as Leo du Pres on Thursday, August 4 and despite conflicting reports it does appear Kaye will make his return as Zach Slater on Friday, August 5. Duhamel is scheduled to air in up to three episodes. Kaye will remain on the show up through the end.

Stay tuned for an action-packed summer on “AMC” as time winds down for the 41-year-old soap on ABC.

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