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GH Teasers: Week of June 20 Edition

GH Teasers: Week of June 20 Edition

( — “General Hospital” Teasers for the Week of June 20, 2011.


  • Monday: (Episode #12330) — Lucky, Jason, Dante, and Mac team up to lift the lock down. Elizabeth suffers another accident. Lucky spirals out of control. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Tuesday: (Episode #12331) — Lucky and Liz talk about the truth. Robin brings Sam her test results. Spinelli is a different man after awakening from surgery. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Wednesday: (Episode #12332) — Dante tries to calm Lulu’s nerves. Sonny and Diane contemplate whether he should adopt Alec. Nik is confronted by Lucky and Liz. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Thursday: (Episode #12333) — Michael receives several summer job offers. Alexis and Sonny fight over the best way to discipline Kristina. Spinelli is unable to help Sonny. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Friday: (Episode #12334) — Lulu is confronted by a shady character. Kristina dares Ethan to kiss her. Jax tries to get Brenda to side with him in his custody battle. (Rated: TVPG L, S)
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