GH Recap: Monday, June 13, 2011

GH Recap: Monday, June 13, 2011

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Monday, June 13, 2011.


In Robin’s company, Brenda betrays how nervous she is about Sonny’s mob life and motherhood. Anthony finds Brenda alone and threatens her.

Luke, cruel to be kind, pushes Lucky away hoping the gift of hating him will free Lucky to better his life. But Lucky is heartbroken, believing his father should have never been “domesticated.”

Ethan and Sonny throw down over the false accusations. Ethan maintains he will see Kristina with or without Sonny’s permission.

Patrick discusses fidelity with Coleman.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Kristina admits that she applied to PCU for Michael.
  • Ethan finds himself strong-armed by Max and Milo.