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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 11, 2011.


While Diane lurked outside the bedroom door, Victor and Nikki basked in their latest romp with one another. Victor expressed how he wasn't going to let her go; while outside, Diane declared that she wasn't about to lose everything she worked hard in getting.

Tucker surprised Ashley with the elegantly decorated location of their wedding. She gushed how much she loved it and loved him for doing everything that she's dreamt of for the wedding. When Tucker wanted to practice their wedding, she told him that she had to head home to get things ready for Traci's arrival. When she left, he made a phone call, asking the person on the other line to come see him.

Nick shared his disgust with Victoria and Billy about the newspapers dropping the news that Sharon committed suicide. Minutes later Jack arrived and broke the news that despite Michael stepping down from representing Phyllis in fighting for Lucy, she has another lawyer and will be going forward as planned. Nick asked if there was anything Jack could do to talk her out of it. Jack commented that he and Phyllis broke up. Rattled by the news, Victoria departed for upstairs and Billy soon followed, leaving Jack and Nick alone. Nick told Jack how sorry he was that Phyllis and he broke up. Jack didn't waste time letting Nick know that he was aware of what happened between the two of them in St. Barts.

Phyllis told Daniel that even though Michael won't be representing her in getting Lucy, she had called Leslie to take the case. When Daniel failed to pay attention to what she said, she asked what was going on. Daniel told her that he and Abby broke up. Although she mustered up some sympathy, she made the comment that it would have been awkward anyway with Abby being Victoria's sister. Phyllis again stressed how she wanted Daniel to focus his attentions on getting Lucy back.

Abby showed up at the Abbott home, still hungover and upset about the events between both Daniel and her mother. When Traci appeared, she quickly embraced her aunt, telling her the latest that was going wrong in her life. Traci upset Abby, however, when she pointed out that she could tell that she was spiraling out of control. Abby completed disagreed with her and told her that Ashley was making a huge mistake marrying a manipulator like Tucker. She continued to trash talk about him, unaware that Ashley was listening in. Furious, Ashley ordered Abby to stop talking. Things took a nasty turn, however, when Abby learned that Jack wanted to sell the Newman shares she gave him to Tucker. Feeling used by everyone, Abby stormed off, leaving Traci heartbroken at what was happening to her family and Ashley at the end of her rope.

Katherine showed up to see Tucker, as requested. Thinking that he called her regarding business, Katherine was surprised when he asked her to be there at the wedding. She soon accepts but becomes annoyed and fed up when Tucker once again, started to talk on how the two of them could work together to get the rest of the Newman stock. She cuts him off and huffed off.

After leaving Victor's slightly shaken by what happened between them, Nikki told him that she had to go.As she found her way toward Katherine, she admitted that she was still in love with Victor. Meanwhile, Diane returned home and not letting on to Victor on what she saw, she asked how he was doing. Victor didn't mince words with her and told her that he felt that the marriage was a mistake. He wanted to get the marriage annulled as soon as possible, and stated he would still make sure that Kyle was provided for. Diane asked Victor if it had anything to do with Nikki.

Nick met with Phyllis and asked her why she was going after Billy and Victoria's daughter. Phyllis told him that it was none of his business. He told her that she had no right to take Lucy away from caring parents. She pointed out that things were the same way for him at some point when Adam took Faith from him, giving the baby to Ashley. He argued it wasn't the same thing. Daniel, who was inside of the coffee house, overheard the conversation, and when Nick left, he pointed out to Phyllis how it was the reason why he wanted to keep Lucy's being in Genoa City a secret. Blowing it off as nothing, Phyllis moved on with her plan by stating they needed to find Daisy.

Diane told Victor that even though she knew he has deep feelings for Nikki, she won't keep him from having what he wanted, as long as she had what she wanted. Victor told her that he was going to do some horseback riding and left her alone. She whipped out her cell phone and stared at the picture she took and in a fit of anger, threw down a plate, asking herself how she was going to get out of the mess she was in.

Tucker brought some of the Abbott family together to make a toast on how at the time he came to Genoa City, he wasn't looking for family, but now that he has it, he wants to celebrate in it. While everyone toasted Ashley and Tucker, Abby, who was drunk at the wedding location, began destroying everything that was set up.

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