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Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 12, 2011

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 12, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, May 12, 2011.


A police officer found a drunken Abby in the destroyed park. He quickly pulled her up and carried her to the police station, while Traci, in the meantime, lectured for using Abby once again to get what he wanted when it came to his obsession with Jabot. He denied that he did any such thing, but she further pressed the subject when she pointed out that Abby felt that everyone has turned or betrayed her to benefit themselves.

Nikki ran into Katherine as she was debating on heading into an AA meeting. Katherine offered to go with her but Nikki quickly declined, stating that she wanted to go in alone. When she entered the room, she spotted Deacon Sharpe there, who obviously was still pining over her. Nikki took the podium and shared that due to her lack of judgement, she stated she let her life get out of control. She swore that she was going to get back on the right track to reclaim her life. It was clear, as Deacon watched on, that she had referred to how he betrayed her as for her reasoning to backslide.

Diane headed back to the ranch in hopes of convincing Victor that the two of them could stay a couple, regardless of his feelings for his ex. Victor told her that there was no need in putting it off any longer and announced that he had annulment papers drawn up. Michael then emerged with the papers for a displeased Diane. Victor received a phone call from the police station regarding Abby and told Michael they needed to head that way. Left alone, Diane looked at the annulment papers.

Tucker once again took pleasure in humiliating Katherine when it came to her declining working together in getting a large chunk of the Newman stock. She learned that he went behind her back to go before the board, convincing them to side with him. As he continued to belittle her, neither he, nor Katherine saw Traci appear, listening in on their conversation. It was at that moment that Traci realized that Abby could have been right about Tucker all along. Tucker left when he got a call from Ashley and Traci made her way over to Katherine to console her.

At the police station, Jack tried to talk Abby about her behavior, but she, still feeling betrayed by her uncle, disregarded his advice. She told him that she was aware that he gave Tucker the stocks she gave to him and that he, just like Ashley and anyone else that likes Tucker so much, can't even see the truth about what he really is. Just then a furious Ashley arrived and gave her daughter a swift slap to the face, telling her that she was embarrassed by her bratty behavior. As she continued to lay into her daughter, Victor arrived, shortly by Tucker. Tucker asked why he was there and Victor told him that Ashley didn't need his help in handling their daughter. Victor suggested to Ashley that what Abby needed was a good dose of reality, and sitting in a jail cell would serve her right. Without another word, Victor left and Michael, seeing that Abby needed someone on her side, sidelined everyone and took Abby aside to talk to her. He advised her that if she wants her mother to see what Tucker really is, maybe it was time she stopped doing anything and just let it happen.

Nick, who was still at the Athletic Club, asked his father how he was doing. Victor let his son know that he was cutting ties from Diane and that hopefully he and Nikki could get back together again at some point. Nick was apologetic regarding his father's situation but wasn't surprised that his parents found their way back to one another. Diane, meanwhile, returned back to the ranch after a quick little shopping spree, whipped out a little black nightie, curious on who she'd wear it for. She spotted the newspaper featuring an article on Tucker and quickly started to set her plan in motion to snare him. Taking out her phone, Diane texted Tucker, unaware that Abby, who was still at the police station, spotted the text on his phone, and purposely set up a meeting between the two of them.

After her AA meeting, Nikki took the first step in fighting her addiction. At the park, she whipped out her flask and poured out the contents on the ground. Just then, Deacon emerged and offered up a small congratulations for taking that first step. When she grew annoyed by his following her, he told her all he wanted to do was make amends with her for being the cause of her drinking. When Nick, who was with Summer, showed up at the park and saw Deacon and Nikki together.

Michael returned back to the ranch and told Diane to stop fooling herself when it came to trying to get Victor to keep her in his life. When he spotted her sexy little outfit, he questioned who she was going to wear it for. He told her that Genoa City wasn't for her, clearly making the suggestion for her to leave town. Clearly not going to take his advice, focused her attentions on the missed text message she received from Abby, pretending to be Tucker.

Victor met Katherine for dinner, where she expressed her deep hatred for what Tucker was doing to the both of them. Victor vowed that he wouldn't let Tucker McCall win. While Katherine and Victor had Tucker on the brain, Traci and Jack also had the man on their minds, as Traci explained to Jack what she saw happen between him and his mother. Before they could into the conversation further, Tucker and Ashley brought over champagne to toast in the upcoming wedding. The celebrating took a quick halt though when Abby arrived all dressed up. She gave both Tucker and Ashley her apology and asked if it was too late to be there for the both of them. Ashley and Tucker both pleased with her change of heart, welcomed her to the pre-wedding celebration.

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