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Y&R Recap: Monday, May 16, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, May 16, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, May 16, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, May 16, 2011.


Billy and Victoria took a walk in the park when they spotted Lucy in the park with the foster mother that is caring for her. She initially balks at them seeing her, but later relented to their request. Victoria started talking to baby when she became upset. As the baby started to cry, the foster mother told them that it was time they got going; taking Lucy with her out of the park.

Jack and Traci commented on the sudden change of heart Abby managed to find for Ashley and Tucker getting married. Traci realized that Jack still had his reservations about their future brother-in-law. She pointed out that they might just have to swallow their pride and accept that Ashley and he are to be married. Meanwhile, Ashley comes to and sees Tucker lying out in the middle of the road. She tried her best to wake Abby, but she's unconscious from the crash.

Katherine still debated on making peace with Tucker, despite Murphy's insistence. She realized that he is correct and promised that she would talk to him before the wedding gets underway. Unfortunately for her, Tucker and she won't have that conversation. Back at the scene of the accident, the police officer, who had spoken to Tucker moments earlier, tries to see if Tucker is conscious. When Diane emerged from her car, she tells the officer that she wasn't that far behind the car that is on the scene of the accident. He told her to stay with Tucker while he checked on the people in the other car. Diane is floored to see Ashley coming out of the driver's side.

Billy and Victoria return back to the Abbott house and shared the news that they saw Lucy. Jack realized that the foster mother is someone close in the area of where they saw her. Traci offered Victoria and Billy encouragement that they can see that Lucy is being taken care of until they get her back. As they talked, Jack received a phone call from Diane, telling him that Tucker, Ashley and Abby have been in a car accident. Sharing breaking the news, Traci, left with Billy and Victoria to meet them at the hospital. Jack, meanwhile, called Katherine to give the grim news to her.

Victor is ready to head up to bed when his phone rang. Choosing to ignore it, he proceeded up the stairs until he heard Diane's voice on the other end. He too is told about the accident and he quickly picked up the phone, wanting to know exactly what happened. When she hung up the phone, Diane waited until Ashley was in the ambulance with Abby to tell him that she witnessed the car swerving out of control on the road. He officer quickly asked how it was possible to be on the same road at the same exact time of the victims. She said it was mere coincidence. He took her statement, while the paramedics check on Tucker.

At the hospital, everyone awaits to see what actually happened to Abby, Ashley and Tucker. Tucker is the first to arrive and the doctor told them that he needed to get into surgery immediately. Katherine told him that she was his mother and he said he would need for her to sign the appropriate paperwork. Shortly after wheeling him out, they see Abby and then Ashley. Before they can get anything out of her, Det. Harriet Munro interrupted, wanting to get Ashley's statement immediately. It is there, Katherine and the Abbott family learn that Tucker was hit with the car. When Ashley refused to leave to take the blood test, the detective threatened to take her down to the police station. Backed into a corner, Ashley goes to get her blood drawn, making sure to point out that she drove the car because Abby was the one drunk.

Katherine and Murphy headed to Tucker's room and get the grim news from the doctor. He told Katherine that he needed her consent in order to do the surgery. She tells him to do whatever to save her son. Alone, she talked to Tucker, telling him how she wanted to talk to him and apologize for her actions earlier that day. She begged him to do whatever he could to fight to survive.

Ashley returned back from her blood test with the detective, who tells the family that she passed. She still, however, wanted to know why Ashley was driving Abby's car. A frustrated Ashley told her that she drove because Abby was drunk. Probing her for more answers about what happened,Det. Mauro couldn't get anymore answers from Ashley, when the doctor arrived to tell all the condition of Abby. Everyone is happy to know that she is fine. Victor and Ashley headed to her room to see her, while nosey Diane, continued to lurk about, anxious to stir up trouble.

Realizing that there wouldn't be a wedding, Traci and Jack took the task of canceling the wedding. Billy and Victoria opted to help too, and departed from the hospital, while Katherine and Murphy went back to the waiting room. With everyone gone, Diane emerged from her hiding space and approached Det. Mauro, telling her that she believed that Ashley intentionally hit Tucker with the car on purpose.

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