Shameless Tess Turns to Wes for Llanview’s Ladies

Shameless Tess Turns to Wes for Llanview's Ladies

( — After more than 40 years on the air, you would think that “One Life to Live” had done nearly every storyline imaginable, no matter how outrageous, idiotic, or bizarre. But you would be wrong. Starting Wednesday, May 11, D.I.D. patient Jessica Brennan (Bree Williamson) displays an entirely new side to her personality. Fans are already familiar with party girl and wild child Tess and the refined, cold-blooded, methodical Bess, but Jessica’s latest alternate personality will leave a lot to be desired for female viewers.

While two of the three men in her life are fighting over her, Tess begins to lose her cool. But instead of Jessica or even Bess regaining control, a new person, Wes, named after Brody’s (Mark Lawson) deceased former Navy Seal buddy, whom Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) had a fling with a few years back), takes charge. In the ensuing chaos, look for Wes to hit on some of Llanview’s female residents and act just like one of the boys.

But how will Ford (David A. Gregory) react when he learns the mother of his child is now a man? Will Cutter (Josh Kelly) be able to coax Tess back out? And will Wes become mixed up in all of Marty’s craziness? Stay tuned to find out!

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