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Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 2 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 2 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 2 Edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 2, 2011.


Monday, May 2, Neil wants answers from Sofia about her pregnancy. That same day, Devon sticks his nose into Lily's business when she receives flowers. Olivia puts two and two together about Neil and Sofia. Nikki and Victor get into a heated exchange over their children. Michael refuses to give up on his search for Kevin. On Friday, May 6, Jana and Chloe face off with one another with dire consequences.

The Inside Story: Jack and Diane Hit the Sheets
Tucker continues to pressure Abby into selling her Newman shares to him. Fed up, Abby lashes out at him and calls Jack. He is estatic and ready to gloat when she sells her shares to him. He promptly heads to the Newman ranch to rub it in Victor's face. Before he arrives, Diane is busy whipping up another night of romance for the two of them. Their romantic evening is dashed though when Jack arrives. He proudly announces that Abby sold her stock to him. Victor, however, doesn't give Jack the reaction he is looking for. When he departs, however, Diane is the one that feels slighted by Victor when she offers to comfort him. With dinner ruined, and Diane angry that she's been ignored once again by Victor, she decides to find solace elsewhere. When she arrives at Jack's home, he is surprised to see her, but thinks she's there to talk about their son. Instead, she tells him that she wants the two of them to work together to put Victor in his place. Before he can take her up on her offer, she drops her coat to reveal her naked body to him, inviting him to have sex with her. Not passing up on the offer, Jack has sex with Diane.

A Closer Look: Billy and Victoria Face Heartbreak
A furious Chloe heads over to Billy's after learning of his buying Lucy through a blackmarket baby ring. After the two get into an argument, Chloe makes the decision to seek full custody of Delia. She talks to Heather, who initially doesn't want to help her; until she is filled in on Billy's buying Lucy. She takes the case. Meanwhile, after learning from Phyllis that Billy and Victoria are the parents of Daisy and Daniel's daughter, Michael tells Lauren. He fills her in further that Phyllis wants to seek custody of the baby. Lauren objects to his helping her. Tensions rise elsewhere between Phyllis and Daniel. Daniel wants to go forward in giving up rights to Lucy but Phyllis refuses to not have Lucy as a part of their family. Meanwhile, Rafe informs Billy and Victoria that despite them having Lucy or Daniel wanting to give up his rights; there is one parent that still has parental rights to Lucy: Daisy. He tells them both that they need to pray that it's not found out that Lucy was bought through a black market, since if learned, Child Protective Services could seize the child. Unfortunately, due to Chloe's informing Heather of Billy's deeds, the information is given and a social worker arrives to take the baby. Sadness turns to anger when Victoria lashes out at Billy for what he's done.

What To Watch

  • A hug between Daniel and Lily is misunderstood
  • After a fight with Ashley, Abby refuses to attend
  • Cane and Lily share a kiss

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Jenni Pulos, who stars on Bravo Network's Flipping Out will play Ashley and Tucker's wedding planner some time during May Sweeps.

Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 9, 2011

  • Victor and Nikki give in to one another
  • Disaster strikes when Abby goes to far to keep Ashley and Tucker from getting married
  • Blame falls at Kevin and Chloe's feet


  • Jack continues to plot against Victor and gets an unlikely hand
  • Olivia gets tangled in the love triangle of Malcolm, Sofia and Neil
  • Ashley and Tucker take to hiring a wedding planner
  • Abby's determination to break up Tucker and Ashley have damaging consequences
  • The loss of Cassie continues to plaque Sharon
  • Sam and Sharon continue to grow closer
  • Cane's mother Genevieve to town seeking to avenge her son's death
  • Colin and Genevieve face off against one another
  • Victor’s marriage to Diane is on shaky ground
  • Victor is greatly naïve thinking that he’s truly pulled Nick from Diane
  • Phyllis strains her relationships when she seeks custody of Lucy
  • Daniel doesn't have his mother's back in her custody battle
  • Adam and Nick work together to clean up Sharon's reputation
  • Phyllis uses Restless Style as a tool to ruin Billy
  • Diane is none-too-pleased with Nikki and Victor's continuing closeness
  • Diane works hard to stay married to Victor no matter what
  • Sam's presence in Sharon's life could be some competition for Adam
  • Sharon will begin to think about finding a way in clearing her name and being with her family
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