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‘One Life’ Issues New Casting Call

‘One Life’ Issues New Casting Call

'One Life' Issues New Casting Call

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” issues another new casting call and some minor casting odds and ends for the months of May and June.

The latest audition script is for the role of “Louie.” The scene opens with “Tim” reading an article in the newspaper about “Max.” Louie tells him that he shouldn’t believe what he reads in that particular paper. Tim states that at one time it was a good newspaper, until someone stole it, along with the rest of his life, from him. Louie agrees and said that his ex-wife’s current husband did a similar number on him, detailing all the things he took from him, even saying that someone at Rodi’s even thinks the guy looks just like Bon Jovi.

Tim assures him that he’s not crazy and that he knows exactly who he is. Louie says to Tim that everyone knows that some professionals tried to kill him. Louie goes on to assure Tim that he will help him with his predicament, but that he will have to stay somewhere else. Tim says that he really appreciates all his help, and he’ll return the favor someday. Louie says he isn’t getting his hopes up. However, Tim reminds him that he will never forget the fact that he saved his life. Louie then asks he has contacted the police, to which Tim responds that he doesn’t like cops. Louie says that he agrees, however, there is one cop in particular that he can trust. As the scene ends, Louie goes on to explain, talking about what a nice guy this one cop is and that he can be trusted.

Remember that in these scripts, the show tries to throw viewers off the trail by changing character names.

In other news…

Looks like the bullying storyline between Shane (Austin Williams) and Jack (Andrew Trischitta) isn’t quite over yet. Gregory Casimir, who portrayed the clueless Llanview High gym teacher on February 24 and March 23, will be returning soon.  On May 12, he wrote on his Facebook page that “Just booked two more additional episodes of ‘One Life to Live!’ The sexiest teacher in Llaneview is back! I shoot next week. More exciting stuff to come.” Casimir was last seen when his onscreen character was lured away by Jack’s buddies while he humiliated Shane by stealing his clothes and recorded a video of him naked (and later uploaded it to the Internet).

Watch for Austin Peck (Rick Powers) to get mixed up in the Marty (Susan Haskell) storyline next week, but that isn’t the last fans will see of him. Look for him to once again cross paths again soon with Deanna (Nafessa Williams).

Peter Davenport was just cast in an unknown Under 5 role on ‘OLTL.’

Remember last year (June 23 to be exact) when Ford (David A. Gregory) was given a sponge by a nurse while recuperating after being nearly bludgeoned to death by Eli Clarke? That’s what we thought (one of “One Life to Live’s” finer moments it was not). Anyway, that same nurse returns on Tuesday, May 24 when Ford once again catches her eye and she tries to put the moves on him while the pair are talking over drinks. Only now, Ford is more of a gentleman (let the redeeming commence). But in true soap fashion, she plants a kiss on him, which Tess (Bree Williamson) sees. Talk about exciting…

Llanview is about to take an other-worldly turn next week when Roxy (Ilene Kristen) hires a psychic to try and help locate baby Liam.

Flint Beverage and Jonathan Earl Peck debuted as Agent Kent and Mr. Baker, respectively, on Friday, May 13.

That’s Robert Wu in the recurring role of Clint’s medical caregiver Dr. Shen, and Rob A. Yang in the recurring role of Dr. Degroff.

James Rana played EMT #2 on Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13. Also last Friday, Diana Bologna portrayed a Nurse.

From the Twitter files…

Kassie DePaiva (Blair) tweeted on Sunday that “I think Roger will add so much 2 the mix. Can’t wait 2 have scenes with him & see where it goes from there. He’s baacckkk! The best is yet to come. Watch out Llanview… Keep watching fans.” And on May 4 she wrote “Worked today. Had great scenes with Michael Easton [John]. Was wonderful to see Roger today. I hope Blair gets to cross paths with that Todd (Trevor St. John).”

Kristen Alderson (Starr) commented that “Such a Soap Opera behind the Soap Operas….lol you wouldn’t believeeee,” and on May 11 that “Lots&lots of scenes for tomorrow!!! Gotta get a decent nights rest for them!!”

And Lenny Platt (Nate) tweets that “Ha. Keep watching ‘OLTL’ this summer for the answer (sorta)” when asked by a fan “If Nate had an alt personality what would his name be?” He also says that “Roger Howarth‘s upcoming stuff looks great. Fans will love [it].” Click here to read some of his other amusing treats about Nate’s shirtless ice cream/squirt gun scenes with Deanna on Monday, along with other topics.

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