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ABC Sets ‘All My Children’s’ Final Airdate

ABC Sets ‘All My Children’s’ Final Airdate

ABC Sets 'All My Children's' Final Airdate

UPDATE 6:46 PM ET: An ABC representative has informed Soap Opera Network that "All My Children" will indeed conclude on Friday, September 23 as announced by Susan Lucci on "The View." According to the representative, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will conclude in a way "to honor the core, passionate audience and their rich history with our soaps." The rep added that "'All My Children' will conclude in a manner that respects its legacy and the longstanding hopes of many of its viewers," when asked if there was anything specific ABC has planned for the shows final months.

PREVIOUS 6:23 PM ET: (SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Since news of ABC's decision to cancel both "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" nearly one month ago, the most hotly desired piece of information that fans wanted to hear, besides ABC changing their minds, was when would be the last day to catch their favorite Pine Valley citizens. On today's edition of "The View," Susan Lucci, who is daytime's reigning queen of drama, announced that "AMC" will last air on Friday, September 23.

When pressed for comment earlier this week on the final airdates for "AMC" and sister soap "OLTL,", an ABC representative was unable to provide us with the information, but thankfully a rejuvenated Lucci felt it necessary to keep her fans abreast with solid information. After all, the actress learned that not every rumor is untrue. Prior to the announcement that ABC had opted to redefine daytime with lifestyle programming on April 14, Lucci had been proclaiming that the rumor of her shows demise were just a rumor and said rumors were not coming from ABC. "I received a call from Brian Frons, the Vice President of Daytime Television, asking me to come upstairs to our producers office and at that time he told me the show was canceled and that we were going off the air in September," said Lucci of Brian Frons, who is actually President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, of his announcement to cast members just before the news hit the press. Although it was a minor detail slip, you got to love a woman who made it into a classic line that had many ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

Lucci, being the businesswoman that she is, made sure to ask ABC's top executive for daytime programming what "AMC" would be replaced with. Her response on Leno was another classic! "I asked at the time that I was called up to the office…I asked this Mr. Brian Frons what they were replacing us with and he said they would be replacing us with a reality show that would cost 40% less to produce," Lucci stated while looking very serious.

Miss the classic interview? You can watch it in its entirety (two parts) below.

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