OLTL Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OLTL Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 13, 2011.


Gigi and Rex try to figure out what to do about Shane. Shane explains why he never told them about the harassment. When Blair drags Jack there to apologize, Rex reveals Shane tried to commit suicide. Blair, who knows nothing about Shane’s suicide attempt, tries to get Jack to apologize to Shane, but he refuses.

Tomas arrives, wondering if Blair thinks he shot Todd. Blair confesses that, because of Jack’s bullying, she feels she’s failed as a mother. Tomas tells her otherwise. After he leaves, she gets tough with Jack. Téa, her suspicion tweaked because of John, is interested when Dani tells her that Tomas had a mysterious envelope. After Tomas leaves, Téa sneaks into his room and Tomas catches her.

Viki refuses Charlie’s offer to stick with her until Ryder’s custody is decided. They share a bittersweet goodbye.

Starr meets Deanna and has a lot of questions for James.

On the Next One Life to Live…

  • Clint and Viki discuss Shane.
  • Tomas catches Téa in the act.
  • Kelly makes a decision about Aubrey.
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