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GH Alerts: Week of April 25 Edition

GH Alerts: Week of April 25 Edition

( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of April 25, 2011.


  • Monday: Maxie tries to set up Elizabeth. A self-destructive Luke rants to Sam about Jason. Abby is arrested for Brandon’s murder.
  • Tuesday: Maxie encourages Elizabeth to tell the truth about Aiden. Sonny struggles to talk Luke down from self-destruction. Will Dante stop Ronnie from using Michael’s false confession?
  • Wednesday: Kristina supports Ethan as he struggles with his father’s alcoholism. Robin and Patrick make date night plans assuming Emma is safe with Kristina babysitting. Robin advises Brenda to get a DNA test to put to rest any doubts Sonny has about Lucian.
  • Thursday: The Spencers encircle Luke in a surprise intervention for his alcohol addiction. Family members share letters with Luke. Will Luke refuse rehab?
  • Friday: Sonny issues an ultimatum to Michael to stay away from Abby. Lucian disappears. Maxie question Jason and Sam’s timing on having a baby so soon after Jake’s death.
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