‘One Life’ Serves Up More Indian Drama

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‘One Life’ Serves Up More Indian Drama

By Scotty Gore Leave A Comment
'One Life' Serves Up More Indian Drama

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Fans of Llanview’s favorite new Indian delights Rama (Shenaz Treasuryvala) and Vimal Patal (Nck Choksi) can take comfort in the fact that “One Life to Live” does not appear ready to write them off in the sunset…at least not yet anyway. In the coming weeks look for more drama for the couple as they remain separated from one another. Look for Rama to be inadvertently linked to another man. Vimal, meanwhile, returns on Monday, April 11, when he becomes suspicious of someone he encounters as he awaits a visit from his beloved. The ripples from this chance meeting will result in major consequences for many aching hearts in Llanview.  As we wait for the drama to play out on screen, here’s a look back at how both actors ended up in Llanview.

Since making their daytime debut several months ago, Treasuryvala and Choski have been embraced by many “One Life” fans who applaud the show for its recent attempts to diversify its cast. Choski, who also recently joined the cast of “The Electric Company” as Tuxedo Pete, told Soap Opera Digest in an interview earlier this year that how he put his personal touch on the role of Vimal, saying “There’s this cartoon, ‘Doug,’ on Nickelodeon, and Doug is always saying things like, ‘How did I get myself into this mess?’ I feel like Vimal is trying to scrape by and do the right thing, and then all of a sudden, he’s like, ‘How did I get myself into this mess?!’ He’s just trying to find the best way out. He’s out of his league, you know.”

He also explains how quickly he learned he had gotten the part after auditioning for the show, noting “It was one page of sides. It was funny, because I actually knew everybody in the room, all the other Indian guys I see at other auditions. They called me back, and then by 5, they told me I had gotten the part. Within a day-and-a-half, this whole thing happened. It was gonna just be the three episodes, but then before the first episode was done, they were like, ‘We’ve got to keep this character around [laughter].'”

As for Treasuryvala, the Bollywood movie actress has appeared in a number of Indian films, including “Delhi Belly,” which is currently in production. She has also hosted a show for the Travel Channel and of “MTV’s Most Wanted” on MTV Asia. In January she explained to Soap Opera Weekly how exactly she envisioned Rama’s background, saying “It was an arranged marriage. She was very young when she married him. But she has grown to love him, he is her family now and he is a good husband and sends money home to his parents and hers. But Rama does wonder what it would be like to be with other men.” To learn more about Treasuryvala, click here.

So what do you think is next for Rama and Vimal? Here’s your chance to sound off…

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