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GH PreVUE: Week of July 19 Edition

HOME / Previews / GH PreVUE: Week of July 19 Edition


GH PreVUE: Week of July 19 Edition

Friday, July 16, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

Photo: Lisa Rose/JPI

( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of July 19, 2010.


On Monday, July 19, Skye comforts Jax who is crestfallen by Carly’s change of heart. The pair sets out on an adventure to put Alcazar’s fortune back into Skye’s hands. Spinelli confides in Sam. Maxie makes Matt a happy man on Tuesday, July 20. Sonny and Claire try to out-seduce each other. Carly gets an earful. In lockdown together, on Wednesday, July 21, Carly confronts Patrick about his affair. Brook sets her sights on Johnny who only has eyes for Olivia. Brook makes her move. Johnny is honest with Brook. After receiving Franco’s latest clue, Jason turns to Dante. Claire tests Jason’s loyalty before making a decision about his re-release. On Thursday, July 22, Jason and Dante arrive in L.A. on Franco’s trail. Franco watches as the duo uncover his Port Charles “art” at the warehouse. Franco later delivers a message to General Hospital. Dante arms Jason. Jason get another message from Franco on Friday, July 23.

The Inside Story: Baby Love
Elizabeth and Nikolas welcome their son into the world on Monday, July 19. Shirley is unsettled when she sees the numbers “66” on the boy’s ID bracelet. Maxie confronts Lucky upon seeing him lurking outside of Elizabeth’s labor room. Elizabeth and Nikolas are aghast at what they don’t see when they arrive at the nursery to get their son to take home. Steve and Lucky immediately put General Hospital in lockdown and the police arrive at the hospital to do a complete search for baby Aidan. Lucky, Nikolas and Elizabeth point the finger at Helena on Wednesday, July 21. Helena defends herself. Maxie takes Shirley to see Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s heartbreak intensifies when Shirley passes away. On Friday, July 23, Lucky, Nikolas and Elizabeth realize who has taken the baby.

A Closer Look: War and Peace
Sonny suggests that Warren look in the mirror if he wants to find the person responsible for the outcome of Kiefer’s life story. Michael arrives at the hospital fresh off of a fight on his first day of community service. On Tuesday, July 20, Lulu refuses to give Carly what she wants concerning Michael. Sonny tries to get Michael to open up about what is bothering him. Encouraged by his progress with Kristina, Sonny ponders if he needs to be more proactive with an evasive Michael. Kristina arrives at the hospital with a sprained ankle. A hostile Warren gets in Kristina’s face. Michael flies into a rage when he sees Warren bullying Kristina. Lucky, Ethan and Mac break up the fight. On Thursday, July 22, a seething Warren arms himself with a gun determined to settle the score at General Hospital.

General Hospital News and Headlines:


  • Patrick can’t believe his ears (or eyes) where Lisa is concerned. (National Enquirer)

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