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‘One Life to Live’ Casting Reminders

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‘One Life to Live’ Casting Reminders

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 1:07 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — All the recent “One Life to Live” casting news getting you confused?  If so, here is a handy reference chart that may help. 

Listed below are the first airdates for new and returning “One Life to Live” characters, which are subject to change in the event of a pre-emption by ABC News. 

Note: With the exception of Amanda Setton (who will portray Stacy’s friend Kim Andrews), all characters listed below are either recurring or dayplayers. 

Thursday, August 6th:
David Vadim was first seen as Serge, the drug lord boss of the pill-pushing teen Asher Garnett.   

Friday, August 7th:
Matt Walton first appeared as the suave new attorney Elijah Clarke.

Monday, August 10th:
Tuc Watkins returned as David Vickers, arriving on Dorian’s door step. 

Melanie Nicholls-King reprised her recurring role of Judge Avery Henson for Matthew’s court case against his parents. 

Tuesday, August 11th:
David Gregory (not to be confused with the NBC News anchor of the same name) first airs as Ford, the producer of David’s would be Llanview reality show, and the man Jessica mistakenly believes is her stalker. 

Chris Kies plays a ‘Movie Man,’ part of the camera crew following David around Llanview as he searches for a location for his new show. 

Wednesday, August 12th:
Kevin O’Rourke returns as Mayor Stan Lowell, and will be involved in scenes at Llanview Hospital, as the board of directors votes on Marty’s reinstatement.  He will return again on Friday, August 24th. 

Thursday, August 13th:
Kearra Giovanni shows up again as Greg’s co-worker and occassional date Dr. Vivian Wright.

Friday, August 14th:
Former “Gossip Girl” Amanda Setton debuts as Stacy’s best friend from Vegas, as well as a fellow stripper, Kim Andrews. 

Tuesday, August 18th:
Nicholas Rodriguez first airs as Nick, whom Kyle uses in an attempt to make Fish jealous.

Wednesday, August 19th:
Lea DeLaria is back again as Madame Delphina, when the Llanview’s favorite medium gives Jessica an ominous warning. 

Friday, August 21st:
Patrick Allen Cole returns as Jeff the Rodi’s manager.  He will air again on Monday, September 28th.

Friday, August 28th:
Michael Lowry first airs as a recasted Ross Rayburn when he is tracked down by Blair in her quest to uncover Téa’s deep dark secret. 

Thursday, September 3rd:
Saundra Santiago takes over the role of Carlotta Vega, and mistakenly believes her son Cristian to be gay.  Santiago is also scheduled to appear in Friday’s episode as well. 

Tuesday, September 10th:
Anthony Bradford portrays an ICU Orderly in this episode, as well as the following episode. 

Frankie Faison and Tonye Patano first appear as Richard and Phylicia Evans, the mom and dad of the Evans siblings Shaun, Greg, and Destiny. 

Wednesday, September 16th:
J. Tucker Smith and Scott Evans’ real-life mother (Lisa Evans) debut as Oliver Fish’s parents George and Barbara. 

Tuesday, September 29th:
Lionel Ritchie performs alongside Jeremih on “One Life to Live.” 

To Be Announced:
Jonathan Phillips has taped at least two episodes as a Russian Mobster who will add to Cole’s problems with Llanview’s drug dealers. 

On her Twitter page, @143Cherelle mentioned on July 27th that she had just wrapped up a day of filming on the “One Life to Live” set.  No word on what character she will play, however it will presumably be a dayplayer role. 

Roles in the casting process:
Shaun Body Double

In other news…

The “OLTL” studios are dark this week (according to Scott Clifton’s Twitter page), due to the soap being so far ahead in their taping schedule. The break was announced more than a month ago by several sources, including Erika Slezak’s June newsletter.  However, it was unknown exactly which week in August the cast and crew would be taking off until now. 

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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