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‘More Life to Live’: August 7 Edition

‘More Life to Live’: August 7 Edition

Friday, August 7, 2009 11:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what you didn’t see the past few weeks on “One Life to Live.”


Clint and Charlie are celebrating their upcoming nuptials to Nora and Viki with Jared in one of the rooms at St. Jarmes Church. Clint offers each of them an expensive cigar, prompting Charlie to ask if they should be smoking inside the church. Clint responds that they are not real cigars, but instead made out of Swiss chocolate which is supposed to calm the nerves. Charlie tells Clint that he thought that was supposed to be the best man’s job. Charlie thens asks Clint why Bo isn’t there. Clint answers that he would like to know too. Jared says that he’s sure that Bo is on his way to the church as they speak.

Layla scolds two male cops for snooping around her desk and peeking at the flowers Fish had delivered to her at the police station. After reading the card, one of the cops sounds surprised that Fish was telling the truth when he was bragging out having a girlfriend. Layla becomes confused and angry. The cops continue to banter, still in disbelief that she and Fish are actually dating. Then they tell Layla that they aren’t trying to be mean to her, but that they just want to know how hot Fish thinks she is. At that point, the Buchanan’s new hotshot lawyer, Elijah Clarke, arrives on the scene and tells the two cops that maybe Fish is more mature than that, and knows how to treat a lady with some respect. One of the cops responds that with his attitude, this guy must be a lawyer. Elijah politely tells the guys to back off, and states that he needs some help from Ms. Williamson. After thanking him for bailing her out, Elijah reminds her that their actions technically constitute work place harassment. As the cops walk away, Layla says that she is beyond the point where childish, immature boys get under her skin. Elijah responds that she is a bigger person than he would be if placed in a similar situation. Layla then asks if she can help him with something. He says yes, and that he is looking for Bo Buchanan.

Schuyler reminds Stacy of their differences, stating that, unlike her, he doesn’t set out to destroy other people’s lives. Stacy blasts back that they are much more alike than he is willing to admit. She asks him why he wants to deny it, when her pregnancy enables each of them to get what they really want. Schuyler acusses Stacy of taking delight in how her having Rex’s baby is tormenting Gigi. Stacy blares back by saying that her sister probably just cried about it. Angry, Schuyler informs Stacy that Gigi is in real pain over all of this, and how he would do whatever he could to make her feel better. Unfazed, Stacy tells Schuyler that they would make quite a team.

Blair slurps the remnants of her alcoholic beverage from the glass through a straw. Dorian enters the room, saying that they are out of booze — both the good stuff and the cheap stuff. Blair says that it’s okay, because they don’t need any more to drink. Dorian pours something into glasses, while Blair tells her to be careful not to spill it. As Dorian pours, Blair comes over and the two, both of whom are clearly drunk, speak gibberish and nonsense. Then they make a toast to one another. Dorian tells Blair that they don’t need men because they beautiful, smart and rich. When Blair adds alone, Dorian says but they have the grand mansion that is La Boulaie, which has everything they could ever want. As Dorian continues to babble, Blair looks intently at a invitation to Viki & Charlie and Clint & Nora’s double wedding.

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