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GL PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

GL PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

You can never be satisfied with what you have…
Monday, April 21, 2008 2:54 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ava’s finally gets the news she was looking for, while Cassie’s guilt mounts…


When Natalia makes a request for Olivia to rent her house her and Rafe, Olivia’s nastiness towards her takes a turn when she passes out. Frank offers Rafe and Nat to move into the boarding house. Harley decides to finish up Gus’ caseload. Cyrus, thinking he disconnected the alarm to a house, breaks in, only for it to go off on him. Harley busts Daisy in her ID scam but Cyrus immediately covers. Jeffrey and Olivia sign the divorce papers. Coop becomes concerned about Ashlee’s health when she starts having pains shortly after her surgery. Mallet is not pleased to learn that Dinah is the real reason why he received the position of Police Chief. Alan tries to get his feet back on the ground by coming up with a new business plan.


Jeffrey tells Ava that she needs to confess her lie to Bill, however, Ava is deternined that once she’s pregnant, Lizzie will be out of Bill’s life for good. Lizzie lets Bill know that she’s not giving him up, no matter what schemes Ava comes up with. Ava finds herself scoping Remy out when he offers to help fix her car. Bill becomes uneasy when Lizzie pours on the kindess to Ava. Remy calls Lizzie asking for more money for his services regarding Ava. When Remy asks Ava out on a date, she tells him she’s involved with someone. Later, Lizzie sets Ava up by having her believe that Bill can’t stop talking about their baby. Ava kisses Remy for his kindess towards her. When she returns home, she learns that she’s actually is pregnant.

Harley invites Cassie over to the house to have dinner with her and Cyrus. Ashamed of her actions with Cyrus, Cassie feels the guilt, but Cyrus tells her that she needs to forget about what they did and move on. Both become even more uneasy when Harley dedicates a toast to the both of them being there for her. When news comes about a hiring freeze at the police station, Harley takes off, leaving both of them alone together. Marina and Harley learn that they are partners, and while on their beat, Harley has another panic attack. Harley and Cyrus have a heart-to-heart where she tells him that maybe they are not suited to be together. Cassie puts on the charm with a attractive stranger. Later, she learns that Cyrus has moved out of Harley’s place.

Pictured: Michelle Ray Smith courtesy Steve Vaccariello/PGP

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