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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

Secrets Kept, Secrets Told
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 7:05 PM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Smoke prepares to make way for fire.



JR vows to prove to a disbelieving Babe that Richie has framed him not once – but twice. After reading his tarot cards, a disturbed Opal warns Richie that he won’t be able to cheat death for a second time. JR tries to convince Amanda to help him get the goods on Richie. Richie privately panics when Babe reveals to him that JR has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Novak’s temper once again flares when Babe reveals that she slept with JR. Opal’s warning comes back to haunt Richie.


Erica’s suggestion quickly warms Louisa’s cool temper. The prospect of fame having gone straight to her head, Louisa begins spilling everything to Erica – who is secretly recording every word. Louisa and Mando grow suspicious when Erica’s bra begins smoking. Jack and Zach come to Erica and Carmen’s rescue in the nick of time. A clever Zach turns the tables on Louisa and Mando who will pay for their crimes after all. Erica and Jack share a loving goodbye before she’s led off to serve her prison sentence.


Moments after sharing a passionate kiss, Ryan and Greenlee both agree that it’s best if Greenlee goes back to Aidan to try to make things right. As she starts to leave, Ryan’s memories of his romance with Ms. Smythe comes rushing back. Ryan lies to Greenlee. Aidan gently turns down Greenlee despite her change of tune on marriage. Ryan tells Annie he’s going to start living in the present and the couple finally seems to be making progress. Annie decides against giving Ryan the divorce papers she had drawn up but Ryan sees them when they accidentally fall to the ground. Greenlee becomes frustrated when Zach questions whether she truly wants to marry Aidan or just wants to be with someone, no matter who it is. Ryan asks Annie to give their marriage a little more time. Greenlee successfully seduces Aidan back into her arms.


Kendall does her best to cover after a drunk Aidan almost slips and reveals their indiscretion in front of Annie. Zach is incredibly wonderful with Kendall, which only intensifies the guilt she feels. Erica is aghast to learn Kendall’s plan and fears her daughter is making the wrong decision. Kendall returns home to face Zach, who is already slightly suspicious after a conversation with Annie.


Jesse and Angie head home for an attempt at a honeymoon after their try for one at one at the Valley Inn proves to be cursed. The Hubbard’s plans are once again interrupted – this time with a surprise party in their honor. Although touched by the sentiment, Angie and Jesse are happy to finally get a moment alone together. Colby stuns Frankie with a kiss. Tad and Krystal throw Jenny’s first birthday party. Jesse meets Jenny for the first time and becomes wistful as he recounts the story of his and Jenny Gardner’s everlasting friendship to the child. Adam reaches out to JR. Tad and Krystal allow Adam to stay at Jenny’s party. Krystal and Adam fight their attraction.


Monday: Zach knows the truth. Greenlee and Aidan’s wedding is back on. Ryan is left with plenty to ponder after a visit to the therapist.

Tuesday: Ryan asks Annie to tell him how they fell in love. Jesse wants to tie up all the loose ends concerning his ordeal years ago. Kendall emphatically refutes Zach’s concerns.

Wednesday: Erica demands that Samuel use his influence to help Carmen. Jesse sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to him. Adam and Krystal can’t hide their mutual attraction.

Thursday: Zach tells a guilty Kendall they’ll make it through this rough patch. Ryan does his best to recapture the chemistry he and Annie once shared. Krystal has sound advice for Adam.

Friday: Erica had better “make it happen” – or else! Jesse tells Tad about his plan to dig up his own coffin. Despite his anger, Zach agrees to hire Aidan.

Pictured: Alicia Minshew courtesy ABC

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