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AMC PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition

HOME / Previews / AMC PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition


AMC PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition

Critical Moments
Saturday, January 26, 2008 7:55 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — While Angie struggles to save two lives, Jesse struggles to stay hidden at Pine Valley Hospital.


JR realizes how much Adam cares about him but continues to plot to unearth his father’s secrets as he recognizes that Adam will never get over his vendetta against Tad. An equally faithless Adam gives his son a “family heirloom” which is merely a listening device. Erica orders Val to find a previous correspondence concerning her finances. A desperate Richie manipulates Emma into wanting to be a donor for him. Erica’s fire to book Samuel Woods, a charismatic politician who vows to make the rich and powerful pay for their crimes, only intensifies when he rejects her invitation to appear on her show. Adam is both hurt and infuriated as he listens in on JR and Krystal’s meeting. Annie is alarmed when she realizes that Ryan doesn’t rememeber her or Emma…or anything else from the last four years of his life.


An exhausted Angie assumes Frankie was hallucinating when he tells her about seeing his father. Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Jack sit vigil for Greenlee whose condition takes a turn for the worse. Tad tries to bolster Angie’s spirits. Angie prays to Jesse to see Frankie through after administering the experimental treatment to their son. Frankie goes into cardiac arrest. Angie and her team remain baffled on how to treat Frankie and Greenlee’s illness without killing them. Angie informs Jack and Aidan that the potentially deadly antidote is Greenlee’s only chance of survival. Zach supports Greenlee as she’s faced with the life and death decision of whether to proceed with the treatment. A stoic Angie insists to Joe that she’s up to the task of treating her own son but then breaks down in his arms. Greenlee is moved when Kendall brings Spike to see her before she undergoes the potentially deadly treatment. Greenlee’s condition takes a swift turn for the worse after Angie administers the antidote. Jesse barely escapes being caught by Angie as he watches over Frankie. Her condition deteriorating, Greenlee has an out of body experience in which she encounters Erica, Aidan, Zach, Jack and Kendall. Angie jumps into action to save Greenlee. Tad sees Jesse while sitting vigil by Frankie’s bedside.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of February 4

Monday: Kendall is bewildered by Ryan’s behavior. Tad comes face to face with Jesse.

Tuesday: Greenlee is on the road to recovery. Jesse leaves Tad with more questions than answers.

Wednesday: Ryan can’t shake his feelings of love for Kendall. Adam continues to spy on JR.

Thursday: Tad investigates Jesse’s return from the dead. Ryan’s blunt honesty leaves Annie devestated.

Friday: Greenlee takes Ryan on a trip down memory lane. Jesse and Angie are on a collision course.

Pictured: Michael E. Knight courtesy ABC

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