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Catherine Hickland
  • ‘Life’ Behind Bars? Jailed Llanview Residents Return as Soap Winds Down

    Disney/ABC Television Group
    With several former cast members, whose characters are currently incarcerated in Statesville Prison for various crimes and offenses, many "One Life to Live" fans have been left wondering what the show has planned for them. READ MORE
  • More Former Stars Return to ABC’s ‘One Life to Live’

    Radford Studios
    Radford Studios
    With only one week left to go until production on its ABC Daytime run is finished, the list of former "One Life to Live" cast members returning to Llanview continues to grow. READ MORE
  • Hickland Comes Back to ‘Life’

    Yolanda Perez/ABC
    Yolanda Perez/ABC
    Catherine Hickland becomes the latest in a series of former cast members returning to "One Life to Live" before the show wraps up its run on ABC Daytime. READ MORE
  • My View of Llanview: October 15 Edition

    Soap Opera Network
    Soap Opera Network
    "One Life to Live" parodies "Look Who's Talking," but does it mean the end of Llanview as we know it? READ MORE