Ratings: GH/Y&R/B&B Up in Women 18-49 Demo

Ratings Report for the Week of December 19-23, 2016

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,729,000 (+107,000/-110,000)
2. B&B 3,752,000 (+48,000/+69,000)
3. GH 2,688,000 (+54,000/-162,000)
4. DAYS 2,456,000 (+120,000/-9,000)

1. Y&R 3.35/11 (+.02/+.08)
2. B&B 2.69/8 (+.01/+.16)
3. GH 1.95/6 (-.04/-.1)
4. DAYS 1.81/6 (+.09/-.01)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 585,000 (+35,000/-129,000)
2. B&B 515,000 (+46,000/+13,000)
3. GH 485,000  (+9,000/+8,000)
4. DAYS 409,000 (-3,000/-13,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.91/7 (+.06/-.21) <—— ties low (12th straight week) *
2. B&B 0.8/6 (+.07/+.01)
3. GH 0.75/5 (+.01/same)
4. DAYS 0.63/5 (-.01/-.03)

* Rounded to 0.9

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 129,000 (+3,000/-90,000)
2. GH 120,000 (+12,000/-50,000)
3. B&B 109,000 (+8,000/-52,000)
4. DAYS 96,000 (+5,000/-6,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.37 (same/-.28)
2. GH 0.35 (+.04/-.15)
3. B&B 0.32 (+.03/-.15) <—— ties low (6th straight week) *
4. DAYS 0.28 (+.02/-.02)

* Rounded to 0.3

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 861,000 (+23,000/-144,000)
2. B&B 751,000 (+37,000/-38,000)
3. GH 656,000 (-5,000/-16,000)
4. DAYS 548,000 (+6,000/-34,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.41 (+.04/-.26)
2. B&B 1.23 (+.06/-.08)
3. GH 1.07 (-.01/-.04)
4. DAYS 0.9 (+.01/-.07)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.73/3,863,000
Tuesday: 2.75/3,783,000
Wednesday: 2.68/3,667,000
Thursday: 2.61/3,663,000
Friday: 2.66/3,786,000

Monday: 1.84/2,481,000
Tuesday: 1.81/2,419,000
Wednesday: 1.78/2,366,000
Thursday: 1.81/2,513,000
Friday: 1.81/2,501,000

Monday: 1.98/2,722,000
Tuesday: 2.01/2,679,000
Wednesday: 1.97/2,701,000
Thursday: 1.93/2,735,000
Friday: 1.86/2,600,000

Monday: 3.39/4,791,000
Tuesday: 3.23/4,491,000
Wednesday: 3.43/4,867,000
Thursday: 3.35/4,757,000
Friday: 3.34/4,736,000

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  • Salem Spectator

    Nice gains for DOOL except for the 3,000 lost in the coveted 18-49 category. All in all those gains and even the one loss is good considering all the previous gains of late.

    • Andrew Hass

      Even though Days lost 3,000 viewers in the 18-49 category it wasn’t that big of a loss really.

  • Salem Spectator

    Are heads rolling at the CBS soaps? 1 1/2 dozen tied lows between them!

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Y&R continues to have huge losses year to year. Sally’s boring writing is not helping the show.

      • robert

        the show is lackluster. i had a feeling they would gain some viewers during the holidays

  • ICantWitDeezHoz

    Nice week 1 seasonal bump in households for Days. No surprise there. The show tends to do well when college kids and adults are on vacation. Once New Years ends soaps tends to come back to earth in viewership and demos. Nevertheless I been liking Days for the most part. The triangle between Gabi/Chad/Abby is getting started, I been getting a fun giggle out of the prison scenes and Adrienne’s cancer story definitely is a realistic one for the women audience.

  • Happy Accidents

    Thank you for getting the ratings our Mr. Toups!

  • jesse

    Y&R was great last week Sally and Kay are taking the show in the right direction.Getting the demos higher will take a lot more time bc the four u.s. soaps don’t appeal to that age group that much anymore.Y&R imo has the best chance to gain the most.Higley has to be one of the worst writers ever,had to go there with Stefano is still alive.That hack just can’t have any new ideas.Renewals are coming up in 2017 Days has more to worry about than Y&R.

    • Andrew Hass

      Well in total viewers Y&R has lost over 100,000 viewers from last year while Days only lost 9,000 viewers.

      • jesse

        Y&R has over 4 million despite JFP/CP’s awful regime.Days had a good week,for the whole year they’ve been around or below 2 million.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          Go back and look at Pratts ratings history. Look at the dozens of week he had over 5 million viewers. Mal Young has yet to have a 5 million viewer week.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Sally’s writing has been so dull and boring. Year to year, Y&R is down in all demo categories which isn’t good.

      • Salem Spectator

        Her Scissorhands are rusty!

        • FoxyRoxyy

          Sally is changing daytime. She wrote a car crash. Old scissorhands is even worse than Pratt. At least his writing was not boring.

          • JBT

            IMO Charles Pratt’s writing was not just boring but lazy, stupid and inconsistent. Worse than Latham and the worst Y&R has ever seen. After Thursday and Friday I am feeling positive about the shows direction for the first time in years. I am sure that if you are a fan of Pratt’s writing that it will be hard for Sussman to win you over since they are fundamentally so different.

          • Secret Squirrel

            Clear Springs, Jack and Nikki’s state senate run, Brad’s secret double life, the reliquary, the LML years were worse than the Pratt ones IMO.

          • JBT

            Both were bad but right now the stench of Pratt is fresh.

      • Amie

        U need to look at the ratings it up Stop complaining and stop bitching about it.The show is getting good.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          It is not up year to year, which is what executives look at. And, that’s wonderful that you think the show is getting good. I don’t. The losses that Y&R has suffered under Mal Young back me up.

    • Amie

      Y&R is finally getting better.Cant wait until next year

      • jesse

        Same here.It’s only been a couple of weeks and it feels like a much different soap.The writing is much better,Mal with the production/business side great job.

        • charlie bracken

          Exactly the show is coming back slowly

          • richie

            I agree. Fridays classic episode brought back many great Y&R memories, esp. Eve Howard. I always loved her storyline. Kay, Julia, the Brooks sisters, Jill (Brenda Dickson), Liz Foster, Brock, & all the rest of the old crew. I am glad to see you are ignoring the anti Y&R trolls here. Happy New Year to all the soaps & their TRUE fans.

          • charlie bracken

            Yes I’ve seen clips of the wedding on You tube But never the whole thing, I remember Eve trying to Kill Nikki in her dressing room but she didn’t get the chance.

          • JBT

            Oh no. I accidentally erased Friday’s classic Y&R thinking it was on Monday.

    • JBT

      I agree. For me Y&R is on its way back. Last week showed significant progress in writing and production.

  • Andrew Hass

    I think it was a good week for all 4 soaps since all 4 went up in total viewers and even though 2 of the soaps went down in two of demos neither one was too big of a loss.

  • LuvingDays

    Good week for all soaps! Good numbers for Days. I think Dena and Ryan are on the right track and I believe the ratings will continue to increase with all the happenings I read about.

  • Salem Spectator

    The return of Carrie and Austin is almost here! They will be joined by Anna DiMera played by Emmy winning LeAnn Hunley. The actresses haven’t aired together for nearly 30 years! Mothers and daughters, don’t miss the reunion!

    • Truth


    • cab

      I just wish they would stay longer. Why bring characters back and have the fans happy only to take them away after a few episodes.

      • vicket

        Most likely due to budgeting. This way the show can afford to have several characters/guest appearances return for a couple of episodes. Personally, I always liked these two. Sometimes I forget she is Romans daughter.

      • Salem Spectator

        I think Carrie and Austin will appear in seven episodes which are supposed to enhance an ongoing storyline. They’re part of the puzzle. Anna’s return is longer, possibly longterm. I look at it like when I go years without seeing certain friends and family members. I’m happy to see them and I look forward to see them again. Some people come and go.

        • CarrieFan

          I hope Carrie at least sticks around and hooks up with Lucas or Rafe.

  • missmeka1987

    Days fan no matter what..

  • Salem Spectator
  • Salem Spectator

    I’m happy that Thursday received the most viewers. It was the Horton Christmas tree trimming episode. They liked what they saw and most tuned back in for the Friday episode!

    • cab

      Episodes like this one unites fans of the soap. It is tradition and glad to see that they kept this tradition this year with the new writing team. People love tradition and seeing familiar faces over the holidays.

      • bwhite

        Bill Hayes is older than Queen Elizabeth. He is 91. He should be on the show as much as possible.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Congrats to B&B on showing pluses year to year in viewers and 18-49. Good job.

    Glad to see the high numbers for both CBS soaps. Y&R was 4.7 & above each day this week. Best I think they have done in awhile. REally enjoying the show and loving that some characters are starting to act more like themselves than they have in a long time. That means more to this soap fan than anything.

    Even though I am not watching right now, congrats to GH too for being up year to year in 18-49. Nice to see pluses there.

  • JBT

    Just caught up on Thursday and Friday episodes of Y&R. If this is any indication of things to come, sign me up. Keep it going ladies. Yay Y&R! Btw… Monday’s classic episode is truly a classic. Looking forward to seeing Douglas and some of the old characters.

    • charlie bracken

      IA with everything you said..

  • Amie

    YAYYY Its about time Y&R went up thanks to Mal and Sally.That storylines is finally getting good.Cant wait until 2017 for new storylines.Good job Mal Young and Sally.

    • JBT

      Loved Thursday and Friday.

  • Elle L

    A good week for all, but wow, to Days gaining the most viewers of all soaps. Good for them with this come back. I’m telling you, they are slowly but steadily inching for that #3 spot. If GH has a couple bad weeks and Days continues to gain, that #3 ranking will be up for grabs.

    • Alanna Jackson

      Days’ demos are not good at all. I hate to break it to you, but the demos are where the money is, and what the networks focus on. Your assertion is somewhat fanciful at this juncture, I’m afraid.

      • Happy Accidents

        (Double post)

        • Kevin Little

          When “Days'” renewal comes up in a little bit, the top folks should show off the December ratings only.

          The January-November, 2016 ratings? Tell them the dog ate them.

      • Happy Accidents
        • Paul

          Look how much better 2013 and 2014 was than 2015 and 2016 in terms of demos nearly twice as good as they getting now.

        • cab

          But they are on an upward spin as your graph shows.

        • gilbertt

          Days is trying anything to keep ratings strong. Even Stefano is said to be alive on the show…but i do not understand how…my friend said Stefano might be recast-ed or a just made into a puppet being played by a ventriloquists.

      • Elle L

        I’ve watched and/or followed soaps for decades. I’m well aware of demos and their value and how they set ad rates, so you’re not providing any new information for me there. Demos for all soaps are abysmally low, and there is not much variance between them…which implies they’re all pretty much working with the same kind of revenue and budget — which is also why there is why there are only 4 soaps left. I was talking about overall rankings and viewers, which although not tied as directly to money as demos, is still valuable in status and standing. If you think Y&R, CBS, (and everyone else in the soap world) doesn’t know and value that they are the #1 ranked soap, you’d probably be mistaken. Likewise, if you think DOOL, the networks (and everyone else in the soap world), doesn’t know they are in last place – you’d probably also be mistaken. All I was pointing out is that a ranking change from #4 to #3 for DOOL is possible based upon their recent steady increases in overall viewers. I wouldn’t say that is “fanciful” as you described – but rather simply based on simple trends and probability of statistics. Would it change their budget? Probably not, but a change in status and standing can go a long way in having people (i.e., networks) continue to believe and invest in your show.

      • Paul

        Thank you alt least one poster see’s what i see if Days was getting 400,000 in women 18 to 49 just for a week back in 2013 and 2014 everyone would of said the show was doing awful now this is there average every week that is how far Days has sunk. I hope the show does get renewed it be sad to see it get cancelled lets not kid ourselves the show needs to do a lot better because if it doesn’t it will get cancelled eventually.

  • HNY17

    All you Days haters can zip it this week! hahaha! Sure there is room for improvement but I can’t wait to stick around & see what happens. Its nice that people come together and watch their soaps during the holidays. All the Best in 2017 for all soaps and fans!

    • agnes

      in my opinion….the “haters” are the ones that make shows like Days better…love them.

    • Paul

      You zip it i don’t how you can think these are good ratings lol look at the demos they are pathetic so keep it shut.

      • john

        Well for many the ratings are a shift in the right direction. There are a good number of people that want the show to succeed and there are many who would tune back in once they see the increase/steady ratings.

      • cab

        What demos are you looking at? They have a positive in all but one.

        • Paul

          They are rubbish look how good they were in 2013 and early 2014 nearly double the amount they had back then. That is all i am trying to say i don’t see anything great about these. Yes they making gains but they are tiny i don’t why people are telling others to zip it when they still not very good just makes me laugh.

    • scott16475

      Days tends to be the soap younger kids watch so it stands to reason the ratings would increase over a holiday break. “Rating Watchers” will need to pay attention to the ratings come mid-January to see if the increase in ratings continues or whether they begin their decent. I’d be nice if all soaps increased come mid-January but I highly doubt they will.

      • oldfan

        Then they should air it in the afternoon.

  • Truth

    Good for Dool and while i don’t watch, it seems to be better and more interesting, entertaining than all of 2015 and most of 2016. So good for them although the ratings stay lackluster they are better than usual.. Haha. Ps : happy new year !

  • gh is going up this week.. jan 2-6 i hope they hit a 2.6 household rating!!!

  • cab

    That is a huge jump for Days. Hope to see that continue into 2017, and that NBC and Sony agree to a renewal. They all ready have 6 months of episodes taped taking us to June. That gives NBC and Sony 4-6 weeks to make a decision. Hope that Ken Corday can convince the Network and Production company to renew.

    • best17

      Thank you! Best of luck to all soaps. I am so tired of all this on line “bullying” towards Days fan and/or the soap. You try to see the bright side of the ratings or state what you enjoy about their current story lines and some try to put you or the show down for trying to make a positive statement.

  • Derrick

    DAYS is steady increasing which is PRETTY GOOD! Keep going DAYS 🙂 🙂
    Happy to see Y&R has finally increased under Sally & Kay’s writing. B&B is UP also so that’s good for the start of 2017!

  • TG

    Glad to see Y&R up in total viewers! looking forward to seeing what new storylines 2017 will bring

  • Salem Spectator
    • daysahead

      I read that Abby marries Dario to help him with immigration. …yawnsssssss Chad is to pretty for Abby now that she is being played by a different actress.

      • nolto

        The chemistry between Abby and Chad is very dull now. The whole Abby marries Dario to save him from being deported is ridiculous unless trump makes another guest appearance to serve him his deportation papers.

        • boringcouple

          New Abby has ZERO chemistry with Chad.

  • northeast

    I live in a heavy populated area in the east coast and they are moving Days to air one hour early beginning Jan 16. Instead of 1 pm it will air at noon. I do not know if this is good news or bad. I have been watching Days for over 25 years and it has always aired at 1 pm. I recall someone bringing this topic up last week and now it will air 30 min before the beginning of the Y & R. Here we usually have local news at noon and hardly anything that airs during that time stays on for too long.

    • berthamat

      Megyn Kelly will be joining NBC from FOX News and is getting a daytime talk show. I guess they are making way for her new show and shifting Days to a time that can be easily replaced with local news if it was to be cancelled. It make sense to me.

      • GHfan

        Great news! I would watch Megyn Kelly. Good for NBC.

        • Salem Spectator

          Is it good news if Megyn Kelly replaces DOOL? The other networks may take certain measures to combat her. They may have to go to cheap programming and/or something or someone similar to MK. This is bad for soaps in “general.”

          • TV&MovieBuff

            Where in the world have you been? Welcome to the 21st century. The networks have been replacing the soaps with cheaper programming for years now. Even NBC has done it. Wasn’t Passions cancelled to make way for another hour of Today. It’s not the first time it would happen and it will definitely not be the last unless the soaps start having a lot better ratings than they are now.

            It looked like soaps were on a resurgence for awhile after the cancellations of AMC and OLTL but that seemed to be short lived now. The powers that be just kept making the same old mistakes that drove soap viewers off in the first place. And now the remaining 4 are suffering for it.

          • sagas

            While no premiere date has been announced for Kelly’s show, keep your eyes peeled for an NBC announcement on DOOL’s fate. We are crossing our fingers for all of the residents of Salem.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            I don’t want to see Days fans lose the show, but the announcement is not going to effect me personally. I haven’t watched anything on NBC daytime in quite a few years now. I only recently began to watch more stuff on CBS daytime outside of Y&R and B&B. And that is because I now have CBS All Access and they make all their daytime shows available on there. I have to seek ways to watch NBC shows and I don’t see myself trying to watch a show like Kelly’s on the Internet whether I like her or not.

          • jesse

            It depends on CBS replacing GL with LMAD,ATWT with the Talk worked.ABC the Chew is still on the air,the Revolution and Katie tanked.NBC might think it’s time for a change,won’t be surprised to see Days canceled.

          • daysfann

            I read that Megyn will replace the third hour of the today show. Her show will mostly likely air during the morning. DOOL is fine.

          • JayTN

            NBC has not unveiled their daytime plans for Kelly yet. NBC has said that the new show will be focused on Kelly and that they are confident that it will not have a problem being cleared to air on NBC affiliates. That would seem to indicate that Kelly’s talk show will take the place of an existing program. Personally, I would replace the fourth hour of “Today”, which rates the lowest of the four hours. If Kelly does indeed take over the third hour, I would expect it to be rebranded with Kelly as its focus. That would essentially break up “Today” by airing the traditional 7-9 block followed by Kelly’s hour and then Kathie Lee & Hoda (unless NBC will rebrand Kathie & Hoda’s hour as well and drop its “Today” affiliation). We will just have to wait and see what happens. A big piece of the puzzle will be in place soon, when “Days” future is decided next month.

          • fyithanks

            From what I read, Kelly is reportedly replacing the Today show’s 9 a.m. hour. ..Currently, The 9 a.m. hour of Today has been a trouble spot for NBC. It
            tries to be a take on the panel talk show, with Al Roker and Tamron Hall
            leading a discussion of pop culture and light news with multiple hosts. The 9 a.m. hour straddles the more highly rated 7-9 a.m. block, anchored by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, and the more fun and fluffy 10 a.m.
            hour hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The new show will not
            fall under the Today banner but will instead be Kelly-branded.

          • allyssa

            This is great news for DAYS OF OUR LIVES future at NBC….TODAY 3, TODAY
            4 or DAYS was going to get the cut for this show…glad it was TODAY 3.

          • JayTN

            That is also what I’m thinking, if this scenario happens. NBC would almost have to “spin-off” the Kathie Lee/Hoda hour at 10am since it would no longer be “connected” to the rest of “Today”.

          • MegynFan

            DOOL is on a pretty short leash, operating on one-year renewals. NBC
            will kill it in a heartbeat if they think something like The Chew is
            more advertiser-friendly. I think DOOL will be the first to go from the remaining soaps.

          • byebye

            DOOL was on the brink of cancellation last year until it received a one-season renewal last February. There is a second-season option that NBC can utilize, but will they now that Kelly has been brought into the fold? The show hasn’t been a ratings bonanza for NBC for years and has been struggling against the three remaining soaps.

      • JayTN

        NBC only has one hour of daytime to program (although technically, the 9am and 10am hours of “Today” fall under the daytime ratings daypart). NBC cannot simply move “Days” without taking an hour back from affiliates, which is not easy and flies contrary to what NBC and ABC have done in the past, which is to give hours back to the affiliates.

  • JayTN

    Has NBC just telegraphed “Days” cancellation without mentioning it? NBC has confirmed that it has hired Megyn Kelly away from Fox News Channel. Buried in the press release which mentions that Kelly will anchor a “new Sunday evening newsmagazine show” (goodbye “Dateline”?), but also “anchor a new one-hour daytime program” that will air “Monday thru Friday at a time to be announced in the coming months”.

    What does that have to do with “Days”? Well, “Days” is NBC’s only daytime program, not counting the 9am and 10am hours of “Today”, which technically fall under the daytime umbrella (as far as Nielsen ratings are concerned). That means NBC has only one hour of daytime and “Days” fills it, so where could a Megyn Kelly hosted talk show go? The easiest scenario would be to cancel “Days” and put Kelly in its place. NBC and Sony are scheduled to sit down and begin renewal talks for “Days” in about a month (late January, early February). Another scenario that could save “Days” would be for NBC to drop one of the two extra hours of “Today” and put Kelly’s talk show at either 10am – in place of the Kathie Lee/Hoda hour of “Today” – or at 2pm, following “Days”. This would not be the first time NBC has “exchanged” daytime hours with affiliates. NBC dropped “Passions” in exchange for the 10am hour of “Today” in 2007.

    Only time will tell, but NBC may have already signaled its impending cancellation of “Days” by hiring Kelly.

    • Carmenn

      Great news to start off the day. FOX should let her go NOW! She’s under
      contract until July, but if she wants leave now and FOX doesn’t have to
      pay her, they should let her go. Megyn is obnoxious and no one watches NBC and i no longer care what happens to Days.

      • JayTN

        Kelly and Fox do have a contract. That contract is for a certain period of time for a certain amount of money. Even if Fox and Kelly parted ways immediately, Fox would still be obligated to fulfill the remainder of her contract. The only thing Fox would be able to do by dropping Kelly now instead of July is to keep her off the airwaves until then. With social media, however, personalities can still be relevant without a presence on television.

        NBC News is actually #1, as both “Today” and the “Nightly News” are #1 in viewers and, more importantly, the demographic. Even Sunday morning’s “Meet the Press” is #1 in the demographic and #2 in viewers.

        • sjones

          Thanks for sharing. Personally, I did not know that NBC rated so well with morning talk shows and nightly news. After the presidential debates, I would tune in to watch Kelly’s show on Fox (the only show i would occasionally watch on that channel). Good luck to her and good for NBC for trying to capture another huge segment of the population from FOX. I will not miss Days and would understand if NBC decided to no longer air it.

    • iokava

      Never liked the idea of journalists being stars and making untold
      millions, but that is what it is these days. That said, NBC has a win
      here. I do wonder what a daytime hour means for the Peacock. Does DAYS
      OF OUR LIVES get cancelled? DO we get a better defined 9 AM hour of
      TODAY in Kelly’s name? Does the web snatch 11 AM from the affiliates? I
      do like the idea of a solid newsmagazine/interview show Sunday evenings
      as DATELINE is nothing more than a true-crime show anymore. But what of
      the NFL between August and January? Stay tuned, I guess.

    • Salem Spectator

      If DOOL is to be renewed, look for the announcement just before or on January 10th. That’s the day of episode #13,000.

      • JayTN

        NBC & Sony have what is called a “negotiation window”, which is a period of time in which is discuss and negotiate a renewal. From what I understand, that “window” doesn’t even open until later this month, which means that NBC & Sony cannot even legally discuss a renewal right now.

    • JB

      1-2pm is considered to be prime real estate, according to multiple reports. I think this means that DAYS is defacto canceled.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Can Y&R get any more boring? Sally Scissorhands writing is so dull. I fall asleep during the episodes and I imagine that the nursing home crowd does as well. Time to amp it up Sally. Stop writing such boring storylines.

    • ScottinPhilly

      Things have picked up in the past couple of weeks with Gloria coming to town, Devon’s car accident, and Reed’s appearance. SSM is building toward February sweeps and the week to week increase in viewers is showing that. Pratt’s first episode was in the middle of January and it was a month before the big VD explosion of events.

      It’s a slow burn that will set up February sweeps for the ratings.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Sally’s so creative! A car crash and amnesia. She’s single handedly saving daytime!!!!!! Not.

        • ScottinPhilly

          Tell us what Pratt did that was creative?

        • jonboy

          Stop watching then.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Loving Y&R more and more each day. And love that even on some message boards there is an increased excitement and discussion about the show. Hope it keeps up. I really like a lot of what Sally has done so far esp. the stuff she has given Jess Walton. She is terrific and should be used a whole lot more. She is the last tie to the beginning of the show. And the lady can spin anything into gold.

  • domestichottie

    In an age where soaps seem to be a dying breed, as a fan of Days I am worried that
    the show I have been watching for years with my family, is now on the chopping block. While “DOOL” can never
    seem to top CBS’ powerhouse,
    the show has a very loyal following of fans, who tune in each and every
    day to find out what their favorite characters are up to in Salem! I am so sad that Days might not be on to put me to sleep like it has been doing for the past two years. I love my naps.

  • TG

    I honestly feel for Days fans right now especially with the time change in the new York market which we all know is very big. from what I’ve read on other soap pages a lot of dool fans are concerned with the time slot change because it cuts into Y&R and B&B so some viewers may not be able to watch days because of their commitment to the other soaps.

    • exhale65

      In NYC, Days has been aired (from 1pm-2pm) against the second half hour of the Y & R ( 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm) and the BB ( 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm) for years. On Jan. 16, it will air 30 min before the Y & R and not against BB. Meaning Days will show 12 pm – 1 pm and the Y & R at 12:30 – 1:30 pm. It will not air any longer against BB. Both CBS and ABC in NY air local news at 12pm. NBC will air local news at 11 am in NY and New York Live (pop culture talk) at 11:30 am. NBC will also air Access Hollywood after Days (1pm) which used to begin at 11 am. I know it very confusing however I think we should all wait and see how negotiations play out for the soap.

      • veronicam

        So many it is a good thing that it is going against local news on the major networks in that area.

  • WakeUp

    I do not understand what all the big fuss is about regarding Days time slot change in NY and cancellation. Cancellation rumors have been going on for years due to ratings and nothing else. The show has had so many opportunities to improve. It is a business and like most anything if it is marketed, discounted and if doesn’t sell it will be thrown away and replaced. Perhaps some steady ratings these past couple of weeks may play a role in giving the show a shot another year but the 50th Anniversary proved to be a big flop for the show and comments regarding the new head writers and their materials is very mixed according to what i read.

    • DaysSpin

      Yes, Changing time slots and worries of cancellation are nothing new for DOOL fans. I am hoping this will boost ratings. Publicity is good and DOOL is in desperate place.

      • Salem Spectator

        No more desperate than the other soaps!

        • lulu

          I Really don’ give a crap. “Days of our MADE UP Lives” is in the worse scenario as far as ratings, story lines and on line ridicule is concerned.

          • Salem Spectator

            You replied to me as if you were the original poster. Don’t you have anything better to do than post as DaysSpin and others, lala?

          • Salem Spectator

            The online ridicule doesn’t mean much when it’s by a few posters with hundreds of usernames, lala.

    • Salem Spectator

      No, the 50th anniversary did not prove to be a flop and FYI the time slot change you’re referring to is for new York City. Did you read that?

  • exdaysfan

    Days fans trying to blame Kelly for its inevitable cancellation just goes to show you how dumb and ignorant some people are. Ratings folks! That says it all!

  • JayTN

    The change of air time for “Days” in NYC is only important for one reason, in my opinion. WNBC, the NYC affiliate, is owned & operated by NBC itself. That means that any changes made at the affiliate are ostensibly done with the blessing of the network. With Megyn Kelly’s hiring and a timeslot change in the country’s #1 media market are not good optics and could be yet another indication that NBC has already made its decision on “Days”.

    • pauline45

      Well it is about time that NBC comes to its senses. I hope some remaining fans will enjoy the last couple of months and then tune into the Y & R and BB.

  • Ang

    People magazine is reporting that sources at Days have been told that 2017 is the last year for the show.

    “A source connected to the beloved soap opera tells PEOPLE that several cast members have been told that this upcoming year of the series will likely be its last.

    The source says executives at the show have given some key staffers indication that their days are numbered.

    Basically, we’ve heard that there won’t be a Days in 2018,” says the source associated with the show, which recently celebrated its 51st anniversary on the network.”

    • lulu

      “The Crap Of our Lives” is something many can do without. More important things to worry about.

    • Salem Spectator

      If it’s true that DOOL is ending, I’d like to see Paul (who had been brainwashed) commit murder/suicide. Sonny should be laid to rest next to Will.

  • scott16475

    Entertainment Weekly is also reporting that Days has been told that it won’t be renewed and the last episode will air in 2017.

    • TayloeS

      Thank you Corday, Higley and Quan for finally sinking the ship…lol

    • kyler

      I do NOT believe this nonsense!!!

    • Salem Spectator

      The EW article is based on the People article which is speculative. Nothing has been confirmed. DOOL could be canceled, but that isn’t a confirmation. Right now, it’s just stirring the pot.

    • meliissaGen

      For the record, no one is officially saying that the show is cancelled yet! I refuse to tell my mom about rumors. She is 84 and loves Days.

  • Salem Spectator

    For all of you “DOOL is dead happy campers,” congrats, you’re that much closer to seeing the end of your favorite soap(s). The death of one takes it closer to death of the others.

    I’ve never campaigned to kill other soaps. Many of you outright asked for DOOL’s demise. If it does get canceled, I’ll do my best to return the “favor.”

    • dealwithit

      Oh please! Blame the writers that could not manage to keep fans of the show watching or draw in new viewers which led to low ratings if it gets cancelled!

    • LuvSoaps

      After 51 years on the air, you can’t say that they didn’t give it a chance. There is bound to be more information about Days of Our Lives soon!! Hang in there buddy.

    • ctshar

      Truth is every TV series has to keep creating fresh new stories to keep viewers engaged, and the soap genre keeps re-hiring hacks who tell the same tired stories. All soap fans root for the genre, but we root for the showrunners to respect the audience’s time and to create an interesting show to watch. IMO, good soaps are smart for networks. Otherwise they’ll lose viewers to cable and streaming for sure. Would be a shame to lose any of the remaining shows, but a preventable shame for sure.

  • Karren

    I don’t watch Days of our Lives, but it would be a shame to cancel a beloved soap opera to make way for more “talking heads”. Don’t we have enough female hosted talk shows?

    • dontgiveup

      I no longer watch Days and had said some negative things about the show to family and friends but I always respected the people who do still watch and like the show. I really hope the show does not get cancelled. No I’m not crying no…ok fine I’m crying

  • Clyde

    NBC might as well be a “talk network” except for Days, it is all daytime “talk” –CBS has a Let’s Make a Deal, The Price is Right, Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful, to ESCAPE FROM THE INCESSANT TALK ON THE NBC & ABC!!

  • JuliaF

    The soap opera is definitely an endangered species. Then again,
    demographics are changing. Lest we all forget, these daytime dramas
    (both on radio and television) were popular and abundant at a time when
    many women stayed at home with the children while the men earned the
    main living. (It seemed that one income was sufficient to support a

    I also miss the days when the soap operas had theme songs that were
    played on either piano or organ. (I played a number of them on the piano
    myself, from time to time).

    Happy New Year.

  • MyView

    If it is true that DOOL is cancelled then It’s about time. Removing DOOL is long overdue. For years, this show has been irrelevant and it’s actors/actresses are way over-rated. Also, the storytelling, for at least 10 years has been poorly written. My comments have nothing to do with Megyn Kelly’s new show.

  • JayTN

    I would like to set any misunderstands straight. I have never campaigned for any series – daytime, primetime or anytime – to be canceled. However, what I have done is try to pass along news or information relevant to particular series that I thought other people would like to know. Even in my postings below about NBC’s hiring of Megyn Kelly and its implications for “Days”, I couch the news in speculation…never saying one thing will definitely lead to something else. I always try to write my comments as someone with no agenda or “skin in the game”, so that my comments would not be seen as coming down on one side of an issue or another. That is why I usually let the ratings speak for themselves and simply analyze them and give my educated guess as an opinion on what I think should or could happen.

    With that in mind, I think it is irresponsible to place any blame on a cancellation of “Days” at the feet of the fans or viewers. People should not be shamed into watching an inferior product out of a sense of loyalty or in a misguided belief that doing so will keep it from being canceled. Completely 100% of the blame should go on the writers, producers and Ken Corday, along with Sony and NBC. And not just the current writers & producers, but those that have come and gone. There is more than enough blame to go around.

  • sherwood

    With all due respect, Y&R’s key demos are at all-time lows. Something has got to give soon. They’ve been in the ditch for quite awhile.