Prospect Park Networks v. ABC Case Dismissed, Alphabet Network Regains Rights to ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’


First filed in April 2013, the lawsuit brought against the American Broadcasting Company () by Networks, LLC over soap operas “” and “” has been dismissed, court records show. As a result, rights to the soap operas have been returned to ABC.

In their claim at the time, Prospect Park alleged that ABC “has been breaking the licensing agreement and sabotaging Prospect Park’s efforts to continue ‘’ and ‘’ online.” The company initially asked for $25 million in monetary damages before the value was upped to $95 million following Prospect Park’s decision to amend the lawsuit with “a declaration that Prospect Park’s continued payment of the licensing fees under the Agreement is excused; that Prospect Park is entitled to an extension of the License Agreement; and that the term of the License Agreement is tolled, from the time of ABC’s breach until the breach is fully remedied.”

In response, ABC demanded a motion to strike that claim. “Here, Prospect Park is not asking this Court to resolve an unsettled question by interpreting the Agreement,” said the network. “Instead, it is doing the exact opposite: asking this Court to rewrite the contract to unsettle something that parties have already firmly determined — the term of the License.”

ABC filed a counter suit against PPN which was dismissed in October.

At this time, the URLs for the soaps — and — continue redirecting to, the defunct home for PPN’s The OnLine Network.

Reps for ABC nor Prospect Park Networks has responded to a request for comment by Soap Opera Network.

Now that the rights have reverted back to the network, fans are already hoping that ABC will decide to once again revive the defunct soap operas. Campaigns are already in force on such Facebook pages as Save AMC & OLTL, among others.

  • Sean

    So now GH can bring back Todd Manning and John Mcbain? LOL!

    • Paul Hill

      i hope so

  • Jai

    Will it be difficult for the writers to exit these characters (Finn & Franco), and bring back John McBain & Todd Manning.?

    • Andrew Hass

      It’s been over 3 years since the OLTL characters were on GH and so i think it’s too late to bring them back,Now that been said GH could bring on AMC characters and it’s too bad that Vincent Irizarry who played David on AMC is now on DOOL since he could come onto GH as David and be a doctor at the hospital and try to rekindle his romance with Anna.

  • Andrew Hass

    Im not surprised that the lawsuit was dismissed because i don’t think Prospect Park ever had a case and i am thinking they only filed the lawsuit because they thought ABC would pay them something to drop the lawsuit.

  • TheMom51

    I don’t get how some people can think that PP didn’t have a case, especially if they read the lawsuit that was brought against ABC. A summary from a legal website reads: “PPN picked up production of “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” after ABC canceled the long-running soaps in 2011 and 2012, entering into a licensing agreement to use the characters online.

    ABC said it wouldn’t interfere with the relaunch and later asked to borrow some “One Life to Live” characters to appear on its soap opera “General Hospital,” agreeing not to introduce any narrative changes that would alter the shows’ canon, according to PPN’s lawsuit.

    But PPN alleges that ABC killed several characters and deeply integrated others into “General Hospital,” then got the actors to sign exclusive multiyear contracts without the production company’s knowledge, the lawsuit said.”

    Personally, I was PISSED when GH immediately killed Cole and Hope, so I agree with PP and I don’t understand why their suit was dismissed.

    • Karen B

      Because “coming back from the dead” is such a soap staple that “killing off characters” is hardly altering canon.

      • TheMom51

        Nothing like justification for wrongdoing. Please go away.

      • Paul Hill

        Yeah no kidding these shows bring people back from the dead all the damn time. I loved the story about Cole and Hope

  • Brett Jonathan Bradley-Howarth

    If Ron were still writing I’d want them to bring more OLTL and AMC characters over to GH but with Jean and Shelley’s utterly dreadful writing of the past 18 months I’d rather they didn’t subject these characters to their unimaginative drivel. As for OLTL and AMC coming back, if ABC care so little about GH that they are happy to have allowed Frank V, Jean and Shelley to flush it down the crapper the way they have I highly doubt they care enough about OLTL and AMC to even consider bringing them back in any format.

  • Michael Wildermuth

    The reboots were great. These shows should definitely be continued in a format that works.