Stars React to Justin Hartley Joining ‘Y&R’ as Adam Newman

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

The soap opera world has been abuzz all morning over the big news that “Smallville” and “Mistresses” star (ex-Fox Crane, “Passions”) has been cast as “’” Adam Newman, and it’s not just fans who are voicing their opinions over the casting announcement: The stars of daytime have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the news, which further lays to rest any hope that former portrayer will return to the popular role. Read on to see what kind of comments are flying around about Hartley’s new gig!

News that Adam Newman was headed back to Genoa City wasn’t exactly a shock, considering his hand has mysteriously been seen on screen from time to time following the fiery car accident that presumably left him dead. But the big surprise was who “Y&R” would cast in the role, which became vacant when Muhney left the show in late January of this year. Now the news is out, and it looks like it’s a casting announcement the majority of the industry is happy about!

“Sooo excited to welcome my very talented and awesome buddy @Hartleyjustin to #YR!” (Chelsea Lawson, “Y&R”) tweeted of her new co-star.

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

“A heartfelt congrats to @Hartleyjustin & @YRInsider!” tweeted Hartley’s real-life girlfriend, (Jordan Ridgeway, “”), before including a shout out to her real life bestie, Egan. “I hear the people over there are pretty cool!”

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! So many Newmans so little time,” tweeted (Michael Baldwin, “Y&R”), before humorously adding: “I do HATE to see another hand out of work…I had gown fond of that appendage…back to reruns of the Adam’s Family! ONWARD!”

“Congrats!! You will rock it!” wrote (Eve Larson, “DAYS;” ex-Blair Cramer, “”). “Welcome back to Daytime!”

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

Welcome back to the circus my brother,” tweeted Emmy-winner  (Brady Black, “DAYS”). “Watch out daytime!”

Even “DAYS” (Sami Brady) got in on the Twitter action. “That’s awesome news!” she wrote in response in Le Blanc’s initial tweet. “Congrats.”

What will you write about Hartley joining “Y&R” as Adam Newman? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Christian LeBlanc was hilarious this morning on Twitter.

    • patty

      Have to find someone to replace Billy. He is awful. Good choice with Justin as Adam.

      • Chris

        Burgess Jenkins is perfectly fine as Billy Abbott 🙂 I like him from the first moment 🙂

  • Patrick Ferrando

    Perfect! Welcome Justin!

  • Louise A Wisinski

    Sorry, no fan of his; the man can’t act.

    • Sam Howard

      Can anyone act other than MM and BM. Let’s make all the show about them and fire everyone else. They are old news now.

      • Maureen O’Neill

        Well put!:-)

    • FOM Friend of Maynard

      He was great on Smallville and far better than the idiot who plays Arrow now. He was good but underused on Emily Owens. He’s got talent that can’t be used on such a terrible show.
      He must’ve been really desperate to do Y&R.

    • Sgammon

      i can not watch a actor play Adam if he do not have a great act you got to really have a good actor to play THE GREAT VICTOR ADAM NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS andJFP would be even more beat up about it

  • Anirbez

    He looks so familar but I cannot place him….it’s not from any of the roles mentioned ( passions, small like, aqua man,etc) where have I seen him recently?

    • JayTN

      Hartley also appeared on this summer’s second season of “Mistresses” on ABC.

      • Anirbez

        Still nothing, but I have seen him in something recently

      • Anirbez

        Just remembered….Revenge!

  • Rosalea Moore


    • Sgammon

      i agree

  • michaelenegon

    Yes…I know him from Revenge. Victoria’s “lost” son. Handsome. tall. Can play gay or straight. They…at Y&R need to “rough up” his pretty boy looks for him to be a credible Adam. Time will tell how this will work. Can he get “that” look for “in your face” with TGVN?????

  • cdh195077

    Good luck on becoming the newest Adam Newman. I can’t wait to see how the writer will explain where you was doing the several month when everyone believe that Adam was dead.

  • FOM Friend of Maynard

    He must have a bad agent or he sucks in auditions. The guy can act and direct. What the hell is he doing on the lowly Y&R??

  • don

    I will keep my comments when he appears but he was great on smallville did a great job there hope will do the same at Y&R. He has to keep the newman family feud going if he is capable of that he might work in the role.

  • Syl

    Justin will be a good Adam!! Go watch Smallville where he played the nice guy and not so nice guy. He can also be very sexy and charming! Y&R has just raised the bar. I have not watched Y&R regularly but rest assure I will be watching regularly now that Justin is there. Congratulations, to both Y&R and Justin. Another reason to watch is for Michael (need my Christian dose). As for the negative comments watch and see how Justin will win you over! HA! This is a great job to have as an actor. Probably the hardest!!!!!

  • johnnysssmith

    Hmmm, have never seen him on any show, but at first glance he appears as though the Billy role might have suited him. Hope it all works, although he has very large shoes to fill. Other Adam could be a real SOB as well as sympathetic. Good range for actors.

  • Larry

    He is rather youthful looking so yes, would have been more appropriate for the Billy role. Well, we’ll have to put up with him for a spell at least. Hopefully the collusion and railroading by other Y&R cast members against someone they’re jealous of has ceased for the time being.

    • Chris

      Don’t forget that technically Adam is just 19, he was born in 1995 🙂 Nick and Sharon were in the high school and they just started dating 🙂

  • Frances


  • Sue

    Michael Muhney r no one !!! Don’t watch Y&R anymore

  • Reality

    If they had to make a choice then he’s not a bad one. Might have made a good Billy replacement, too. Not digging the new guy…

  • donna

    MM Showed a lot of class too with his best wished. so guess he is not as evil as the head honchos and some of his cast members perceived. I was sad that nobody but Sharon Case had the backbone to support him. However , hold nothing against new Adam saw him on Revenge good actor but still wont watch Y&R simply because of the handling of a bad situation and JFP is just terrible at the helm.

  • GP

    Will watch whatever show Michael Muhney joins, hopefully in the very near future!! Yay for Justin Hartley, really missed the Adam N character! Hartley was great on “Revenge.”

  • Rose

    NO ONE will ever be able to replace Michael as Adam Newman on Y and R and play the character as brilliantly as he did. Biggest mistake that Jill whatever her name is has ever made. The lousy excuse she used to let Michael go was unbelieveable. Who ever plays Summer should take a second look as to what she did, has lost a fan forever from me.

  • Micki DiBella Pirrotta

    there is only one Adam Newman……….and that is Michael Muhney…….I will follow whatever show he finds next………keep me posted