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On Tuesday, June 24, Genoa City said hello again to a familiar name with a new face. On that day, daytime newcomer  took over the role of Billy Abbott on CBS’ “” from , who himself succeeded three-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actor in the popular role, but how did Jenkins land himself on daytime’s most watched drama series? “My management called me and they were talking to me about this role, and when they sent me the breakdown on the character, I just fell in love. I absolutely fell in love with Billy,” said Jenkins when Soap Opera Network spoke with the actor in the gifting suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA as part of Daytime Emmy weekend. “There’s not a whole lot of characters you see that are so multi-layered and interesting that way. I had a chance to meet with the producers to discuss the character and the show, and it just seemed like a good fit,” added Jenkins, who noted that the conversation he had with producers on the character helped give him something to dig into before the cameras began to roll.

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Thrust onto the canvas portraying a character integrated in several major storylines, particularly one where his character lost his daughter, is physically and emotionally separated from his wife, while at the same time dealing with the prospect of new life via a “Who’s The Daddy?” type storyline, Jenkins finds his first daytime role an easy adjustment thanks to scene partners  (Victoria Newman Abbott) and (Chelsea Newman), who he says are both fantastic. “They are both very giving actors, they clearly enjoy the work a lot as well as an appreciation for the show. They’ve been very helpful to me because obviously this show has been around a long time and both of them have been a part of the show for awhile, so me being thrown into that, they’ve really been an enormous help and wonderful to work with. I love them both.”

Heinle herself has great things to say about Jenkins. “He’s a sweetheart. He just got there, so he’s got this huge storyline and he’s doing a great job. With the amount of dialogue they’ve given him, he’s amazing and professional. He’s just doing his best and he’s doing a great job. I think he’s a great new Billy,” the actress told Soap Opera Network on the red carpet during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards of her time working alongside the actor.

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Speaking of “Who’s The Daddy?” Jenkins, who is a father of a beautiful 7 year-old girl with wife , finds the storyline of Victoria being pregnant with either Billy or Stich’s () child relatable, but at the same time foreign to him as a father in real-life, while talking in reel-life as his character. “Having a child myself, It’s very relatable, and knowing that given the situation [the child] could possibly be someone else’s is foreign to me, but the idea that somebody that I’m having emotional difficulty with could be carrying my child, there’s a lot of weight to that. And so, thinking that if it does turn out to be mine, but I might not have a relationship with [Victoria] and it could be estranged, not to be a part of my son or daughter’s life in the future, the thought of that is rather overwhelming.”

So Billy is dealing with plenty of drama in his life, but how does Jenkins’ Billy differ from that of Miller’s or Tom’s? There is obviously some comparisons to be made, but Jenkins reveals he hasn’t heard much of it. “To be honest with you, I really haven’t gotten a lot of commentary about it. For me, personally, I want to honor the character, but I also know that it’s my job to take it forward with my interpretation and what Billy means to me. So, I really can’t speak intelligently on the differences between them because I haven’t gone back to study it, I don’t want it to affect my work one way or the other, but as far as honoring who the character has been and the backstory to him, I feel very much like I’m on the right track and a lot of affirmation of that, so hopefully everybody else will see it that way too. It’s a joy to play.”

Fred Norris/Lifetime
Fred Norris/Lifetime

Being that this is his first daytime role, one can’t help but wonder how working on a daily serial differs, if at all, with his work on a primetime episodic series such as his series regular stint as Staff Sergeant Eddie Hall on Lifetime’s “” or his roles opposite  in “Remember The Titans” or “” with Academy Award winner . Ultimately, however, comparing primetime or film to daytime, Jenkins feels things are more logistical than anything.

“As far as playing a character goes, you’re investing yourself the same way. Obviously, daytime moves a lot faster. There’s far fewer takes and that sort of thing, so you make the strong choices and you invest yourself and you just go for the possibilities within the scene and you enjoy it, and you prepare yourself for the next piece. There’s not a lot of time to continue to think about what if, so you move a lot faster. But I have to say it’s fun. It’s kind of fun. At first I thought, ‘Well, this will be an interesting change’ because I’ve done a lot of film and a lot of regular evening episodic and this because of the breakneck pace that we move, it was sort of like acting boot camp. It was just, jump in and enjoy the challenge or don’t, and it’s been a ball trying it out just going from scene to scene. There’s a lot of downtime when you’re shooting a film, there’s no downtime [shooting a daytime series].”

Going in, Jenkins was told about the family atmosphere he should expect on the set of “Y&R,” which he didn’t initially believe would be the case since that’s what an actor is always told before joining an active cast and crew. “I heard from so many people before I joined the show that it was a true family atmosphere and you hear that a lot before you join a show, and it’s not always true, [but it’s] very true with this show. Everybody has been so giving and kind, welcoming and it really is. You can tell everybody really appreciates being on the show.”

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

One of those people happens to be his onscreen mother, (Jill Fenmore Atkinson). Jenkins says of Walton, “She’s awesome, we’ve had a ball together. She’s fantastic.” But what does Walton have to say about Jenkins?

“He’s a really good actor and we play [with] absolute balance. He’s a very flexible actor, which I love. I miss my other two babies, but now my third one is coming in [and] I welcome him with open arms,” said Walton during our Creative Arts Emmy Awards red carpet interview.

  • Elaine Oxford

    Love this new Billy I have a good feeling he will replace Billy Miller very well and he is easy on the eye also good luck to him !

    • van


      • don

        U are right that is not true at all burgess jenkins is not fit to play billy does not what it takes to play it and also does not have the bad boy style and alcoolic style that miller had no chemestry with chels he is not believable as billy sorry that is the truth he would be more accepted in a new different role on the show this would be a better fit for him not the in role of billy abbott sorry.

        • LM

          Jenkins is horrible pay Billy Miller what it takes to get him back so tired of YandR losing all its talent bc they won’t pay the actors what they are worth enough already!!!

      • It’s BS that someone has a different opinion than yours?

    • Denise

      Yes you right they should bring old billy back he great actor

  • ButterflyFX

    Great interview. Billy 3.0 is a keeper!

  • Great interview! I think BJ is doing a great job under the circumstances. It’s such a pity that fans are being nasty about him.

  • prettyhair

    I don’t like Burgess Jenkins playing the part of Billy Abbott. He in fact looks too old, I wish they will reconsider.

    • don

      that is the truth but if i am he might be out by the end of the year and this time they won’t recast billy again believe me because it will be once again a failiure they will go in another direction with the show without billy in it

      • pheebs

        To be honest, I’d rather they kill Billy off the show than watch Jenkins another second longer! What a train wreck! David Tom was SO much better than this old guy.

  • Bring back Billy Miller

    I believe there is only 1 person to play Billy Abbott and that is Billy Miller. I walk away when these new actors come on. I am a devoted fan of Y&R but don’t agree on the actors they have chosen to replace Billy Miller.

  • I think David Tom did a much better job.

  • van

    Jenkins can’t play Billy Abbott he is terrible please bring back Billy Miller

  • don

    burgess jenkins not a fit to play billy abbott does not have what it takes sorry

  • Breezy

    This guy doesn’t have the bad boy, hard-knock life look of Billy Abbott. He looks like he hasn’t done a single wrong thing in his life. Billy Miller was amazing.

    • don

      well in other words is not believable as billy and could not agree more with u on that one. He does not fit in the role that is the truth and will not gain support of the viewers.

  • Bonnie

    I dislike this actor as Billy. Billy Miller and David Tom were so much better. I actually can’t stand watching him. He’s too old and I think his acting sticks for this role. I’ve watched this show from day one with the Snapper, Chris the Fosters and this is the last favorite casting in all those years for me. I’m not sure if I can continue to watch the show. I’m so disappointed! Really? No not to my liking at all.

    • Cherie Smith Carlson

      I agree, can’t Y&R just get rid of the person responsible for Billy Miller not returning? Especially if said person is responsible for the other wacko stuff going on! I have watched Y&R from Day 1. I feel like it’s on its way out. Story lines are soooooo bad!

  • Fox

    Heck, I think Ryan Brown was more believable as Billy than Jenkins is. Maybe even Scott Seymour… lol!

  • Onerunjunior

    Burgess Jenkins is soooo awful. Billy Abbott is young, carefree and FUN to watch. BJ is boring, old, small, no charisma. Please recast ASAP and not with someone plain and boring. Even David Tom was really starting to do better when they axed him.

  • Onerunjunior

    And, the “waiting for Adam” is really starting to get boring. Bring back Michael Muhney as Adam and Billy Miller as Billy!!

  • Onerunjunior

    I think it’s really sad how the Young & the Restless lost Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. Look at the mess they have created in the recasting of Billy Abbott. David Tom was just getting started and turning more likable when they recast him with the FAR WORSE Burgess Jenkins (yuck!!). Who knows what kind of mess they will create when the finally, if ever, show us the new Adam. He probably won’t be anything like the original character of Adam – so despicable you love to watch his every move. He’ll probably by all “vanilla” and plain like the new Billy. Soooo sad…

  • Soap Fan 76

    please either bring Billy Miller back or write him off. Unfortunately this guy is NOT Billy. It is painful to watch him!!!

  • Rusty

    When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!!!! Get David Tom back as Billy”

  • Sassie Shipp

    I absolutely LUV the newest billy by burgess, what a hunk! And a better actor than. Miller
    Tom does not fit the age looks, besides the. Younger mr Abbott needs to look and act more mature also please do not put Ashley with Ben!

  • robin

    I think he sucks as Billy Abbott…i am all for writing Billy out unless the old Billy comes back.