‘DAYS’ SHOCKER! James Scott Exiting Drama Series After 8-Year Run


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Ben Cohen/NBC
Ben Cohen/NBC

Just one day after NBC’s “” received the good news from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences that it was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, among its 14 total nominations, for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, comes word that the daytime soap is saying goodbye to one of its leading men. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that  (EJ DiMera) completes filming at The Burbank Studios today, May 2, after an eight year run with the show.

“We are saddened but supportive of James Scott’s decision to leave the show after eight years to take some personal time and pursue new projects,” said the network and Corday Productions, which produces the series alongside Sony Pictures Television, in a joint statement. “His contribution to the show has been tremendous and we wish him the best always.”

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to NBC, Sony and Corday, particularly [‘DAYS’ executive producer] for the amazing 8 year run on ‘Days of our Lives’ and for graciously supporting me in my decision in leaving the show to take personal time,” Scott in a statement released to Digest. “To the unbelievably loving fans, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your love and support over the years. I will miss you immensely.”

Due to “DAYS'” current filming schedule, which is said to be five months ahead of airdate at this point, viewers won’t see the actor’s departure onscreen until well into the fall.

  • Bexx

    Maybe it was all those DOOL loons threatening him on Twitter.

    • jim

      You guys dont even understand how major this is for psychedelics

  • JayTN

    I guess “Days” couldn’t hold on to Mr. Scott, eh? 😉

    In all seriousness, “Days” (like Y&R) is losing some key players. Camila Banus (Gabi) will soon depart and Chandler Massey (ex-Will) has already left. Now, “Days” must deal with the one-two punch of losing Allison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (E.J.). “Days” will need some equally high caliber actors to fill Sweeney and Scott’s shoes.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      I really think there is something that these folks are not saying about working at these shows now. The only common denominator is Sony. Both shows are losing key players, and I honestly think it is Sony and not Tomlin, Meng, Corday or Phelps or the Bells. Peter Reckell in that last interview he did almost sounded bitter toward Days now. And he never has given off that impression. I don’t think Sony is being mean or harsh deliberately. I think it is just the way they have to do business to keep the shows on TV. But the actors have not adjusted to it well yet.

      • KansasGuest

        Instead of thinking something is wrong w/DAYS, why not consider that their Casting Department is actually very good at locating very talented young actors who are ambitious, & might be attracting attention from movies or nighttime series?

        • TV&MovieBuff

          That might be an accurate way of looking at things if all these folks were leaving with work already lined up.

          Soap actors have been leaving soaps for years to seek out work beyond soaps.

          I just think there is no coincidence that both shows are suddenly having a hard time holding on to their talent. And that doesn’t have to mean that people are being mean or there is discord behind the scenes.

          All it may simply mean is that these actors are tired of working harder than anyone else in their industry for less pay and now there is no real of hope of making bigger money like it once was.

          Soap actors work longer hours than anyone else in the industry. They do 200 or more episodes a year and have pages of dialogue they have to learn in very little time. Used to these actors could get up to fairly good salaries with lots of perks. But none of the shows can afford that now.

          So why should any actor put themselves through that when even a guest episode in prime time or a play can get you similar money with less work.

          Phelps said she was brought in to make Y&R cheaper. Sony is clearly tightening the budget at both shows. It can simply be about money and nothing else.

          • JayTN

            CBS News Correspondent Mo Rocca recently did a piece of “CBS This Morning” taking viewers behind the scenes of his cameo appearance as an accountant on Y&R. In the report, he mentioned that Y&R was shooting 93 – yes, 93! – scenes that day (the equivalent of a feature film). Rocca’s scene partner was Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman), who mentioned that most scenes are shot in only one take. Soap acting has always been rigorous due to having to churn out so many episodes, but nowadays, the rigors of soap acting have only gotten worse.

          • KansasGuest

            I understand what you’re saying, TVBuff. In that vein, it’s interesting that a GH actor (wish I could remember who) recently said adding more cast has enabled some contract players to have more much-needed breaks. While some may think GH is crazy for putting so many actors into the mix, others think having many on recurring status is good at preventing burnout. I’m noticing patterns of absence, that actors are taking short breaks more frequently when other stories peak, then when those are done, 3-4 actors will fade for 3 weeks while others come to the front burner. I have no idea if having actors on recurring status saves money for the network or if it’s a wash.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            Recurring definitely saves the network and production company money. But many actors won’t work on recurring. Genie Francis would not. She said she had to have a contract. Suzanne Rogers can’t afford not to have a contract. No contract means no insurance and no benefits. And no guarantee of pay. You only get paid if they call you to work. Plus just like GH learned with Tristan Rogers you can’t plan to have a certain actor for a story because they may not be available. If you are only recurring then you can work for whoever. Ron C. had a story planned for Rogers but he got a job on Y&R with a contract.

            Actors are just like the rest of us. They need their insurance and other benefits. On recurring they don’t get that.

            People like Suzanne Rogers who has ongoing health problems need their insurance. They can’t afford it without it.

            It was why Anna Lee’s family put up such a fuss when GH dropped her to recurring. She needed her insurance. no contract meant she didn’t have it.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            I had forgot about reading about that Jay. Soap acting is hard. With less pay it’s just not worth it for some actors now.

        • lulu

          Or maybe these actors are fed up with bad writing, plot points who destroy the characters they took years to built..and finally they want to try if they can be hired in better, smarter projects..

  • myrr

    I didn’t start watching dool until James Scott came on the show. He is by far the best actor on daytime tv. Like Tom Selleck and others who started on daytime, he will have no problem doing bigger and better things.

  • Melba

    First, Days loses Sami and now, is losing E.J. .Now that the show starts winning Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Daytime Drama (after losing out to other soaps for years),, it will begin to falter again and be in danger of being cancelled.

  • Tara Cummings

    Very sad news women across America loves James Scott fans are wondering is this also the end of Days? Tara Days News has never gotten so many emails just a reminder I’m a freelance blogger for Days I know nothing about James leaving my girl email me crying about 3:pm that James announced this’d be his last day filming. My girl really loves James as much as Tara loves Nicole Walker, but I’ll miss EJ hopefully one Tara Days News will interview James, but for now I hope God bless him and his family Tara Days News

  • cjsmaq

    Huge blow to Days. James is one of the best actors out there. Days was lucky to have had him for eight years. I don’t know if DOOL can survive this loss.

  • Andrew Hass

    I wish James Scott all the best.However i did have suspicions that he was leaving because his contract expired this month and there wasn’t even a rumor that he signed a new contract.Shows don’t wait till the last minute to negotiate new contracts with actors.James probably decided to leave late last year but agreed not to say anything until he was done taping.However i’m betting the door will be left open if he ever wants to return.Plus James says he’s leaving because of personal reasons.So maybe in a few months he’ll return.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Wow. I was actually looking forward to see how his character would go on and be with Sami out of the picture. I like EJ alone. And I like Sami alone. But I hate them together. This one is a shock…at least to me.

    • jules

      Well speak for yourself Ej and Sami were/are really great together but it is finally a good thing they leave because both actors deserve just better than the awful writing they suffer this year..to say the least.

      • alistaircrane

        TV&MovieBuff WAS speaking for him or herself, lol.

        • wittyiam

          Thankfully ! By the way, i totally disagree with TV&MovieBuff’s post/opinion and i speak for myself…duh.

          • alistaircrane

            I have always preferred Sami and Lucas, but ultimately I hate Sami more than anything. I don’t care how much time has passed, I will *never* forgive that scheming bitch for trying to break up my favorite couple Carrie and Austin!

          • sam

            ‘prefered Sami and Lucas’ whereas you hate Sami ? yeah ok…lol.

          • alistaircrane

            I do hate Sami, but I sort of like her when she’s with Lucas. I love their chemistry and history. She’s certainly not a character I root for, though, not after what she did to Carrie.

          • sam

            so you hate her or you don’t hate her..doesn’t make sense to me otherwise. Lucas is not Sami. Maybe you just like Lucas and hate Sami, that is all.

          • alistaircrane

            I do enjoy Lucas. The things he did to Carrie and Austin were never quite as bad as what Sami did to them.

  • KansasGuest

    This guy could land a nighttime acting gig easy. He has the talent, looks & charisma to carry him to the next level. Daytime was a good launching pad. Now, onward & upward…

    • jules


  • Paul

    A huge loss to the show I only watch because of Sami and EJ whether you love or hate they were exciting to watch you never know what was going to happen with them. I been on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Sami will react to EJ cheating on her hated EJ and Abby storyline I agree with James it ruined his character there no way in million years EJ would cheat on Sami he been chasing after her for years and he finally had her then he bedded the babysitter behind her back. I think James got fed up he said he loved the story in the end but I think that is only because Ejami was the end game I think they will get their HEA after reading James tweets on twitter today plus the twins last day was Friday as well saw it on FB today. I think once Ali said she was going James decided he wanted to stay on the show without her you can see how much he loves working with Ali they are great friends he even said no one could ever replace Alison and Days won’t be the same without her strong comments indeed but shows how much respect he has for her.
    Wish him well Ejami fans are crying today but we looking forward to seeing their special send off James said it will be good so I will watch until October may be one day he come back with Ali you never say never.

  • Sally

    he would make a great Adam!!!!!

    • Bexx

      I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone went there. I highly doubt he’s looking for another soap gig.

  • pau

    I will be sad to lose the always awesome portrayal by James Scott of Ej Dimera and the dynamic he can create with Ali Sweeney as Sami on my screen but on the other hand i am happy for him and wish him the best. And maybe lot’s of success on other mediums like prime time, movies or/and theater, he certainly has the skills for it.
    After the awful writing his character suffered this year, he really deserves better.
    Godspeed James, i can’t wait to see your new projects.

  • alistaircrane

    I hope this means Eileen Davidson will reprise the role of Susan to usher her son EJ off the canvas. If Days doesn’t bring Susan back for this, they are just mean, mean, mean!

  • Mannas

    I love EJ – he’s a cunning scoundrel! He was the best at it. I haven’t been watching Days anymoree because the soap opera netwrok was taken off the air. I usually keep up by reading Days Cafe. With Sami leaving and now EJ, I’m not sure the show is worth watching anymore. Although there are some characters that I love – like Rafe and Dr. Jonas, I’m not sure their storylines will keep me logging onto Days Cafe to find out how things are progressing… Bo left and they have yet to give Kristen Alfonso a real meaty story. Kristen left and Brady’s been kind of flubbing around. The original Will left and I don’t like his replacement. Marlena should find a new man thereby making John crazy jealous and fighting to get her back. Kate needs lock horns with Stefano, but ultimately have him win her back. I hear Gabi is also leaving the show – what’s going to happen to the baby? Will and Sonny should keep her – that’s the only way to keep their relationship soap worthy. And can we get Abe a stoyliine – he needs a new mate and a crime to solve! I could go on and on…

    • alistaircrane

      The exit of Sami and EJ is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I only liked EJ way back when he was a baby in 1997-98, and I have never liked Sami. They have taken over the show, just like Daniel and Jennifer. I want to see more focus on John and Marlena, plus I want Carrie, Austin and Jack back.

  • RMcc1953

    I think James should be cast as Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. Can you imagine the heat on the screen!

  • Megs

    I think James Scott would play an excellent Adam Newman ?????

  • nancy

    I love james scott I hate to see him go he wants my support get support hose I really don’t want him to leave and I do love his accent it’s so sexy I hope he wins one this year at the daytime emmy’s

  • lynn

    Ill Be honest…he’s sexy as hell! But I can not stand soaps. I loathe soaps. Country music and soaps are poisonous to the mind. Why kill people off…bring them back…sleep with every family member…fall in love with the guy that raped you? Silliness