David Tom On Why ‘Y&R’ Let Him Go: ‘I Looked Too Young When They Placed Me With [The New] Kelly’


Recently ousted from CBS’ “” after just five months back on the job, (Billy Abbott) reveals in an exclusive interview with CBS Soaps In Depth the reason he was let go from the drama series and whether or not he’d be willing to give daytime another shot.

“It was such a great experience to have been a part of the ‘Y&R’ family again,” Tom commented to the magazine of his return to the sudser after more than 10 years since originally departing his Daytime Emmy Award winning role. “It was wonderful to see so many old friends and people I know that I used to work with and enjoy so much like [Jill Abbott Fenmore] and Peter Bergman [Jack Abbott]. I got to do some scenes with [Victor Newman], finally.”

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While it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces again, Tom was blindsided by the higher-ups informing him of his being let go. “I think I was definitely well-liked there,” Tom states. “As far as I knew, nobody knew about this. Not even the cast.” As for why he was let go, Tom says, “One of the reasons they said they let me go is that I obviously looked too young when they placed me with [the new] Kelly []. Well, she was hired after I was. I don’t understand why they didn’t think about that [when they were casting her]. We don’t really have a storyline [anyway]; She’s with Jack. I thought I looked fine with Missy [Claire Egan, Chelsea]. I really loved working with her.” He does admit, however, “The worst thing you can do is mull about it.”

Asked if he’d be willing to give daytime another go after his final “Y&R” scenes air in the next couple of weeks, Tom says, “Hell, yeah. I’d go in a heartbeat to another soap opera.” He adds, “I love to work.”

Make sure to look for Tom’s full interview with CBS Soaps In Depth when it goes on sale on June 16.

  • NS23

    YR has no clue. They blamed it looking too young. BS! I’m not surprised all these blunders. JFP is the titanic this time YR is on the boat. GH was lucky to get on the life boats called Frank & Ron

    • Carrie Wendel

      Jill is iceberg and y&r is the the Titanic.

  • Maybe he can get a role fit for him on GH.

    It would be interesting to see him work along his sister Heather (Katie) on “Bold and the Beautiful”.

    • Tim

      He could be a new Logan brother from an affair!

      • Tim

        …..although, I’d rather have both of them on General Hospital but they have a full cast already. Any bro/sis characters from past that could be brought back?

  • Y&RIsNowAnBCSoap

    He looks too young for Kelly? Hell, even BM looked too young for AH’s Victoria–I thought the fact he was her boy toy was part of Villy’s appeal! Anyway, David Tom was there BEFORE CM’s Old Kelly! WHY is Kelly needed? There is an abundance of middle age women on Y&R anyway. Kelly a newbie should have left when CW left but Nooooo! JFP Casting Director brings on an actress who looks like Billy’s mother! I bet there is more to this Story; I smell a rat! Tom looked too young for AH!

  • ButterflyFX

    Sorry David, it wasn’t just how young you look with Kelly and Victoria. What about the reaction of the fans? Have you read the comments on FB, TVtag and Twitter? The fans love and support you right? No. What about the lack of chemistry with Victoria and Johnny? You would have fit better in the role of Kyle.

    • issy

      No one but BM had chemistry with Victoria; not even her real life hubby. She is the problem, not DT. And Billy is a young character, who was born when victoria was in her 20s.. it’s sad that the guy who originated this role was recast.

      • ButterflyFX

        I think they set him up for failure because they were desperate to find a replacement. Remember he was recast the first time in 2002(?) Why? He got an Emmy. The thing Amelia Heinle has is longevity. Good or bad. She’s not going anywhere. It would have been different if he remained on the show all those years. In real life she is 5 years older. He just looks and acts much younger than she does. I’m sure his career will not be damaged. He got great exposure and he’ll be on another show before we know it! 🙂

        • Frank Garrett

          We’ll never hear from him again

          • ButterflyFX

            ,,,and that will be OK too. 🙂

      • ButterflyFX

        He was recast the first time in 2002! It’s a soap opera. Actors come and go. They know they don’t OWN these characters.

    • Frank Garrett

      Not everyone is on Facebook or twitter. Most fans of the show have lives.

      • ButterflyFX

        LOL! 🙂 Just read the comments on this website then.

  • Jules

    I think Cady McClain should GO. She is horrible for the part of Kelly. When she leaves, she should take Ms. Phelps with her.

  • Andrew Hass

    I do think that was a weak excuse the show gave for firing David Tom.Plus i’m sure David was well liked but that might be more of a personal thing.People can like someone personally but think he or she doesn’t fit in as the character.Plus as much as i feel sorry for David Tom maybe it’s better he was let go now than later.Finally we may never know the full story about what happened behind the scenes.So i wish David all the best and maybe the best revenge he can get is to become successful on another soap.That way he can prove Y&R made a mistake letting him go.

    • dons

      I don’t think that he will do soaps but might end up in primetimes that would be his best shot there .

  • Trixie 67

    I think they gave him a poor excuse. The new Phyllis looks younger than he does. Who is doing the casting. I think they should let the fans vote.

    • Seraphina Anne Kelly

      What “new phyllis”? Are we talking about the same show?

  • Sandra Mackenzie-Hunton

    I think it is cause he is a horrible actor…he is so phony he over acts…I know it is a soap but holy he sucks!

    • don

      Not a bad actor just fit to play the role anymore. Miller did an amazing job in the role and David Tom could not meet the challenge c’est la vie. Now it behind him will more success in prime time tv that is his best shot there.

  • Tracy

    I am sure he is a fantastic person who is respected and well liked but his acting is abysmal in this role. He plays it like Billy hasn’t grown at all since the last time he had the role. While I am happy to hear that there will be a new Billy, I am worried about how Y&R is managing casting and story writing. This soap is almost too ridiculous to watch.

  • ava

    Bring back the old Billy – he was cute and charming and they should not have let him go.

  • Bexx

    Clearly they were being nice using the excuse that he looked too young. Billy has been in Chelsea’s orbit, and NuKelly is with Jack. Melody tweeted to DT a few days ago and complimented him on being a great actor, which leads me to believe that he just wasn’t cutting it on the acting front, not to mention the influx of complaints that CBS received from viewers about him. I actually like DT because he seems like a great, and humble guy, so good luck to him in the future.

    • ButterflyFX

      I agree. If a Soap Opera believes an actor isn’t working out. They have every right to recast. Actors know this going in. It’s not his first Soap Opera. Kill the violins already.

      • don

        Basically they look at the complaints from the viewers to see if an is fit or not.

    • Kelly B

      He’s a lousy actor that failed miserably. Amelia Heinle couldn’t stand him. Good riddance.

      • Seraphina Anne Kelly

        Oh please, where is your proof?

  • Sharon Thompson

    Everybody seems to forget that Victoria IS lots older than Billy! I don’t know why the writers think that those of us who have watched the show forever have forgotten this!

    • Kay

      They said he looked too young when he was paired with KELLY. Not Victoria. Although to be honest, Billy Miller looked super young paired with Cynthia Watros’s Kelly who looks 10x older than Cady McClain who.

      • FireJFP!

        Cady McClain looks like Cynthia Watros’ mother and AH’s Victoria looks old too and she should–Victoria dated Neil for God’s sake! Both of these actresses look like matrons and older than sharon case–don’t blame that on David Tom. The NuNuBilly looks 50! 50 and even though that is Victoria’s age, who wants more of that on Y&R?

        • Jenna Bora

          I know it may not make that much of a difference, but if you look it up on Google, you’ll see that Cynthia Waltros is actually a year older than Cady McClain (Cynthia is 46 and Cady is 45).

    • JFP Sucks!

      And AH’s Victoria looks it! She is supposed to be way older than Billy but I guess the actress objected when people began to notice she looked like Billy’s Mom rather than his wife!

      • Seraphina Anne Kelly

        Oh please! That is not just hateful, it’s wrong!
        Like that line from To Catch a Thief, “To a mere CHILD, anything over twenty looks OLD”. We need Grace Kelly these days!

  • RedRiver38

    This is such garbage. Phelps is to blame here. She miscast him, then humiliated him by firing him after four months. It’s disgraceful. Phelps should be the one shown the door.

    • Bexx

      Even if they fired JFP tomorrow, you still would be whining once you realize that a new EP can’t bring back Muhney.

      • wilson

        Shut up. Nobody gives a crap what you say.

      • RedRiver38

        Quit stalking and harassing me Bexx. Note to mods: this person is bullying me and trying to intimidate me.

    • ButterflyFX

      Humiliated him?! He’s 36. He will bounce back. Gee whiz. Soap Opera characters come and go all the time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. He will work again. Soon.

  • Kay

    Sure. That’s why he was let go, because he looked too young. Right… Maybe his sister can get him a job at B&B.

    • Diane Webster

      That would be a hell no. Keep him away from B&B. Unless you cast him as RJ. hehehe

  • Marla


  • Marla

    I hope he doesn’t go to B&B

    • don

      I do not think he will to B&B but I could see him play outside of soap opera though that would be his best shot to restart his career.

  • Stacia Linton

    Deeply saddened to hear of this casting decision. David Tom is Billy Abbott in my opinion. Billy Miller was good, but David is the essence if the character. Shame on Y&R for this poor judgment!

    • Lea

      I totally agree!!!

    • Joyce Petrovich

      Do not agree: Billy Miller was Billy with his fight and love for Victoria. There is no chemistry between Victoria and the present Billy.

    • J White

      Billy Miller made Billy Abbott his role… The writers should have taken Tom in another direction as a grieving father and not simply believe he could step in Billy Miller’s Billy Abbott’s shoes.

  • Lynne Griffen

    I DIDN’T like him Back Then That’s how I feel now He’s a Lousy Actor

  • Richard Reeves

    y&r you suck! If David looked too young why did you hire him from the start? If he looks too young then they should have gotten rid of that hag who plays Kelly.
    She’s a useless character.
    Shame on y&r and JFP you suck also!

    • JFPSucks!

      ITA Richard! NuKelly had nothing to do with it—Amelie looks too old and drab for David Tom AND Billy Miller, but JFP like MAB is determined to make her and Chelsea THE STARS of Y&B and that’s why the NuBilly looks almost as old as Jack! Lynn Latham knew Amelia worked best in the background after Heather Tom left; AH didn’t even have chemistry with her YOUNGER husband who played JT. Billy Miller looked older because he didn’t work out–weight and stubble–but Billy is supposed to be a lot younger than Victoria! Tom was perfect for the part of Billy Abbott!

  • disqus_GQOvVHRQWZ

    Its a lie…a lot of fans didn’t like him. To me he seems unshaven, greasy, tan gone bad. He needs clean shaven, better haircut, better brighter hair color or completely different shade, and a different character – more bad boy and lower middle class.

  • disqus_GQOvVHRQWZ

    Ameila Heinle needs some water and food and to get that tense look on her face, and stick up her ass removed. Could be just long story lines making me want to gag…her face and emotions are killing me…she looks dry and tattered.

  • gml0603

    They made yet another impulsive decision bringing David back to his original role. Billy Miller evolved the role with his charm, wit, and talent. It’s not David’s fault. If they make another impulsive move by replacing Michael Muhney with anyone other than Michael, I say the soap doesn’t survive. Michelle Stafford leaving as well hurt the show and the fans they don’t care what we want. CBS can climb out of their slump by giving Michael back to us

    • J White

      Agree… Right now this show needs a splatter of Michael Mulney (sp) spice. Require him to enroll in sensitivity classes, apologize and move on like adults in the real world.

  • SLIM

    Lol no love for her anyplace JFP is a legend ,serial ,Soap killer from what I here .Hopefully Jenkins can fill Billy Millers Boots that was a task David Tom wasnt ready for and he was the original Billy!!!Just show us good acting from great acting

  • Seraphina Anne Kelly

    well i guess you haters are all having a party now, you cost a man his job. Shame.

    • J White

      Seriously doubt an actor will lose his job because of “haters.” It really is arithmetic … yes, ratings.

      • Mac

        Haters comment… and comments cause rating changes… followed by casting changes… just ask Toms.

    • If that was true, then Michael Muhney and Billy Miller would never have been let go.

  • jdrake6

    Both of the actresses that were cast as Kelly are older than AH. David Tom wasn’t a good fit for the role as Billy any longer. I wish him the best of luck in the future. As for Billy Miller, I hope he joins the cast of General Hospital, Y&R has become to painful to watch anymore.

  • J White

    I am not a “Billy” fan; however the lack of chemistry between David Tom and the other characters overwhelmed his clumsy projection of Billy Abbott. It has been a strain to watch him and a blatant reminder of how Y&R is off focus… I’m considering a summer hiatus with the hope by fall, the writers and producers will have found their way….

  • BigDee

    I DO NOT like the new Billy at all. He really can’t act and doesn’t fit at all. I’m glad they got a new Kelly, but David Tom IS NOT the answer. Whoever made the decision, made a very bad one.

    • I made the same comment but it was deleted! Call the waaaaaahhhhm-bulance, I hurt someone feewings!

  • blaster

    Can’t stand the new Kelly she was boring as hell as Roseanna on ATWT and she is a total snooze as Kelly .. I liked the first girl .. now I hope they get rid of that character all together .. I was getting used to David again .. now she is bringing in another one of her homies from ABC .. FIRE PHELPS ALREADY!!!

  • Lynne Bures

    What a crock. He looked too young. Did he suddenly take a magic potion to look younger from when he was hired? Listen I am not a David Tom fan but he became yet another piece of timber in the bonfire. Phelps is horrible and she continues to make horrible decisions. She got rid of the 2 show stoppers. You can’t recover from that regardless of who she brings in.

  • Jack’s Mom

    The new Kelly is awful. That isn’t his fault. But he was awful too. Everything was so forced and stiff. But the character of Kelly should just vanish.

  • Mary, Mary

    I loved the old (BILLY) Billy Miller, and I think David Tom was an excellent choice to replace him…the whole “Kelly” story line has been boring from the beginning…Y & R..keep David Tom, and get rid of the “Kelly” story line all together.

  • No. It’s because your acting sucked, you always looked like you woke up in gutter, your voice is always slurred and whining, and your expression always looked like you shat in your diaper. In short. You are dreadful, and should find a new day job.

  • Nikki

    I’m pretty sure he was dropped cuz he sucked compared to the other Billly that just left. Also the new recast for Kelly is horrible. She should be dropped as well. Get a new Billly and a new Kelly. Actually just get rid of the Kelly character all together.

    • Diane Webster

      I happen to like Caddy McCain. She is a good actress and very experienced in daytime. David Tom neglects to say he was an horrible actor which I’ll bet is the main reason they got rid of him. Y&R cannot to make the fans ant madder than they are. A fact: they lost 500,000 viewers with the Billy Miller and Michael Mulney drama. And they can also get rid of Hunter King (sommer) who sucks. I’m glad we can agree to disagree. I hope you have a wonderful day/

  • Carol Williams

    I just think it is because he is a horrible actor. That’s it. done.!! The biggest mistake was to get rid of Adam. NO ONE can take his place. I would have gotten rid of summer first. I am sick of her drama over and over and over. Grow up summer.

  • Lynn

    What I can’t understand, is why they hired this Phelps woman knowing of her track record with other soaps she has ruined? I thought Bell had better sense than that. Can’t he see what a mess she is making of what was the best soap on TV all these years??? someone needs to wake him up before its too late. Losing Michelle Stafford and Michael Mulhaney was not smart, and still they are keeping her. Didn’t David Tom have to read for the part before he was rehired? he isn’t even with Kelly anymore, but there is no spark for him & Victoria either…..this Phelps woman is the one they need to get rid of fast!!!

  • wendy

    I wish they bring the other guy that played billy in the first time he was a good actor he was the one was with with his daughter that got killed I cant think of his name

    • brenda haire

      It was Billy Miller!

  • Linda

    Nope he looked way to young to be with Victoria…it made her look more like a Cougar it was weird didn’t look right. He was fired before that should have gave them some clue. But NO they just had to do this! JFP you can’t run for too much longer.

  • MF

    It was a bad move to not negotiate with Billy Miller while they had a chance. TPTB and Co. had their chance to appease Billy Miller. I think he would have been worth the stay to let him do other projects. From what I’ve read, they tried to wrangle Miller back in but couldn’t because their opportunity to compromise with him the first time didn’t work.

    I feel bad for David Tom. It is not that his acting is bad, IMO, but he is not a fit for Y&R anymore. Billy Miller took the role and actually brought mature depth to the character even when the character acted totally irresponsible. Plus, Miller had ace of spades of chemistry with everyone he acted with. It is hard to find a rare performer that has chemistry with EVERYONE.

    Y&R is known to have dirty executive producers getting rid of performers behind their backs. Under Lynn Marie Latham’s tenure, she got rid of Adrianne Leon in such a horrible way. It doesn’t surprise me that they went behind David Tom’s back and did that to him without any of the cast knowing. They did it because they didn’t want to hear protest from Peter Bergmen and Jess Walton.

  • JerseyGirl

    WTH! The heads at B&B are not playing with a full deck! They cast David Tom and then fire him because he looks too young with the new Kelly. Don’t they do screen tests any more with the actors that interact with each other. I thought when they brought in the new Kelly that she looked too old compared to the first Kelly The production people need to pull their head out of their butts.

    • Crystal

      I couldn’t agree more!! Lol

    • Rebecka Toney

      wrong show, hon. B&B is the one with the “I never say anything, or cut my hair, I give just soulful looks” Ridge Forrester.

  • Fan of Gina T’s.

    The issue I have is that everyone minus a few notables is a recast or new character. There is nothing compelling to watch on Y&R anymore. Avery and Dillon are a snore fest because they blew the triangle thing with Nick and had him marry Chelsea? Then they put them back together and give her a cooking show? WTH? Lily and Cane are dry and boring. I have no idea how they are the number one couple. They are barely seen and when they are they are doing the same thing. Celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. Devon and Hilary had promise, what do they do instead, they hook Hilary up with Neal? Huh? Poor Neal hasn’t had a decent love interest since Drusilla. I applaud mature couples, but really Jill and Colin and that unbelievably stupid music box storyline? I’m asleep just writing about it. I happen to be one of the few people who liked David as Billy. He might not be Billy Miller, but he was familar and it was nice to have someone recognizable in town for a change. New Abby is horrible. Why are Earth would I be vested in her relationship with newShemar Tyler? He can’t act at all. He is just there for eye candy. Victor and Nikki, Sharon and Nick, Lauren and Michael, Paul and Christine? how many times can they recycle the same couples. Why did Michael forgive Lauren so easily? Not at all like the Michael of old. He should still have some of those old tendancies. Lauren and Christine in pregnancy storylines is an insult to viewers who know that both actresses are a little long in the tooth for new motherhood. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but is there nothing else they can do? Why doesn’t anyone work on the show anymore? You don’t see anyone doing any work. Just sitting around scence chewing and propping up other storylines. What a waste of some very talented actors/actresses. I will echo what others have said. AH is in her 40’s in real life. David Tom is only about 7 years or so younger than her. Billy is supposed to be younger. Kelly played by Cynthia and Cady are in their 50’s. Why would you cast a actress in her 50’s to be in an affair with someone who looks as young as David Tom does. I also agree the JFP needs to go. She ruined GL. She is now doing the same to Y&R. When will the PTB wake up?

    • Mac

      Toms is just five years younger than she…. obviously it wouldn’t be a stretch to add a few years to his face… if they WANTED to keep him.

  • Fan of Miller

    David Tom is an awful actor…..bring back Billy Miller!

    • Kevin John Dyer

      Would be nice if he wasn’t the new Jason Morgan

      • Jaye March

        is he going to be Jason Morgan?? ugh…

  • Y&R rules

    The needed a sexier man to replace Billy Miller, sorry David didn’t fit the bill for me.

  • Jasmine

    I am disliking all of these changes; however, I agree with the majority who said David wasn’t fit for the Billy Abbott role. I would rather prefer Billy Miller back for sure. In addition to missing Billy, I also miss the old Abby, Adam, and Phyllis (the legendary “Red head” will soon be replaced by someone who I doubt will be able to fill Michelle’s shoes). Seriously though, getting rid of the fan’s favorites will cause Y&R to lose fans, regardless of how good the storylines are getting. After all, the message is only good if the messenger delivers the message effectively. Please do not bring any more new comers! And I agree with many who say get rid of Kelly…. she no longer has a purpose! And Lily, they can give her role the boot too because I cannot deal with her attitude anymore!!!

  • Discourse

    Welcome to the rotating door that is Y&R! I like David Tom – he is a bright spark on the screen. Fresh. He has great chemistry with all the cast. Victoria and Stich are sooooooooo boring together. Always fast forward them. I never fast forward Billy. However the problem is the way Victoria talks to Billy …like he is younger. Victoria come off it ..he is your husband. I am sorry cannot get use to Kelly.. the acting isn’t real enough and consistent with the previous characterization. Billy (David Tom) is an interesting actor – but needs to stop trying so hard. Be your self David and have true emotions. Great with Melissa (Chelsea). Love Billy Miller however short of returning I do not want a replacement. Might be time to let go of the Kelly Billy story line.. really we get rid of characters based on story lines???? How superficial. Still waiting for Michael Muhney to return. Bite the bullet Y&R.

    • Julie Frye Moats

      Michael Muhney could never come back he sexually harassed a coworker

  • Discourse

    Welcome to the rotating door that is Y&R! I like David Tom – he is a
    bright spark on the screen. Fresh. He has great chemistry with all the
    cast. Victoria and Stich are sooooooooo boring together. Always fast
    forward them. I never fast forward Billy (David). However the problem is the
    way Victoria talks to Billy …like he is younger. Also Billy (David) tone needs to change – less righteous – more soft and sexy. I am sorry cannot get use to Kelly.. the
    acting isn’t real enough and consistent with the previous
    characterization. Billy (David Tom) is an interesting actor – but needs
    to stop trying so hard. Be your self David and have true emotions.
    Great with Melissa (Chelsea). Love Billy Miller however short of
    returning I do not want a replacement. Might be time to let go of the
    Kelly/Billy story line.. really we get rid of characters based on story
    lines???? How superficial. Still waiting for Michael Muhney to return.
    Bite the bullet Y&R…and get Michael Stafford back.

  • Jaye March

    horrible acting probably got him fired… he’s the worst

    • don

      He is not bad actor just does not fit for the role anymore that’s it.

  • kara445

    thank god he is not billy. I couldnt stand his acting and his voice. it just was not billy at all. I want the old billy back! or atleast someone better.

    • Songbird

      I know what you mean. I think I liked him the first time around, but Billy Miller was soooo much better as Billy. When David came back, everything about him just seemed annoying. I didn’t remember him bring so annoying to watch when he was younger and his voice was like nails on a chalkboard.

  • Justupset

    Seriously, this is stupid!!! Billy Miller and David Tom Are the Billy’s that should be in the role, if one or the other can’t be. Now they went for someone who looks nothing like Billy ever has, almost looks as old as Jack!! Totally stupid…..Get rid of the new Kelly! Ugh

    • don

      new billy had scenes with victor and i gotta say it was boring very boring not believable at all.

  • ladyruth54

    While I absolutely adored Billy Miller in the role, I feel like David Tom wasn’t given a chance to really make the part his. I think he was doing a pretty good job of it and he looked similar to Billy Miller.

    • Nettablue

      Everyone is forgetting that David Tom played Billy first. Billy Miller was his replacement. People just got use to seeing Billy Miller.

  • CoOzEbOyZ

    Is the Neil Winters character, not the most pathetic character in history of the show? What is his obsession with putting a ring on it? He went as far as to give Hilary a choice of marrying him or break up. Then when she finally agrees after being grilled like a fish, he moves the wedding date up…TO THE NEXT DAY!! He’s so frickin creepy!

    • Nettablue

      Yes They are making Neil look like a sugar daddy.

    • Sandy

      Yes, he’s old enough to be Hilary’s Father. it’s discusting. She should be with Second if anybody. The writers are putting the show in the gutter & I swears their trying to get it cancelled seriously

      • Sandy

        I meant Devon

        • Rebecka Toney

          and his name would have to be spelled De-VONNE to be pronounced that way. And he’s a billionaire, yet he just hangs around some “club’ all day? He could be starting foundations and funding schools and hospitals and libraries and whatever! he could buy a sports team (stereotype alert) or a research facility. so stupid.

  • Fed up with Y&R casting

    The problem was that Billy Miller was so good as Billy Abbott. No one cared about that character until Billy Miller came aboard which is testament to how good of an actor he was. So, now every other actor is going to be compared to Billy Miller. Same deal with Michael Mulhaney in the Adam Newman role. He was the best Adam and now he’s gone. Y&R casting directors need to get it together. I am starting to not care anymore about watching the show. Too many poor casting changes.

    • Andrea Williams

      One thing that I was always proud about watching this show is they did not do a lot of casting changes. They got the best actor to play a particular part. Now they do not know what they are doing. I am not caring for the new “Kelly” either.

  • Carol Carpenter

    I am really disgusted with middle age, long-time women on the show (Lauren, Victoria and even Christine) either being pregnant or wanting to be pregnant. The writers have nothing more to say, apparently, about long-in-the-tooth women except to knock them up? Really, women their age do not have babies when they already have grown children. Also tired of the old men/young women storylines (Neal and Hillary, for example). Why is Neal so desperate to get married? Pathetic story lines all around!

    • Songbird

      Victorias character isn’t too old for pregnancy.. Lauren and Christine are though.

  • Julie Frye Moats

    I’m really sick of all these character changes… the new Kelly is horrible I can’t believe they got rid of the second best Billy because he looked too young next to the new Kelly??!!….why did they hire her then… David tom was doing a fine job as billy…. he was hired first….I’m also still a little peeved that you even let Billy Miller go in the first place….it’s bad enough when an actor has to leave for good reasons… these are all unnecessary changes!!

    • Cassie

      I am also tired of the changes. I was flabbergasted when Phyllis left, she was one of my favorite characters along with Nick Newman. The recent Summer isn’t all that exciting.. I am so sick and tired of Nick and Sharon because they drive be absolutely bonkers; I want him to find Sharon’s secret. I do however like Dillon and the blonde bombshell Avery. I wished Neil’s first wife Drew would return or he should have married the lawyer. The new Abby doesn’t gel well with her beau and it’s hardly feasible that he’ was involved with the whole Cassie lookalike – I truly hate that storyline. I dislike the new Bill, he sucks, I thought Billy Miller was a fantastic actor, why on earth did they let him go, so stupid. Like the previews, I have a feeling that Adam was recast but who? I liked the Daniel character, I wished they would bring him back, doing what, who cares? He’s a hottie. I hope they don’t kill off Paul Williams, I love him. I want Nikki and Victor to stay together forever. The other cast members are just plain boring. Since Mrs. Chancelor has gone, it’s not the same. I’m glad Cloe is gone, I didn’t like her whiny character. Again, I’d like Daniel and Kevin team up again. What else is there to talk about. The Y&R executives should replaced! The writers better smarten. I’m going to quit watching the Y&R all together. Bring back my favorites. I miss Brad Carleton! That was a shame. What about Victoria’s old, old flame from years ago Scott. He was a great actor. Stop changing things and get it right. Brenda Dickinson was the best Jill-ever, Jess Walton is boring. Nothing ever changes with her. I laughed at the executives viewing inserts of the homes, it’s tacky. Please be more innovative!

    • Annie.

      I can’t watch the new Billy he’s the worse actor.Bring back the first Billy he was the best.

  • 49yrfan

    Doesn’t the new Billy look like he could be Stitch’s brother.

    • Julie Frye Moats

      the new Billy acts like stitch…looks like stitch…talks like stitch…even sounds like stitch…i watch soaps while cleaning and/or cooking…I turn the volume up so I can hear it in the kitchen and half the time I never know if its Billy or stitch on the screen…I think it’s horrible

      • don

        Finally someone who get what i think I have been saying all along the new billy is a better fit as stitch recast not as billy the producers cast him in the wrong role and the more they go further with him the more he is not a fit in the part and might exit by the end of the year or in spring 2015 by that time it will be a year that he is on the show and might exit due to a lack storyline or the show going in a different direction without billy in it.

    • Annie.

      Can’t stand to look at the new Billy. So ridiculous. Either bring the old Billy back or I’ll never watch again.

  • Rebecka Toney

    McClain is awful as Kelly. The other actress in that role had such a cool look, she just SEEMED like a grieving mother. McClain is all wrong (she reeks of DIXIE, her other character)….wrong mouth, wrong hair, wrong voice, wrong! and ick, next to Bergman? The two red-haired ones? no, just no. ick. Why do Tyler, Devon, and Ben have such SHORT HAIR on their heads???? not flattering! At least Billy Miller had hair. Billy belongs in prison, he kidnapped Adam at gunpoint and caused his death, but he was charged with nothing, how absurd! and yes, Christine’s sobbing about wanting Paul to be a father and Davidson is almost 60! NOT a good time to have a newborn, DUH. the “pregnancy scare” that Lauren had was just horrifying. Does that woman ever look in a mirror? She doesn’t realize her hair is Tang-colored straw? It couldn’t be more unattractive! and please, why couldn’t Adam just be dead, so ridiculous, a burning car in a river, jeez. as for Victoria (how could that actress get nominated for an EMMY?????), ick ick ick! and David Tom, well, his hairstyle looked like Woody Woodpecker’s

    • Brenda Randolph

      I think whomever has taken over at the young and the restless needs to be LET GO. David tom was great as Billy and he looked good with Victoria. Now the sad thing this new Guy looks like a drunken version of stitch!!! I’m 43 have been watching since I was 5 with my Grammy I’m moving out the way to a cooking class or a freaking knit club instead of watching. Now the the clowns before who said oh the show was in the lead for daytime Emmy’s really how many other soaps are there still on to compete with 4???? Yeah it takes a lot up against that. Y&R is sucking big time and it’s sad cause they survived the cuts and people watch out of desperation for soap opera watching not because its GOOD!!!

      • Rallo

        True. I felt David Tom was getting into swing and I was warming up to the idea of him sticking around. Unfair and I hope DT gets another shot at this soap opera stuff!

  • Rebecka Toney

    funny to see all the critical comments, considering the show just won the top daytime emmy. oh well

  • Kate

    I feel sorry for Jill Farren Phelps. She’s lost her ability to make rational business worthy decisions. Sad.

  • Tonya Young

    I have been a loyal fan of Y&R from the start. Never have I seen the show so unorganized. What the heck’s going on? Common sense should tell them that all of the changes to the Billy character could hurt the show’s ratings. That to me is common sense. I missed Billy Miller when he left for he was such a natural & he & Victoria Newman had such great chemistry. When David Tom came back it took just a little getting used too, but once things got into to full swing, David Tom fit in just well. So now here we go, someone came up with the idea to switch out David Tom?
    Why? If that notion of him looking too young for the part, that’s nuts! He does not!
    And IF that were true then anyone whose got eyes in their heads can see that the new Billy looks as old as Jack! All due respect. How can Jack continue calling him his little brother. The new Billy literally looks as mature as his supposed big brother! Are you telling me that I’m the only one who can see that? This was such a bad move on Y&R part. I’m still like the show but I hope that they get it together there. Firing David Tom was just wrong on so many levels. I do hope that they’ll realize their mistake, apologize to David & bring him back!

    • Doryphore

      I agree. The new Billy looks the same age as Jack. Bad casting.

      • don

        He may not last long he maybe out by the end of the year or in spring 2015 that would be almost a year and the producers would realize that he did not catch the fans so that is after 10 months or so jenkins would exit the show due to a lack storyline or a change in direction with the series.

  • crazytown

    OK, so Billy Miller wanted a few months off and Y&R couldn’t give it to him!! Why wasn’t David Tom hired as a temporary replacement for Billy Miller and then brought back instead of hiring somebody else once again? Don’t they see that fans are completely upset over all the changes?!? I feel bad for Billy Miller and David Tom in this situation. This is crazy, BRING BILLY MILLER BACK!!! FIRE KELLY!!! UGH, also get you crap together Y&R in the process, show some damn loyalty to the fans and your hard working actors!

    • Irritated

      Also, people were so use to Billy Miller in the role that it took a little getting use to to see David Tom in the role. Now I know I am use to him and will be very upset to see
      him go. Bad bad move Y&R, bad move!

    • Julie Frye Moats

      I believe when Billy Miller took off in the past David Tom stepped in for him and it was a fine situation now all the sudden because Billy Miller wants to do another project he gets canned…very wrong! also I agree with what everyone else is saying the new kelley is horrible

      • Richard Reeves

        Not true. Billy Miller didnt take off in the past. David Tom played the role 1st

  • janet

    you know, this guy was billy in the 90’s so this is billys real age, just shows that billy has always been too young for victoria…..also it is a real shame they lost billy miller for nothing……he was so good.

  • Carmela Ewing

    II never thought David Tom looked too young. The problem is the writing is so boring; there is no one that can make that role look good. Y&R is so boring.

    • Mac

      Oh noooo… Billy Miller brought the role to life!!!

    • naomi

      True get some younger writers!

  • Tom Kidd

    Of course the irony is David Tom was born in 1978, and Billy Miller (who played Billy Abbott last) was born in 1979. I thought he was doing marvelously; go figure! *sigh!*

  • Drew

    Billy Miller is the best Billy Abbott. David Tom just doesn’t have it. That said this new guy is absolutely horrible. The Casting Director is asleep at the wheel.

    • Andrea Williams

      The way that Billy Miller played that part was perfection. He had the humorous part of billy down the playfulness and when he needed to be serious it just worked. They need to get him back.

  • StayOnTopicPlease

    They NEVER should of let Billy Miller go. No one will ever out-play him as Billy Abbott. Even the newest one they hired to replace David Tom, I don’t care for. So once again, I’ll just stop watching Y&R!

    • Lisa Gillette-Martin

      They didn’t let Billy Miller go. He wanted out of his contract, again, and this time they couldn’t convince him to stay. I’m sure the show would have preferred he remain in the part given his talent and popularity with the viewers. That said, I was starting to get used to David Tom in the part — he was much better than this new Jenkins guy, who is ALL wrong for Billy. He’s way too old and, I’m sorry, not that great an actor. I don’t think he has any chemistry with Chelsea, which I think Tom’s Billy had. This show is bound and determined to fall on its sword, isn’t it?!?

  • Ghbetty

    David Tom would make a great Lucky on GH…just sayin!

    • Tricia

      I agree, he totally would

      • don

        Again GH have to be open to cast him in the role and I would rather him play paul cramer in GH even though the character is dead they plot a twist so that mean that paul cramer did not die after all.

  • Bonnie

    Billy Miller should come back. What happened to the other Kelly?

  • Bonnie

    Re: Bold & Beautiful; please let Hope and Liam get married and have happiness for some years. Enough of the obstacles. If you must have that kind of drama let it be with Rick and Caroline. Rick deserves it for the part he played in Hope and Liam’s obstacles. Bill too. I am really tired of it. Quinn should go to jail or at least ordered out of L. A. Like any other outlaw.

    • Sandie

      I agree with most of your comment. The constant back and forth with Liam and Hope has OVER RAN it’s time by years. I stopped watching for this very reason and recently went back. It’s like I never left (over a year)… most folks I know are leaving the show for the same reason I am AGAIN. Move on or loose viewers. I can’t believe these writers can not be more creative. BTW… Brook is NOT the man magnate you imagine her to be. STOP ALL THE CRY SCEENES. I can blast through this show in 4 minutes… fast forwarding through all the blah… blah… blah…. same ol’ parts.

  • Bonnie

    Tom did look out of place, maybe it was young. This new Billy looks out of place too, even more than Tom. Billy Miller owned the roll of Billy Abbot.

  • Doryphore

    Tom did look young (he’s actually older than Billy Miller, but looks too boyish). The new Billy looks far too old, and stiff, too.

  • Mac

    Seriously… He looked too young? He’s 36… could have been made to look older. Anyway, classy “Victoria” deserved a better match… Billy Miller set the bar high. This soap needs new residents!!! Everyone’s been married at least once to Victor and Sharon!

  • Mac

    Off topic but “Paul Williams” makes the Keystone Cops look smart. This police chief can’t find his way out of a paper bag… but I’ll admit his best acting seems to be now when laid up in a hospital bed.

  • Sandie

    David Tom fell into the spot believable from Billy. Change is always hard to accept, but within a couple of days he fit. The latest Billy does not work at all… I’m sure he would fit in as an imposter or something, just NOT as Billy.

  • Brittany Lee

    Whoever let go David Tom is stupid! Billy Miller definitely was the best Billy and not seeing him on the show sucked. David Tom at least looked similar to Billy Miller and played the role good. This new guy is not attractive he looks super old and does not look any thing like Billy. Billy Miller needs to come back!! And if he doesn’t then David Tom should . I swear Y&R producers are so stupid, if they keep making mistakes like this they are going to loose their followers.

    • mary

      I second this ,loved billy miller and david tom the new billy looks too old for the role and comes off as stiff and there seems to be no chemistry between him and the people he does scenes with, yuck!

  • Tricia

    They really need to bring David Tom back as Billy. Burgess Jenkins looks way too old and has no charismatic quality about him, he is really dull and has no chemistry with Melissa or Amelia. Billy miller not coming back i get it, at least bring back dt he had the role down, he wasn’t given more of a chance to prove that instead many viewers slammed his looks and blamed him for not being Billy Miller. David Tom got a raw deal just like Michael Muhney. This is why i stopped watching its horrible.

  • Kathy Miranda

    Off topic, but does anyone know the age difference between Paul and Christine?

  • Linda

    I hate all the character changes – Billy, Phyllis, Adam, Kelly. It’s like tuning into a different show. David Tom was a pouty, immature new Billy so at least he’s gone. The new Kelly hasn’t demonstrated much character, but perhaps the writers should be blamed for this. But who can possibly do justice to the Phyllis role after Michelle Stafford? Can hardly wait to see who replaces Michael as Adam. This show is definitely showing its age wiith boring, hackneyed storylines and characters who aren’t aging well. How many times can we dance the Troika with Victor, Jack and Nikki? Even hubby cracks up at the matrons stuffed into sleazy attire. This long-time viewer is about to tune out as the show is now more boring than chopping vegetables – a task which I used to blot out by viewing the Y & R.

  • Jasmine

    Okay, I must update my post from five months ago when I criticized the new Phyllis. Gina as the new Phyllis is blowing my mind! I love her! Although I miss Michelle, Gina is playing the role perfectly! She is as mysterious, manipulative, and seductive as the old Phyllis, so sorry people, I am satisfied with Gina.. she came in kicking a** and asked questions later! =) I do, however, feel bad for Sharon. She is losing everything, and honestly, I understand why she did what she did. Quite frankly, I think any woman in love with a man like Nick would do what Sharon did. I mean, come on, we all know that when a man and a woman share a child, it can (at times) bring both parents back together. So Sharon figured she would let Nick believe that he was only a father to her kids, not to Phyllis’ kid. It was wrong because of what Summer had to go through, but seriously, love can make you do some crazy things!
    Sidenote: I am so invested in this soap opera, I find myself talking about these characters in public, while others who do not know what i am talking about look at me like, “You know someone who killed someone and you have not reported them to the police?!” LOL!!!

  • Sheena Aris

    May I just say that David Tom is the original Billy. He was on the show from back in 1999 so ppl saying he isn’t Billy miller Billy miller didn’t start the role he came in after David tom I stopped watching y&r after they decided to change Billy mac jt,Britney and rauel. I hated the fact that they brought in a new Billy to replace David and in my opinion no one is better than the original which is David.